This seems like a difficult time for Puckurt shippers. Glee has made Puck LOVE Quinn definitely and Kurt's getting a boyfriend. I'm not against any of those things, but Puckurt is still my favorite pairing; I have no clue how "Sam" is going to fit with Kurt. So I'm sending this out early. My original plan was to complete the entire thing before posting it, but I'm afraid if I wait too long, Puckurt will seem even more doubtful. I hope this paring can stick it at least until Glee gives Kurt his man. Oh, I'm rambling and worrying for nothing. Imagination will never die.

My entire MaGK series has decidedly been set before "Bad Reputation". So Jesse's here and Puck doesn't know how to love Quinn and I will be ignoring some now-known facts as well as integrating some things from the later episodes, most likely out of context.

So here's bringing you to the story!

It is another morning at McKinley High; Puck is ogling Kurt who is actually not ogling Finn who is ogling Rachel who is giggling with her boyfriend. Things have really changed since freshmen year.

Yesterday, Puck had set a deadline: fuck Kurt Hummel before the month ends. He has a little over two weeks, but he's extremely confident in himself. Have you seen his guns? Who could resist that? No girl in Lima and definitely not some fairy boy.

He had thought of the smaller teen all of last night—he never does homework anyway—and had actually come up with a strategy. It was foolproof: flaunt himself until Kurt's on his knees and begging. The plan has never failed him before.

The mohawk-ed jock saunters over and places one hand on the open locker door, the other on the lockers next to Kurt. The effect is a deceptively threatening position and a cornered gay kid; Kurt is trapped between his open locker and the larger teen's chest. Puck has also pressed himself up against the diva's back and is breathing into his ear.

"Morning," he purrs and smirks when Kurt gasps quietly. He leans in for a second, so that the blue-eyed boy will memorize the feel of his body, and then promptly leaves.

Step one complete.

Kurt has no clue what just happened. Close contact, body heat, his heart pounding in his ears, a low, sexy voice; it made his head spin. And those arms—unmistakably Puck. The muscle definition… It made him think of the feel of the jock's pecs against his back. He can't help the pleasurable shiver that runs up his spine.

The incident had been purposely sexual. What was Puck doing?

Kurt has been hyper-aware of Puck. He's always on the lookout in case the jock decides to try another stunt. He is surprised to find that the mohawk-ed teen seems to be everywhere: the math class he never attends, always near him in the hallway, across from him at the lunch table, next to him in glee. He is even in the bathroom Kurt walks into.

His raging teenage hormones and memory of that morning three days ago cause him to flush at every flash of strong muscles and tan skin. Which somehow happens a lot. Today Puck is walking around shirtless for some reason the teachers believe but no one else buys. The male soprano's eyes instantly hone in on the nipple piercing. Weren't those against school rules?

Didn't stop him from adding it to his secret Puck fantasies.

So the diva is all kinds of frustrated but keeps his resolve not to acknowledge the delinquent. This all had to be some kind of cruel trick.

But beyond always being around, the jock doesn't seem to do any of this as a jab to Kurt. He never looks at the gay teen or treats him differently than before—just like the other glee jocks, he hasn't given any gleek a slushie facial or dumpster dive.

Kurt is genuinely confused, perpetually flustered, and hopelessly aroused. Something's going on, although he isn't sure what. But he does know one thing: he is finished with acting like a helpless schoolgirl. If Puck wants attention so badly, then Kurt will give him a taste of his own medicine.

It's Monday morning and the mohawk-ed teen is smirking to himself as he leans against Kurt's locker, waiting for his prey. Step two was complete. He knew Kurt was thinking of him all the time and he could feel the fag's eyes on him every time he was around. He'll move on to the next phase: give Kurt some attention so the smaller teen would excite himself with ideas that Puck the Sex Shark wanted him.

But the jock freezes when he sees Kurt sashaying down the hall. The fairy's acting the same way, but it's his clothes that get him. Skin-tight, all black, muscles prominent through his sleeveless shirt, ass perfectly accentuated by the black jeans. And his hair is different, too. Spiked up, edgier. No prim and posh bangs to the side. He looks masculine and homo at the same time. And although he looks the least like a girl than ever, Puck realizes he appreciates the change as his pants become uncomfortably tight.

What. The. Fuck?

Kurt smirks as he catwalks to his locker, taking in Puck's shocked face as well as the double-takes and whispers from people around him.

"What do you want, Puck?" he asks in his same diva high-pitched voice. Although his tone is annoyed, he lifts one hand from akimbo position and brings it to the back of his neck. The move appears casual, but it achieves its purpose, adding a suggestiveness to Kurt's words.

Kurt has decided to play Puck's game. He isn't going to act any differently toward the jock, but he is going to flaunt himself like an expensive whore. And the author means that in a good way.

The diva rolls his eyes when the larger teen just stands there. "Puck. Move."

Still dazed, Mohawk steps away from the locker.

"Thank you", the younger teen clips out.

At the haughty tone, Puck snaps out of it and feels anger well up inside him as he realizes that Kurt was getting the best of him. He quickly grabs the soprano's shoulders and pins him against the still-closed locker door.

They are facing each other, arms length apart. Kurt is afraid, but as always, he doesn't show it. He makes sure his expression says, 'And what exactly were you expecting to accomplish with that move, Neanderthal?'

"You better not be harassing my boy, Puck!"

Neither of them breaks eye contact as Mercedes marches up to them.

"Of course not, 'Cedes," Kurt replies confidently. "Puck just wanted to borrow a pen." He reaches into his book bag and pulls out a pen, keeping his hand on the outside of Puck's arm and making sure his wrist just touches the jock's arm.

Blue eyes leave hazel, glancing over the jock's body—also in muscle-accenting clothing—, and he wags his eyebrows once, quickly, in a question. Puck scans over Kurt, a little confused, but when he realizes the similarities in their outfits, it finally clicks that the fairy is playing him at his own game. He smirks, accepting the challenge.

"Yeah, 'Cedes," he straightens up and slowly takes the offered writing utensil, "just needed a pen."

He catches Kurt's eyes once more before sauntering off, hearing Mercedes say, "That jerk better not be— Damn, white boy! You're looking good!"

Puck smirks as he hears his favorite soprano answer.

"Just wanted to try something new."

The mohawk-ed teen feels Kurt's eyes on him and adds a little more sway to his hips.

So there you go! I don't need reviews, although I'd love them, and criticism is always a good thing even if I'm scared to flip of it. I hope Kurt and Puck are in character, at least in the context I put them in, or believable. Much luv.

P.S. Not only does this story have, like, half of it left, but my MaGK series has at least four parts. I hope I write it all and that you stick with me through it.