He walked through the shattered remnants of the door, looking past the shattered glass on the floor to the small figure of the sixteen year old girl sitting across the room with her back against the wall, staring blankly ahead at nothing as she cried. There was dry blood on her shirt, a deep bloody gash on her upper arm, a bloody cut on the side of her neck, and her feet had shards of glass stuck in the skin of her feet.

She was a victim. He saw hundreds of them every day, and yet there was something a bit off about this one. He could'nt exactly place the girl, but he knew that he knew her from somewhere, the scene before him was just too familiar. Like something he had seen in a distant dream. The glass crunching under his feet sounded loud even to his ears as the girl flinch and curled her legs up against her chest in an effort to look small and invisible.

It might have worked if she had'nt already gotten his attention with her tears.

The report that he had gotten from one of his subordinates was that she had come home from window shopping in the market district and had been attacked by a masked assailent. She had fought with him until he had choked her into unconciousness, probably thought that he had killed her and then the guy had run off.

He sighed and steeled himself for the reaction he usually got from females when they saw his dark eyes and scarred face. He wondered if she was a screamer idly and wondered if he should put his hand over her mouth just in case. He doubted it was a good idea considering how badly shaken and frightened she was. He dropped down to one knee in front of her and reached out, placing his finger tips under her chin and used them to lift her head.

He sucked in a breath as he saw her tear stained face, dear god in heaven she was lovely. Her facial features looked like they had been modeled after the ancient greek goddess of love, she was as lovely as the stone statues of the goddess that he had seen once in his travels. Aphrodite.

Her pale skin was a soft cream color, her lips were the color of pale pink roses, her eyes, oh god her eyes were the most startling and vivd color of amythest purple he had ever seen. It was like he was looking into a set of violet colored stones, it took him several seconds to realise that her eyes were actually a deep sapphire blue with red tints to them, coloring them that vivd purple color. Her hair hung over her shoulders, the pale silvery blonde strands hanging over her breasts while her bangs almost hid her angelic face from view.

"My name is Ibiki, and I'm the captain of the interigation squad. I'll be handleing your case. Will you tell me your name?" He asked in a whispered tone.

She blinked at the sound of his voice and let her eyes flicker to his face. He sounds like whiskey would sound if it had a voice. She thought wearily as she stared at the stranger in front of her. His face was covered in what looked like claw like scars slanted so that the red marks crossed his face at a slight angle crossing both of his eye lids and the bridge of his nose to his chin, some of them vanishing just shy of his neck.

Even so he was a handsome man, the scars did nothing to really deminish his former handsomeness, and his eyes...like black diamonds. Sharp, hard, missing nothing that they saw. But it was his voice that she liked the most. It had an almost hypnotic quality to it, soothing, coaxing, she could easily listen to him speak for hours without being bored.

He was a big man, almost bear like in size, his stregnth was monsterous and yet he was so very gentle with her. Keeping his touch light and non threatening even as he shifted and scooped her up in his arms and stood to his full height and carried her over to the couch while speaking to her in a soft tone to keep her calm while he carried her over to the couch a few feet away and set her down on it and took a blanket that one of his men had found for her.

She was still scared, and shaking like a leaf even as he wrapped the blanket around her slender body and knelt on the floor again and said something about checking the damage on her feet to her, but she really was'nt paying attention. She knew that she should answer him, and honestly she was trying too, but it seemed like her voice had decided to take a vacation or something. The more she swallowed and worked her throat in an effort to answer him, the less she was sure she would be able to speak.

But after several minutes of trying she finally managed to rasp an answer to his previous question. Rissa Megan Uzumaki. He looked up from examining her foot and stared at her for a second before nodding to show that he had heard her, then went back to checking her feet.

She was still in shock, he noted as he turned to one of his men and told him to go get the first aid kid if she had one, some of the shards of glass were imbedded in her foot and needed to come out. He could take care of that much before he took her to the hospital, then he would assign someone to watch her until the one who had attacked her was found. He would have to speak with the hokage about Rissa's lack of decent home security.

He doubted that Tsunade would be very pleased, but there was little that he could do about that. His job was to stop, catch and deal with the bad guy that had hurt such a fragile and innocent looking girl. And though he hated to admit it, he would despose of her attacker with a smile on his face.

In his opinion, anyone who attacked an defencless woman deserved to die screaming.