Sorry this story is taking so long to update. But it's complicated trying to write this one when all of my former notes were destroyed.

Anyways, here's you're long awaited chapter fifteen.


"I'm not a liar! You'll see him again!" Once he's in a few hundred thousand pieces, Kakashi thought absently as he shooed Rissa out of the room before she could argue with him further, and made sure that she was in his bedroom laying down before he sent a letter to Tsunade pleading with her to allow him to kill Ibiki for any and all impure stuff he may have thought about or already done to his precious adopted little sister.

Tsunade's reply was a swift and merciless, No!

As far as she was concerned she'd kill Ibiki if he hurt her gaki, but Kakashi couldn't touch the man. Period. Which naturally made him want to murder said man even more. Honestly, Tsunade thought after reading Kakashi's tenth letter (one where he had resorted to actual honest to god begging) the man was as pitiful as a moody spoilt child. The more one told him no- the more he tried to wear you down as he planned for the inevitable 'yes' that was bound to come.

And since she knew he was only sending the letters out of courtesy for her- and nothing else- then she knew what he was up too and what he expected from her inevitably. Why after his latest letter, she was of half a mind to tell him yes and then tell Ibiki to kick his ass when he came after him. And she might have done just that if not for the fact that she was taking both Ibiki and Rissa's feelings into consideration.

Something that Kakashi seemed to be blantantly ignoring in lieu of his overprotective need to save Rissa from her own bad choices or something even more confounding and absurd.

Still her letter's telling the man no seemed to only serve to infuriate him to the point where he was no doubt throwing a tantrum right now.


Kakashi read Tsunade's latest letter in total disbelief and bared his teeth in a snarl. Oh that witch, He though darkly as he let out an impressive sounding animalistic like growl before catching himself and looking around to make sure that he hadn't woken Rissa up. In the past hour since he'd made his exhausted sister lay down, he'd spent all of his time trying to gain permission to exterminate the insect that had undoubtedly already laid his hands (and other parts of his body that Kakashi really didn't wanna think about) on Rissa- and been shot down in flames.

Leaving him to sulk at his dining room table with all his wonderful little toy's *cough* weapons *cough* spread out before him. And here he had nothing to slice up or rend or tear, truly it was a tragedy when a man of his caliber wanted to protect his own, only to be thwarted by some damned witch!

"Oh the day she dies will be the day I dance on her grave." He growled in irritation he crumpled the letter still in his hand, and tossed it over his shoulder where it came to rest among the other letters he'd written her so far.

Growling because his plans for the evening were now pretty much shot to hell- he picked up his ink pen and started to write another letter to his Kage thinking that he should tell her to stop being such a bitch about this. It wasn't like Ibiki couldn't be replaced or anything. There were oodles of shinobi working in T&I department who were more than capable of taking up his job once Ibiki was dead.

So why was she being such a pain about this? He wondered as he reached the middle of the page he was writing on when he heard a distinct sound from outside and raised his head and narrowed his eyes at the front door, across the room from him as he tilted his head just slightly and listened. His hand stopped moving- he even seemed to hold his breath as he heard what sounded like the clumsy footfalls of not one or two- but three men.

All heavily built. All carrying the faint coppery smell of freshly spilled blood.

And they were all standing right outside his door. These idiots must be the ones after Rissa. Kakashi thought darkly as he took a brief moment to look back at his letter to Tsunade then back at the door several times while thinking, Finish my letter, or dispatch the fools. Finish my letter, or dispatch the fools- Ah to hell with it...

He could do both.