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Sesshoumaru was sitting under a tree and looking lazily around himself. He saw his nephew running around with a rabbit in his hands. The rabbit was trying to scratch his face but Taisho was strong enough to hold him.

"Look Kaira, look what I caught! Do you think mommy will cook it today?" he asked with shining eyes. He was very proud of himself. His daughter looked at him with a smirk and said.

"I hope she does, you know my favourite food is rabbit!" Sesshoumaru felt that now he was complete. He finally had a family. Telling the truth he never wanted one or dreamt of one either, but the reality was better than his loneliness. All those centuries without anyone to care for or anyone to care for him… the two years ago events were for ever stuck in his head.


"Inuyasha where is your father?" asked Kagome. By the look of her eyes Sesshoumaru could tell she was scared. But not scared for her but for his father. Inuyasha grabbed his son in his arms and squeezed him leaning his head on his son's thin shoulder. He inhaled his scent like he was driving power from his son's essence and whispered.

"I don't know Kagome but I hope he is ok…" his wife embraced him tight holding their other son on her chest. Sesshoumaru will never admit that at that moment he felt jealous for the first time in his life. Yes he felt jealous seeing their strong family that supported each other… suddenly Nathalie jumped and hugged him then she looked in his eyes. He saw fresh tears shining in the corners of her eyes. She blinked a few times and her cheeks became red like cherry. She took a deep breath and raised her chin proudly.

"Sesshoumaru… I… I love you, will you please let me spend my short human life next to you?" she was holding her tears trying to look strong but he knew better. He raised his hand and wrapped his claws in her soft hair and whispered softly.

"I'll never let you go, you are important to me…" he couldn't say more. He just couldn't, maybe once he will be able to tell her more but now… now his pride was wounded enough recognizing that some other creatures in this world meant something for him. Nathalie nodded and smiled warmly. He loved her smile…. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her trembling lips. She first remained frowned but then she got up on her tiptoe and hugged his neck. Her gentle fingers started to caress his scalp and she deepened the kiss. He didn't disagree and his hand wrapped around her waist in an attempt to get her closer. He wanted to feel her soft body, to inhale her delicate aroma…he needed this woman. Her features were perfectly matching his body. Her delicate curves were meant for him. She was meant for him.

"Well well I never thought I will see my elder son kissing someone passionately! This worth a second life!" came a thunder voice.

"Father." Harshly said Sesshoumaru. He felt strange seeing his father again, and at a moment like this…he was almost ashamed. Almost….

"Did you…." Started Inuyasha looking at his father.

"If you ask me if I killed the bastard that wanted to ruin my children's lives I will reply yes!" was the answer

"Thank Kami-sama…" whispered the women in unison.

"Those are my grandchildren?" asked Inutaisho approaching his younger son.

"Y..yes." mumbled Inuyasha. He still couldn't believe his eyes that his father was here. All he could do was to stand there petrified like a statue. The demon lord approached them and looked at the sleeping boys in their arms, a warm smile raised on his face.

"They are so beautiful…" his palm gently stroked Iachiru's forehead. The boy must've felt something for his eyelashes trembled and he opened his eyes. A confused look at the white haired dog and he looked at his mother.

"It's your grandfather Iachiru." Smiled at him Kagome.

"Iachiru… and the second one's name?" asked the fresh grandfather.

"Taisho…" whispered Inuyasha.

"Well what'd you think you named your son after your father, that's very nice!" he smiled and patted his son's shoulder.

Inutaisho approached his eldest son and smiled at the girl next to him. Nathalie dropped her eyes to the ground and become almost equal to a beetroot.

"Do you have something to protect Sesshoumaru?" he asked the question that he once asked to the same son. This time the reply was different.

"I do father." Replied his heir bowing his head.

"Very good then, I'm very proud of you two, very. You had a difficult faith but you managed to win. I'm ashamed my merit in all of this is almost equal to zero." He came closer to Sesshoumaru and patted his shoulder.

"You've became a great leader and a wonderful man Sesshoumaru…I could've whished more. I'm so sorry I've left you then. I know you had a hard time, a lot of wars civil and other… it was very hard for you. You weren't ready yet to take the post of the ruler, but you did and succeeded. Thank you for protecting Inuyasha, thank you!" he said his voice full of emotions.

"Wait how he protected me if he always tried to kill me?" screamed the hanyoi.

"Be quiet Inuyasha, if Sesshoumaru would've protected you, you would've been dead in the same night I died!" raised his voice their father. Inuyasha blinked in confusion and looked at his brother.

"But I don't understand…."

"The same demon that wanted to kill you all now wanted you dead a long time ago. Only your brother was able to save you telling that he want to kill you with his own hand. The time passed and you grew up but they didn't forget about you, only Sesshoumaru's intervention stopped them. They wanted to kill you the same night. He saved you almost losing his life." Spoke the oldest demon dog. Inuyasha was speechless looking at his brother with different eyes.

"But why he left me?"

"A hanyoui in a demon's fortress is a sweet treat, you wouldn't survive there. The human are cruel but they are weaker, with them you had a chance to survive. And if someone understood that Sesshoumaru cherished you, the wish to kill you would've increased. Thank you Sesshoumaru. " he simply said to his eldest son, Sesshoumaru bowed his head and taking his mate's hand turned on his heels.

"Se…sesshoumaru…" whispered Inuyasha with pain in his eyes.

"By always fighting with you, he helped you become stronger, and the hatred he constrained you to feel was to give you strength to move on. If he wanted he could've killed you when you were only a weak puppy. But he didn't, now think of the reason and you will see everything in another light, my son." Added his father looking at Inuyasha. That night they all ate dinner together like a big family. They laughed and smiled full of happiness. Inuyasha was thoughtful and couldn't get his eyes of his brother. So many thoughts were running in his head…

"Daddy, daddy can you fly like uncle Sesshy?" his son asked him.

"No Taisho I can't…" his son looked disappointed at his words and getting up he approached his uncle.

"Uncle Sesshy will you teach me how to fly?" he looked with shining eyes.

"Nephew…." Started Sesshoumaru but Nathalie squeezed his shoulder.

"We can try some day…" was the reply.

"Yey!" yelled the little boy and run to his brother to tell him the big news.

"I'm glad you understood how to use Tensaiga Sesshoumaru I made it especially for you…." Said his father grabbing a big piece of meat and starting to chew it.

"Hn." Smirked the heir.

"Don't be so grumpy!" smiled Nathalie at him. His father returned them the blades later telling them that they will have to use the blades from now on. He will remain only as a grandfather.

"I'm waiting to see your children Sesshoumaru, or you don't want to have half breeds?" he smiled petting his shoulder.

"Father! Do you know same way to make a human immortal?" asked Sesshoumaru looking in his eyes without blinking.

"Yes I do, but it may be difficult for you," he answered touching his chin.

"You'll have to tie your life thread with hers, so if she dies you die too," Said Inutaisho looking at him but Sesshoumaru only nodded.

End of flashback.

He never regretted that decision, Inuyasha did the same so now they could spend and eternity with the ones that were dear, the one that will forever need their protection...will need them near...

Sesshoumaru rose to his feel and slowly went toward his daughter who only smiled at him with warmth and whispered.

"Dad, are you smiling? you are so cool when you do, I love you!" SEsshoumaru nodded and grabbing her small palm walked toward his family, happy that now he had one.

The end!

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