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A Soul That Remembers

She still doesn't know what made her approach the half demon unafraid when he first barged in to get her daughter. One sight of those dog ears made them irresistible. She doesn't know why he simply stood there and let her tweak them either when even now he doesn't let her daughter touch them. Or at least she doesn't think he does. When they're alone in Kagome's room she leaves them alone, knowing they won't do anything improper behind the closed door.

Kagome's too shy and unsure of Inuyasha's feelings for her.

Inuyasha's too unsure of himself to make any bold moves.

So Mama Higurashi listens when they argue, winces in mock pain when the teenage boy gets "sat," and smiles when things get quiet, knowing they've made up.

But still, she doesn't know what made her instantly trust the boy with her daughter's life. She doesn't know. Her soul does though.

Her soul remembers rubbing puppy ears until a small, silver-white head rested in her lap, its owner asleep. Her soul remembers gold eyes blinking up at her with love and adoration. Her soul remembers tiny claws, so like his father's, carefully running through long, black hair to untangle the raven waterfall.

Her soul knows how gentle and kind he can be and still is deep down. Her soul knows too that he would never dishonor a young woman left in his care. Knows also, that all he needs is someone to spend his life with who loves him despite his blood and despite his past. Someone who loves him because those things have made him who he is. This, the soul knows, remembers, and has passed on to her.

She understands his needs and his hidden pain. So when he comes, the teenage version of the pup her soul remembers, she offers advice, and a bowl of ramen.

"Another fight, Inuyasha, dear?"

"Yes, Higurashi-san. She ordered me to leave her to her school work." Ears drooped and it was all she could do not to rub them again.

"Have some ramen while you wait. You know, if she finishes her homework now, she can spend all weekend with you and the others. Kagome won't have any distractions."

"Feh, except for the wedding."

"Oh, that's right. Miroku and Sango are getting married. But after that, you and Kagome could go some place nice together, alone."

"Still got the cub to look after."

"Didn't Kagome say your brother was taking him for awhile?" Ears perked up and a devilish grin spread across a handsome face. A weight leaves her soul at seeing the happy look and she sighs in relief.

"Yeah. Something about Rin wanting to play with her friend. Let Sesshoumaru deal with Shippou's tricks for a couple of days." Inuyasha stands and stretches, one ear twitching madly. She sees he's about to crouch and scratch it with his foot so does the scratching for him. A sigh escapes his lips.

"Better, dear?"

"Yes, thank you." A small blush spreads across his cheeks.

"You're welcome. Inuyasha, is it tradition to get newly married couples gifts?" she asks, knowing the answer all ready.

"Yes, Kagome and Kaede were talking about them."

"Funny, Kagome said nothing about them. I wonder if she forgot." A panicked look overcomes the dog demon's face. "Perhaps you ought to go ask her. We could shop for her while she works." A knocked back chair is her only reply and she quickly rights it.

"Why didn't you remind me sooner? Mama!"

"Coming, dear." She sedately joins the young couple and has to hide her smile.

"Can you do me a really big favor? I have a list somewhere… I need to get presents for the wedding. Could you go get them?"

"Of course, dear. Inuyasha go change and we'll leave Kagome alone."

"Where is that list? Inuyasha!"

"Keh, try that 'diary' of yours, wench."

"Oh, right." She hears Inuyasha grumbling in the bathroom and can't help but chuckle. Her soul remembers when a little boy did the same.

"Hahaue!" The call comes from a whine in the other room and she knows he's in trouble.

"Coming, dear," she replies much as she did with her daughter. In the last year, after the defeat of Naraku, she had convinced him to call her that. And he did, at least some of the time.

Joining him, she straightens the tangled mass of hair from the modern shirt he now wears. Taking a special brush, something his brother had forced on him, she brushes out the silvery white mane and deftly braids it. Cleverly she fixes a bandana over his ears.

"There, now grab your wallet from Kagome and we'll go." She's proud of what the wallet represents. He'd taken diamond shards from one of his attacks and "repaid" her all that she had spent on him and the others. One shard had been more than enough so she'd set up a fund in his name. Connections to some mysterious gentleman (who she privately thought might be his brother in this era) had yielded identification for the young man.

With money of his own, she'd helped him invest and he had quite the balance now. Her soul remembers the wish that she'd had to secure the future of the small pup who she would not live to see grow. Now, he is, if only in this era, a wealthy young man.

Absently she fingers the pendant he'd given her for a present, one of many diamond shards that had weakened Naraku. When he'd given it to her, shyly of course, she had wanted to weep with joy.

Her mother's soul had soared with happiness. Her children were safe. The evil that had pursued them all- Miroku, Sango, Kagome, and Inuyasha- was gone. Shippou, the kitsune child had always worried her but he'd been left with Lady Kaede for the final fight.

"We can go," Inuyasha says, a subtle plea on his face. Kagome continues to pour out instructions until the outside door closes behind them.

"Don't let her get to you, dear. Kagome's just nervous."

"Nervous? Why should she be nervous? She's not the one getting married. Sango's been perfectly calm."

"I suppose, dear, that's why." At his confused look, she explains. "Brides are often nervous, Inuyasha. Sango isn't because she's confident and assured. They've planned for months. Kagome wants nothing to go wrong to spoil her friend's happiness. She's a romantic."

"No kidding. If Miroku hadn't convinced me to help rebuild the slayer village with him, I'd have gone nuts with Kagome and her plans." A shiver passed though him.

"Be glad she's done a lot of that at home. Souta was begging Father to find him a way through the well." She smiles at the look of horror that passes over his face. Her son worshipped Inuyasha, something that amused her down to her soul.

They entered the mall, a place she knew he abhorred. Taking him to the needed stores, she let him buy what Kagome had wanted and watched with a patient eye and guiding words as he got them wrapped. She helped him pick out a card for the three of them to sign and finally takes a grateful teen boy home. He helps her begin dinner until Souta drags him away and she's content to see him go play. Her soul remembers the pup that had had no friends and is glad the young man enjoys the recreation.

"Mama." Kagome, having finished her homework, joins her mother in readying the meal.

"Yes, Kagome?"

"Thank you for helping Inuyasha and I. Especially Inuyasha."

"Of course, dear. What are mothers for?"

He is no longer her son in body but he will always be her son. Her soul knows and will always remember.