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Epilogue: Souls That Have Been Reborn

A specially selected group of souls are gathered around a portal and are listening with seemingly close attention to the celestial attendant. He is telling them that they won't remember their former lives even though the last incarnation had spanned centuries. They are needed again he tells them. Glances pass between the couples and silently they are thinking that they will remember, despite what they are told. One by one they pass through the portal. They are now souls that have been reborn.

A prince plays with the daughter of his mother's lady-in-waiting. The two have been close since the little girl was born. One day the girl is cornered by some older children and is rescued by the prince who handily beats them. When thanked, the prince merely says,

"Keh, don't you remember? I'll always protect you."

A businessman goes into a library every three days to check out a book. Some think he is an avid reader but he is really there for the sight of the research librarian. Her prim and proper appearance calls to him in some mysterious way. When his hand accidentally brushes against her backside, both are surprised with what happens next. She swings around with lightning fast reflexes and shouts,

"You lecherous monk!"

"Wait, Sango!" They stare at each other because he is not monk and her name is not Sango.

A noblewoman sits upon a dais looking across the room at a commoner. The man is rich yes, but by no means her social equal.

"The roles are reversed this time," she says.

His only reply is, "Hn, ridiculous."

Eventually they gather together one by one. The prince is the leader and it starts out as his quest to protect his kingdom. The girl vows to stay by his side forever. The businessman and librarian soon add to the number then the noble and her man. Others round out the army until all involved are assembled. Swords have been replaced with laser weapons, flying hellcats with spaceships. Some things change but the souls of heroes remain true. Their souls may have been reborn but deep inside, they've never forgotten who they truly are.