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They Don't Understand

I hear them whispering when I walk by. They think I don't, but I do. They believe because my guardian is a demon that he has other plans for me when I come of age. They are jealous of the kimonos Sesshoumaru-sama brings me. They are beautiful I must admit, and it embarrasses me when he brings them. I am living in a small village that is not as prosperous as some and yet I am wearing expensive silk. There is nothing that I can do though.

Being the ward of a lord means that I am expected to dress a certain way even if I am not living in that lord's house. Especially a lord like the Lord of the Western Lands. Make no mistake, I know what he is. He kills those he feels have insulted him, have gotten in his way, or those that have harm people he cares about. And there are few he cares about.

The other girls don't understand that Sesshoumaru-sama doesn't see me as a potential bride or mistress. He loves me, yes but I am his ward. As close to a daughter as I can become, being human. No ward, much less a daughter of his is going to be dressed in anything but the best of silks.

Although sometimes I do wonder where he gets all these. I asked Inuyasha-sama once and he merely shrugged not knowing the answer. Sometimes I forget they are not as close as I think two brothers should be.

That's another thing the others don't understand. The girls my age remember Lord Inuyasha as a surly young man freed from the Sacred Tree. Back when we were all children and he was still angry about what had happened to him. They don't get how he and Lord Sesshoumaru had had to fight each other almost to the death just to get strong enough to kill Naraku. But they are human and the relationship between youkai siblings is different. Or at least I think it is. I have no real knowledge of other siblings who are youkai but I can see how just sitting down to talk out their differences would not have worked with my lord and his brother. And despite what they say, they are most definitely brothers. Both would insist on adding the qualifier "half" to that but regardless of Inuyasha-sama's human mother or Sesshoumaru-sama's full youkai mother (whose sanity is apparently in question- that I did get from Lord Inuyasha), the two are very much alike. Their outward behavior notwithstanding. I think that is why Kagome-sama sometimes calls Sesshoumaru-sama "nii-san" or "nii-sama" instead of the more formal "aniki." She wants to remind both brothers of how much they really do have in common. And I think she likes to tease him a little. The faces he makes when she does that can be amusing.

There is one other thing that bugs me. The girls giggle behind their hands every time Sesshoumaru-sama comes to visit. They know better than to make comments while he is here. His hearing is even better than his brother's and that's saying something. When he leaves though it's a different story. They swap suggestions and questions while they wonder what his pelt really is and if he's really as filled out underneath all his clothes as he appears. They think he is handsome and they say I am a lucky girl to have that to look forward to.

But I don't. He is the person who saved me. I do not nor have I ever thought about him as a future suitor. He's my hero although I will never say so. The others don't understand, but he does.

I don't know what I will do when the time comes for me to make my choice but for now I will merely ignore those who don't understand. I do, and that's what counts.