Summary: An abstract drabble about Peter and Jason's first time. Prebare.

Disclaimer: Just because I know people who stared in it does not mean I own anything more than the DVD of their performance.


A door clicks shut. The tiny sound fills the room and makes everything bigger.

A book-bag hits the floor and keys rattle.

Every sound builds on the last, pilling on top of each other and touching every corner of the small, enclosed space that plays host to their enclosed lives.

Heavy breathing adds a wordless melody to the undefined chorus that came before.

Eyes lock.

One's hand still rests on the doorknob, the other sits on the bed, waiting. Both wondering who will make the first move... and when. Slowly, they move away from their positions and towards each other. Breath quickens, hearts race, minds wander, choices made. Lips connect. Not for the first time and not for the last, just for now. Hands cling, pressing bodies so close it's difficult to tell who is who anymore. Fingers roam and tangle in hair as feet stumble to the bed. Every sense is clouded by the others, ears ring, noses breathe, eyes explore, tongues taste, skin tingles, nothing else matters.

Outside their room the world is numb, they'll never know what it's like to feel as they do, no class can teach it and no prayer will bring it, it can't even be found. It must be stumbled upon.

Colors dance behind closed eyelids as shirts are pulled off and skin touches skin. Familiar sensations made exciting my the knowledge of what is coming next. Hands move lower. Lips disconnect. Eyes lock. A silent nod, a mutual agreement that will change their lives forever. Time slows and disappears, the ticking of the clock is nothing more than a reminder they don't need. The world belongs to them, no one can tell them who they are or who they have to be. The quiet is broken by whispers of love and little nothings fill the air, tickling their ears and causing their smiles.

Ecstasy overpowers, every touch multiplied by a thousand, then... silence. Fingers lace together and they pull each other close, not wanting to lose the connection, or the contact. A protective embrace shielding them from a world of misunderstanding and accusations of sin.

Someone once said that the most famous works of art and literature were banned at their first introduction. Such is the same with love, the purest and most passionate is forbidden, but restricting beauty only makes it more beautiful. So they bind themselves together and forgive the misunderstanding.