A.N.: As I started writing this, I realized I had a lot of outside characters from my original story that either are mentioned in the first actual chapter or may be making an appearance later. For those that haven't read What Comes Next (or those who did but forgot), I have made this chapter a brief summary of the first story and a glossary of outside characters. I will try to remember to add to the glossary as new characters make an appearance in this story as well. Of course, feel free to skip right ahead to the next chapter where the story starts!

Bioware owns all of Ferelden except for the places and characters I made up. I'm just having fun adding to their world.

Summary of What Comes Next: Elandria (Lanie) Surana was believed dead after slaying the Archdemon. Neither she nor Alistair knew she was pregnant at the time, and their son ended up being the one to actually destroy the Archdemon's soul. She went to live with the Dalish elves for the next four years. Alistair married but was never really over Elandria. Eventually, he and his wife had a daughter who they lost from blight disease. After the baby's death, the queen left Alistair and was granted an annulment by the Chantry. Months later, Elandria arranged to meet Alistair to let him know she wasn't dead and to tell him about their son. A month later, Alistair revealed the fact she was alive and the existence of their son at the yearly Landsmeet. He proposed to her in front of the entire Landsmeet and gave the nobles an ultimatum. They could either re-confirm him with his son as heir and Elandria as his wife or he would abdicate and leave Ferelden forever with his family. The catch is that Elandria will be his wife, but not queen.

Glossary of outside characters who appeared in What Comes Next and who may make an appearance here or be mentioned

Ser Adair - Second in command of Maric's Shield. He is normally the night commander for Alistair's guards

Master Adwen - Alistair's somewhat fussy personal servant. He is in charge of Alistair's clothes and usually dresses him for appearances

Aileen Stewart - Her Grace and teyrna of Gwaren. Wife of Ranald Stewart

Mistress Beatrice - Cook's assistant and the person who led Zynalla to Ser Bryce

Briana Theirin - Alistair's first wife and former queen of Ferelden, although her and Alistair's marriage has been annulled by the Chantry at Briana's request after the death of their daughter, Moira. She returned to the Bann of Waking Sea where she had grown up shortly after her baby's death.

Ser Braden - Knight and member of the council

Ser Bryce - Second in command of Kellin's guards. He feels it impinges on his dignity to have to take care of Kellin. His girlfriend, Maggie, who is a cook in the kitchens, offers him one of her girls to help until the prince's nanny is selected.

Ciannata - Elandria's new maid/serving woman. Very talented in the arts of a lady's maid

Sister Elizabeth - Chantry member of the ruling council. She isn't fond of Elandria.

Elspeth - Mage of the Circle and member of the ruling council

Goodman Campbell - Rich merchant in Denerim who owns many of the shops in the market district. His son was the ringleader for a gang of young men who were attacking and raping elven women from the alienage. His son was sentenced to seven years of hard labor on city work crews for his part in the crimes. Alistair had turned down a petition from the goodman to reduce the sentence

Glenda - Briana's maid and foster mother

Ser Hugh Firth - Commander of Maric's Shield, Alistair's personal protection detail. He is usually on duty during the day

Arlessa Iona Urien - Widely-liked wife of Arl Vaughn. She bore Vaughn a son the previous year, who was named Cailan

Kaneath Elrani - Torin's father. A disabled Dalish elf who helped Elandria sort through some of her issues after the Blight was resolved. He also coached Elandria and Torin when they would spar together

Kellin Theirin - His Royal Highness and prince of Ferelden. Alistair and Elandria's son. He is three and has been raised by Elandria with Lanaya's clan since his birth. Alistair only became aware of his existence about a month before this story begins

Maggie - Ser Bryce's girlfriend. A cook in the kitchen who offers one of her workers to help in the prince's suite

Menarin - Dalish elf who replaced Athras as weapons trainer for Lanaya's clan after the death of his wife, Danyla. He was the ringleader of the group of young elves who harassed Elandria for having borne a shemlen child. After the darkspawn battle, Elandria and Menarin became friends when he asked for her help in training the hunters, and he actually made a pass at her shortly before she decided to let Alistair know she was still alive

Moira Theirin - Her Royal Highness and princess of Ferelden. Daughter of Alistair and Briana. Died of blight disease days after her birth

Ranald Stewart - His Grace and teyrn of Gwaren. Raised from bann by Alistair shortly after his coronation. He had been a liegeman of Teyrn Loghain

Sergeant Reilly - Member of Maric's Shield, normally on the night shift with Ser Adair. Adair and Reilly are the two guards that generally accompany Alistair when he sneaks out of the palace at night, usually to haunt his and Zevran's favorite low-life tavern, The Broken Sword

Ser Tavin - Leader of the ruling council. He turned his bann over to his son to be able to have the time free to devote to the council in Denerim. Loyal supporter of King Alistair

Torin Elrani - Kaneath's son, a nineteen-year-old Dalish elf from Lanaya's clan, Kellin's liege man through vows sworn at a Lenayath ceremony (an elven ritual). He is Kellin's protector and magically bound to him until death

Vanora - Dalish elf still with Lanaya's clan who had shared an aravel with Elandria and helped to raise Kellin. She and Kaneath are now living together and plan to eventually bond

Zynalla Dace - young city elf plucked out of the kitchens temporarily by Ser Bryce's girlfriend to help perform chores in the prince's suite