I Never KnewChapter 1: Meetings

She never knew of course that, she was Uncle Doctor's daughter. Well that probably explains why he never liked her Dad that much, okay he hated him.

She first met the Doctor when she was five, she was playing with her cat outside and she didn't notice that there was a large rock jutting out from the ground so accidentally she fell over it and hurt her knee.

"Ouch," she cried, looking at the cut on her knee.

A man with big hair and bow tie came over to her.

"Hello, I'm the Doctor, can I help you with that?," the man asked, smiling kindly.

"Yes, please," the little tear filled girl said.

He pulled some wipes out of his pockets, and started to wipe the cut clean.

"So what's your name?" the man asked.

"Isabella," she replied.

"That's a pretty name," he commented.

"What's yours?" She asked curiously, looking at the strange man who was helping her.

"I already told you, I am the Doctor," the doctor said, now taking a plaster out of his pocket.

"But you must have first name or a last name, you can't just be the Doctor,"

"Well, sorry to disappoint you, it is just the Doctor," the Doctor said, smiling to himself.

The Doctor looked at the now cleaned and plastered cut, then looked into the face of the little girl, she had beautiful large blue eyes and long curly black hair.

" Well I think that is done," he said smiling.

"Thank-you," she said trying to remember the manners her mother told her, "will I ever see you again?"

"I hope so, but I want you to keep me, our little secret," the Doctor, smiling lovingly to the little girl.

She nodded happily, she trusted this Doctor man already even though she knew nothing about him. And then he got up and went away.

The Doctor smiled to himself, so glad that we had finally met his little girl and she already trusted him.

The Doctor kept on visiting Isabella as she grew up occasionally bringing a red headed female who was called Amy Pound.

"At least she has a proper name," said Isabella, when she the Doctor first introduced at 6.

Amy and the Doctor laughed, Isabella smiled up at them, and this was what she normally did when grown-ups laughed at her.

Isabella started to call the Doctor, Uncle Doctor, which the Doctor found quite ironic. His was glad though that Isabella thought him as part of the family.

The Doctor was there when she wanted to talk when she couldn't to talk to her parents, he was always there when she was crying and nobody knew she was. Isabella thought he was a godsend her own guardian angel.

Amy found Isabella a kind polite little girl, she only came a few times, but she grew to love and care for the Doctor's little girl has he called it. Isabella liked Amy but she preferred the Doctor, she never as got as far as called Amy Auntie.

The Doctor loved his little girl more than anything in the world, universe and time and would do anything for her. And he knew when he first met her that nothing in the world could change that.

There was one time when Isabella thought the Doctor had gone crazy (well as crazier than he normally was) was when she was ten.

She was absentmindedly stroking her tabby cat Whiskers, who was now fat and old out side, her parents had gone out for the day so she was bored and all alone.

"Hey Isabella," the Doctor said, sitting next to her on the sofa.

"Heya Uncle Doctor, don't call me Isabella anymore," Isabella said, smiling at him, "It's Bella,"

Red-hot burning anger filled his normally happy and friendly face. Isabella looked slightly scared.

"Your name is Isabella," he said through clenched teeth.

"Ok over reaction much, I know my name is Isabella, but I've now changed to Bella," she said, looking at him ludicrously.

"No, your name will Isabella if you like it or not," the Doctor said sternly.

"Uncle Doctor, you're starting to sound like my father," she told him, angrily.

He had no right to say what name she can or can't have.

"Maybe your father is right this time," he said, his insides grinning ironically.

"Well, you're not my father, so stop jumping down my throat, it's not like you named me Isabella," she said, rather loudly.

"Well, I am your uncle," the Doctor, "and in fact I did name you,"

Isabella just stared him, she thought he was off his rocker, he didn't know her parents so how was it possible that he named her.

"Oh, no, I did not say that, I really did not say, I am really sorry, have a good weekend, I am going to get going now," he said, rather quickly, the practically running out of the door.

Isabella ran after him, she scurried out in the pouring ran to him go in a small wooden box, she ran over to the box, and started to knock on the wooden door, there was loud whooshing sound, and suddenly she was knocking on air.

In the Tardis

"Oh dear, Isabella is never going to trust me again," the doctor sighed.

"What have you done?" Amy asked, "Well, if I was Isabella, wouldn't trust you anyway, you with that bloody bow tie, looking like geography teacher."

"Remember Amy, bow ties are cool, and I do not look like geography teacher, I look like dignified time lord," the Doctor said, looking mortally offended.

Then the Doctor told her the past conversation he last had with his daughter.

"Oh my god, you are such a prat, I can't be believe this, you are going back now and talking to her," she said, but she looked at the Doctor's wet clothes, "maybe you dry off first but Doctor, I think it is finally time to tell her,"

He just nodded and the left the console room, he started to feel really nervous, the pit of his stomach was turning, but Amy was right she needed to know and soon.