Avoiding, hurting and the Sonic Pencil.

It must of been hours since Bella had ran into her room, she was scared of coming out, she was absent-mindedly scratching her arm, it was know red and sour and nearly bleeding, she had nearly taken off three bits of skin, and she had these marks all up her left arm, she hadn't noticed until she heard a soft knock at the door, she gasped in pain, she was shocked that she actually did that to herself but it was okay, but the Doctor or Amy couldn't find out.

There was a knock on the door but this time much louder and this time came with the Doctor's voice, "Bella open the door,"

"I will be there in minute," Bella said, pulling on a black boyfriend cardigan over the swollen and raw left arm and the thin stick like right arm.

She opened the door, to see the Doctor looking slightly worried, "Are you all right?"

"Yeah I am fine, Doctor, ," said Bella, smiling, then she moved her left arm and winced painfully.

The Doctor didn't look like he was certain but as he didn't want another argument he didn't press it further, "You know that you can call me Dad, you do realise that you have just broken the punishment but I forgive you just this once, you do know that you can come and talk to me about it, or write it on the white board," he went into his pockets, and searched he put the white board into her hands, and winked.

Doctor, you know that I would love to call you Dad, but I don't think I am ready just yet, thanks for forgiving me, and I promise that if that I need to talk with you, I will. She wrote on her white board and showed it to him. Sort of, she thought.

They hugged for a moment, but the Doctor was very uncomfortable, he could feel most of her bones. Isabella felt uncomfortable to as her arm was caning from the strain. They quickly broke apart. The Doctor smiled then left, he was glad that he made up with Bella, but he wasn't going to let this go.

Bella knew she had brought herself a little more time but she had to avoid Amy and the Doctor at all costs, and she was going to have to get her own sonic device of her own, she knew how to make one but she had to be very secret about it, and not be seen.

She got to work very quietly but quickly , she took all the materials she would need from the workshop, it didn't take her long, to get it working but she had to disguse it, and that what took time, but as she had a mind of a time lord it didn't take that long at all, and there it was her own sonic device, disguised as pencil. It was shiny and starry for the exterior, the led was sharp, and there was a button that could only be seen if you looked closely. She pressed the button and a soft whizzing sound admitted from it, and red light shined from where the rubber was.

"Bella, dinner's ready," the Doctor shouted, Bella tucked the pencil behind her ear and left.

Bella obviously didn't eat her dinner last night, looking like she did, was very hard, because as they eat in a uncomfortable silence they watched Bella, but she did manage it.

Bella left her plate empty, but with cardigan and jeans pockets filled with food.

"She has been filling her pockets with food without us knowing, God, how could of we missed that," the Doctor sighed, feeling like he failed as a father again.

"We couldn't of known, she was keeping it from us, you are very good at keeping secrets too," Amy pointed out.

"Yeah, thats different, she is hurting herself plus I think the pencil that was tucked behind her ear was sonic," the Doctor said, looking worried but slightly impressed.

"What do you mean sonic?" Amy asked, looking confounded.

"She has made herself her own sonic device like my sonic screwdriver, but a pencil, she did very quick as well, she didn't use the TARDIS, because the TARDIS would of informed me, she made it by herself. Impressive. But what worries me is what she is going to use it for, sonic devices have lot more uses than opening doors you know," the Doctor said, very quickly.

"Well, we are going to find that out, but first thing first, how are we going to get her eating again?" Amy said, looking very concerned and worried.

"That is going to take a long time you know, I think we should do both at the same time, well there is two of us, two minds are better than one, and plus you should take the food one because as time lords don't need to eat as much as you humans do, and as sonic devices are alien and time lord devices so that is my expertise," the Doctor said, looking straight into Amy's eyes.

"Oh okay, I'll do the eating one and the sleeping one, you do..." Amy was interrupted by the Doctor, "Sleeping one what sleeping one?"

"God, you are really are blind," Amy said, looking quite exasperated, "she looks a zombie, with great big bags under her eyes, it is obvious she hasn't been sleeping properly, it's okay though, I'll do that, you do the sonic, and maybe you could take us somewhere soon, we have been spinning around in space for ages, it is getting rather tiring."

The Doctor nodded, looking upset, that another thing had slipped.

He went to console room, and started to set the controls to random,and the TARDIS started to move.

Amy and Bella ran to console room, their faces were looking very exited, this was Isabella's second trip.

The TARDIS landed, all three of them fell to the floor laughing

All three of them ran to door pulled opened and stopped by short human shapes covered in blue armour to head to foot holding guns.

"Oh crap, Sontarans," Bella and the Doctor muttered together.

"You are now the prisoners of the Sontarans,"

They walked for a long time until they reached a very secure looking building, they were brought inside, the building was filled with cells, which held man types of aliens, they were pushed into a empty cell, and were left, the Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver and went to the door, a Sontaran came in, he immeaditly took away the Doctor's screwdriver, then he searched through the three of them, looking for items that they could escape with. he found nothing and left.

The Doctor sighed.

Isabella waited a while to see if Sontarans were coming and took the pencil that was tucked under her ear and went to the door, and pressed the near invisible button.

"I knew it," the Doctor said, looking impressed again, "and I am going to have to converstate that young lady it could be dangerous.

Bella just looked at him like he was crazy.

"How come the Sontaran didn't notice that, you can talk again and when we get back to the TARDIS you can take off that stupid T-shirt,"

"Well, that didn't last long, well you have a sonic screwdriver, One you can use screwdriver to escape and two it doesn't even look like a proper screw driver, and my sonic pencil is harmless to them, it is just a pencil, I must say I hid the sonic of it very well so they didn't notice, what do they think I am going to do draw myself out," Bella replied, still working on the door, "plus how could to be dangerous it a sonic pencil, oh no I am going to get led poisoning, everyone run and hide from the pencil, it's going to give everyone led poisoning, it is unstoppable force."

"Ha ha, that's hand made, you could of made a mistake you never know, and it could blow up," the Doctor said, knowing that the sonic pencil was perfectly made.

"Are you doubting your own intelligence, now shut up, while I get us out of here," Isabella said.

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