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USS Enterprise

Captain's Log

It's been two month since the attack done by the time displaced Romulan Nero. Now the Federation is putting all effort into recovering from the destruction done.

The Klingons discovered that Nero was the one who destroyed their 47 warships and so declared war with Romulus. As morbid as it sounds, their war will benefit the Federation in keep them occupied with one another while we rebuild and improve our defenses.

On a side note: Part of me wishes the universe would "Throw us a Bone" as the old expression goes.

End Log.

USS Enterprise, Bridge

The bridge of the Federation flagship was operating under normal parameters. The crew doing their assigned duties as the ship headed to its destination at warp speed. Its destination: Starbase 5 to test out a new project that if successful will be standard in all ships.

It's been quiet in the Federation after Neros attack, but no one was relaxing in the slightest. With the destruction of Vulcan and the death of billions of people as well as the Enterprise sister ships and the loss of the graduated cadets, all facilities under the Federation are working nonstop inventing new technologies from the scans acquired off the Narada and the knowledge given to us by Spock Prime.

"How long till we reach the station, Chekov" ordered Captain James Kirk sitting in the captains chair.

"At current speed we should arrive at Starbase 5 in just under two hours captain" replied navigator Pavel Chekov from his post.

"Excellent" said Kirk. "Lets hope they have something good for us waiting" the excitement in his voice was evident.

"They could not disclose the details of the project but the base was said to be working on a new weapon system" said First Officer Spock with his usual calm voice and demeanor, not a single bit of emotion shown.

"Then this is going to be a fun visit just hope nothi.." the captain couldn't finish as communications officer Nyota Uhura turned to her commanding office and said "Captain, I'm picking up what appears to be a distress signal. It's strange though"

Staring at his COM officer the captain said "Strange? How so?"

"It's defiantly a distress signal but its transmitting in a numerical set that the computer depicts as binary code" said Uhura with a perplex look.

"Binary code is the universal computing language, using it as distress signal is not unheard of." Said Spock giving a logical evaluation.

Kirk had to agree with his First Officer. While it was strange he could understand people using such a common system as a way to call for help. But one thought crawled into his head. "Triangulate the location of that signal" he said.

"The signal is coming from approximately 10 light years off our current course. Its open space captain with no planetary systems within 50 light years of its point." Said Chekov after locating the signal source.

The captain thought this over. They were well within Federation territory and this area was known for having little traffic around so he was sure it wasn't so trap, still better to be safe than sorry. Especially these days.

"I think we can afford a little detour" said the captain with a smile. "Set a course for the distress location, Mr. Sulu."

"Aye, aye, captain" replied the helmsman Hikaru Sulu. "Changing course will arrive in about 15 minutes."

As the Enterprise drop out of warp at the location of the distress call already there was cause for concern.

"Captain, the distress signal is gone, it's stop transmitting" Uhura said with urgency in her voice.

Not skipping a beat the captain was immediately issuing orders, "Go to yellow alert, raise the shields, prep phasers and begin scanning for possible hostiles." He stared at the viewscreen expecting a cloak ship to appear any time now.

"Sensor are not detecting any ships in the area however their appears to be some form of construct or constructs 100,000 kilometers off the starboard bow. I'm not picking up any energy or heat readings of any kind" said Spock looking over the information from the sensors.

"On screen" as soon as the captain said that everyone on bridge became glued to the screen.

On the monitor, floating out in space just off the ships bow were 8 giant….. what can only be described as GIANT HUMANOID ROBOTS each similar in appearance yet radically different from one another. The bridge crew stared that the machines with curious eyes and slightly open mouths, Spock simply raised an eyebrow at the sight. For a minute there was silence as the crew did nothing but stare at the screen, the first to break the silence was Kirk "Can someone tell me what it is exactly we're looking at" he said unable to look away as if he is expecting something.

Spock was the one to reply, "I am sorry captain, I do not know what they are" eyes remaining on the screen.

The crew of the Enterprise has made a startling discovery, a discovery that will change the tide of power in ways they never thought possible and they didn't even know it yet, nor will they know what would come ahead.

End Prologue

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