I wanted to have this done by March, before Mass Effect 3 took up my time. But circumstances were against me.

The battle written here is told in the POV of audience. Basically how the characters, who knows next to nothing about these machines, can best describe what they are seeing.


Chapter 4 Titans Awakening


Though many were still captivated to the screen, there were other matters to attend to. Like the bridge officers who needed medical attention, stat.

Uhura was assisting the med staff on an officer who is suffering from second degree burns when her comm-link notified her of an incoming message. She turned to Bones about this and he assures her that they had it under control.

Returning to her station, she answers the call, "... Scotty? … Are you still in the base?... Then where are you?" Her eyes grew wide, "Your WHERE!"

GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X, cockpit

"I'm inside the mobile suits cockpit" replied the very rattled engineer. His heart has yet to slow down to a normal pace and the adrenalin was still rich throughout his body.

He didn't have time to put the last few minutes together as the monitor changed from showing the area of space to the image of a fully crew starship bridge. The officers looked like Vulcans but their uniforms and the architecture and aesthetic layout of the bridge weren't of any Vulcan design he knew.

But he did recognize it.

"The Romulans."

Romulan Battle Cruiser

Admiral Dafera just stared at the main viewer still showing the objects that robbed her of what would've been a glorious victory with utter loathing mixed with confusion.

'Where did those things come from? Are they the new weapons the Federation been working on?'

"We're receiving a message. Text only." said the comm officer.

The said message appeared on the screen. In Roluman script.

"You strike at this station with no justification. Endanger the lives of innocents who dwell inside. You will cease all hostile action and leave this area at once. If you choose to persist, it will be your final act in life. Leave!"

Dafera's face turned into a mask of scorn and pure hate.

"I don't know who, I don't know what you are but no aliens orders the Romulan Star Empire. You dare stand in our way then we will just brush you aside with our full might. Stand against us if you dare." she didn't know if they could listen or not, she just let her emotions take command.

To her surprise came a reply.

It was short, simple, and not at all what she expected.

"As you wish."


As the machines began their charge, the machines identified as Zeta Gundam suddenly changed shape to a form more akin to a fighter. As it accelerated, the bare-handed machine in front braced itself and -to everyone surprise- landed on the transformed robot, riding it like a hover board.

They sped towards the three warbird who immediately fired streams of disruptor beams at them. Like an acrobatic performance, the duo maneuvered and deflected the bolts with an almost arrogant ease, not slowing or stalling.

When they reach adequate distance, the machine identified as God Gundam leapt off at high speed, thrusters on its back assisting it so, at its target: the mid ship. It balled its right hand and punched the warbird's shields. They cracked under its power, leaving the ship expose.

The second machine, now switched to its humanoid form, gripped its long rifle towards the ship. Instead of the expected energy projectile, the energy extended out of the muzzle and remained in place, taking the form of a sword. Or saber.

It dug the melee weapons deep into the top of the ship. From bow to stern, it carved a path along the ship before the energy blade exited the other end, dispersing as it left. The machine turned around and, this time, fired at the ship, along the grove it has done.

The ship literally split down the middle before being torn apart in a massive explosion.

They couldn't believe it. Romulan or Federation. In just two minutes, two machines just took out a warship effortlessly.

They didn't get the time to stare as the two other ships got hit. Their shield extinguished. The perpetrators being the machine with the gold joints called Strike Freedom Gundam and the one with angel like wing called Wing Gundam Zero Kai.

From below the ships came shots from two of the other machines; the Gundam Double X and Nu Gundam. The ships were destroyed in ten shots.

The two final machine, Turn A Gundam and Gundam 00 Qan [T], raced to the last warbird. Ignoring the captain's threat of destroying the crippled ships.

The Turn A raised its shield forward and accelerated, ramming the ship and knocking it back on its axis, its shields collapsing. The 00 Qan [T] followed by jabbing its sword on the ship's bottom aft, where the propulsion systems are.

Beams of energy erupted out of from the other end of the ship followed by secondary explosions working their way to the bow. The last Warbird was sunk.

Romulan Battle Cruiser


It kept repeating in her mind. Over and over.

Admiral Dafera was terrified. A feeling she's never felt in her life. A feeling she thought she'd only ever experience if she ever angered the Senate.

She was given special upgrades for this mission. Upgrades that made the ships under her nearly twice as strong. Yet these thing tore her ships apart like they were made on tin.

"They're monsters." she was barely able to say it. 'Is this what the Federation has been working on?'

"Admiral! They're headed right for us."

She saw that the office was right. All eight of those robots are headed right for her cruiser.

Dafera never thought she'd say this. "Full retreat! Get us back to Romulan space! NOW!"

The cruiser started to turn around, firing at the machine to slow their advance. The Gundams were just swerving and dodging the clumsy barrage. They open fire, taking out the cruisers shield.


The helmsman did as told. The engines were at full warp speed. But there was a problem.

They weren't moving.

"Why aren't we at warp?"

"Warp drives have been engage and reads at max setting. It doesn't make any sense!"

"Admiral. On our stern."

The screen flashed showing the stern of the ship and one of the machines, the one that took out the shields with a single punch, clinging to the hull; seemingly struggling to keep hold.

Dafera's eyes were practically bulging out of her sockets. 'Its holding us in place! Thats not possible!'

She fell to the ground as the entire ship shook violently.

The Gundams surrounded the Romulans, taking out the engines, shield generators, weapons system; leaving the ship a floating wreak filled with black scorch marks on its green hull.

The bridge was in chaos. Officers dead due to console explosion or hard impact after being thrown about, fire and smoke filled the room as life support was barely online with warning lights flashing in sequence.

Admiral Dafera slowly picked herself off the floor. A sharp pain came from her chest and she felt fluid trickling down her face. But she ignored it, she's been trained for worse.

When her eyes came to the view screen she froze in place. Directly in front of the ship was one of the giant robots, so close she could make it out in detail.

White with black, accented with golden yellow and red bits. Hooked to its left forearms is a long, white shield. In its right hand was a large black and white rifle. Extending from the left side of its back was an unusual wing analog that appeared to actually be pieces of some equipment joined together.

It raised its rifle at the bridge.

'This can't-' she wasn't given the chance to finish the thought as the bridge erupted as did the ship.

Klingon Bird-of-Prey (cloaked)

"By the pits of Gre'thor."

Those words summed up what every Klingon on the bridge was thinking. They saw the battle, they recorded everything and Klingons being Klingons couldn't prevent themselves from admiring the sheer strength and brutality of the machines.

"What are they?"

"Glorious." the captain had clear admiration in both speech and face.

Then something happen to turn them all to worry. The machines turned to face right at his ship.

"We're receiving a message. Text only."

"What!" 'They know we're here!' "Display it."

He expected the message written in a language of a Federation species which his computer would translate. But it was already in Klingon.

"You are not of the offenders, yet you lurk and spy in the shadows. We offer the same as them: Leave or else."

When the message vanished off screen, he saw that all eight of the machines were poised to attack. Waiting for him to make a wrong move.

"We've more than accomplish our orders. Plot a course back to Qo'noS."

He knew when he was outmatch. Those things destroyed four warships effortlessly. What can one Bird-of-Prey do? Besides his mission was gathering intelligence not find engagements. Starting a war with the Federation, even in its current state, would stretch their ships much too thin. Especially with their current war.

One war at a time.

'Least I got to see some Romulans turn into space debris' the thought put a smile on his face.


Once the ship left the Gundams stored their weapons and coast to the Federation ships left adrift.

Carefully, they grabbed hold and guided each ship back to the docks.

Four maneuvered the Enterprise back inside the hanger.

Once the ship were locked in place, the MS just ceased all signs of function. Their eyes turned dull and the cockpit hatch all opened, save one.


"Captain, we have a transporter lock on Scotty" Chekov announced.

The captain had a mixture of relief and confusion. When it came to attention that Scotty was inside one of the robots they attempted to beam him to the ship but they couldn't get a lock.

The only thing they could do was keep a line of communication with him.

"Beam him up right now, Chekov. And get me Lyhee. We need to coordinate a proper rescue and clean up operation. Lieutenant Sulu I want you to take a team to help with rescue operation."

"Understood, sir." Sulu helded out of the bridge to start.

"Commander Spock." The first officer walked up next to the captain who was standing in front of the viewer. "You have any on what we just saw, Spock?"

The commander stared at the screen with an analytical glint in his eyes.

"The impossible, Jim. We saw the impossible" was all he could say in the matter.


And thus the mystery of the eight machine called Gundam grows.

Will the Federation be able to find answers? Will the search for the truth of these mobile suits bring more harm than good?

I ain telling. That's the easy, boring way.

Bad jokes aside, readers I am trying to update these stories as fast as I can but as I said before: writing is not my strong suit, I barely passed that class.

I do these for fun, which is the point of most fanfics, and whenever I decide to focus my free time on it.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a stack of comics and mangas to read, and gunpla kits to build.