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The months passed by as they settled into their routine again. For the first few weeks they hardly left the house, all of them cramped into the same room, Logan's eyes always watching her. As if she'd just disappear from his sight. The x-men were told and within three days, Jubilee arrived to see for herself. It was when Marie started to suddenly feel extremely suffocated one day that settled them back into their routine. The twins were on the bed wailing, Charlie was sat on the floor watching TV and singing along loudly, Jubilee was sitting in the rocking chair yammering about the lack of malls in the Rockies and Logan was pacing the room while shooting looks in Marie's direction. Six people, two of which were toddlers, in one room could drive anyone crazy. Marie then realized that they had to live again. She spoke to Logan first, telling him that he was going to go insane if he merely sat in the house all day. So they agreed he would spend three nights each week at the bar and the rest at home. Marie then took Charlie aside and explained that no-one could hurt her anymore, that Marie and Logan had done what they promised to do, they made sure she would never be harmed by Victor again. They then discussed schooling and Charlie was perfectly happy to go back. Marie then spoke to Jubilee about perhaps becoming more useful in the house if she was planning on staying any longer. Jubilee told Marie how she was unsure about going to university and would stay another few weeks just to help the family out.

Marie smiled, remembering how Logan had groaned when Jubilee had said she'd be staying longer. But Marie knew he didn't mean it, having grown attached to Jubilee. She had after all been there for them when they were falling apart. A small hand tugging on her own broke her thoughts and Marie looked down. Charlie's head was in her lap and the rest of her was stretched on the couch. Charlie tugged again and Marie giggled, pressing a kiss to Charlie's nose.

"Yes Charlotte Anne Howlette?"

Charlie smiled, having had her last name changed a few days ago and pointed to the door to her room.

"Are they done yet?"

"Daddy told you, when they're done, they'll call us. Okay?"

"Okay... mommy?"


"I've been thinking... you and dad; you're like the story of Hi'iaka. There are bad people that try to take you away but because you love dad and he loves you, it overcomes death."

"Well, yes... but it's not just that. It's the combined love of dad, you and the twins that keeps me alive. Without my family I have nothing."

"Still, I wanna fall in love someday." Sighed Charlie.

"No guy is getting within two feet of you." came a low growl.

Marie smiled and looked up. Logan was leaning against the now open door of Charlie's room, arms folded and trying to be intimidating. And failing miserably with every twitch of his lips. Charlie sprung up and rushed towards Logan, throwing her arms around his waist. Logan broke into an honest to god smile and hugged her back. According to Jubilee, they had helped each other through Marie's supposed death and grown closer than most fathers and daughter's were. Charlie found in Logan what her father had never given her. Someone to love, someone to protect her and someone who she could go to when it felt like no-one else understood her. Logan led Charlie into her room and then there was a loud squeal. Right on cue, two cries came from the baby monitor on the table beside Marie, indicating nap time was over. Marie was about to walk towards the twins room when Jubilee rushed out of Charlie's room.

"I've got the boys. You have to see her room. It's awesome!"

Marie chuckled and nodded, heading into Charlie's newly decorated room. Logan had wanted to give her something good to help her forget all the past sadness and pain she'd been through. Something normal. Marie gasped as she stepped into the room. The room had been re-wallpapered and there was new furniture. The wallpaper was a light pink with hot pink ballet shoes posed in various ballet steps around the room. In the bottom right hand corner of the room was a white dresser with various pink jewellery boxes adorning the top. In the top right hand corner was a bunk bed with pink bed sheets and covers and in the top left corner was a single bed with yellow bed sheets and covers. Charlie was standing by the back wall of her room where a collage of photo's had been stuck to the wall. Marie moved to stand beside her daughter, looking at all the pictures she'd ever taken of her and Charlie and the more recent ones Jubilee had taken of the family. She smiled and ran her fingers through Charlie's hair, the light blonde seeming to be a little browner every day. Logan moved behind her and placed a kiss to her neck.

"Well, what do my girls think?"

"It's beautiful Logan." Whispered Marie.

"Is it really mine?" asked Charlie, her hand reaching out to touch the wallpaper.

"Yeah kid, all yours."

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

"You're welcome kid."

Charlie broke into a big grin and turned to Marie, her face shining with happiness. Marie rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming.

"Mommy, can I invite Valerie over?"


"Pretty, pretty please?" begged the little girl.

"Sure, you can even ask if she wants to sleep over."

"Thank you!"

Charlie ran out the room with an excited squeal. Marie smiled and took Logan's hand. He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb and kissed the top of her head, leading her from the room. They headed through their room and into the nursery, both pausing at the door to watch Jubilee run back and forth between the cribs, trying to keep the twins calm.

"Take a break Yellow." growled Logan.

Jubilee shot Logan a glare before throwing her hands in the air and stomping out of the room. Logan chuckled and walked in, going straight over to Nicky's crib. He picked the little boy up and breathed in his scent. Marie walked over to Teddy and stroked his belly, before leaning down to kiss his cheek.

"I'm sorry I left." She whispered.

She heard Logan sigh, before walking over towards her. She tried to take Nicky from him but he batted her hands away, dropping a kiss onto her shoulder.

"You did whatever you had to bring Charlie back. I just hope it's the last time you take off like that."

"I promise I won't ever again. From now on we're gonna stay here and raise our children. Together."

Logan nodded, turning to put Nicky back in his crib. Marie settled on the rocking chair in the middle of the room to watch over the boys. Once Logan was sure both boys were asleep, he sat down between her legs, leaning his head back to relax in her lap. Marie reached out and massaged his shoulders, feeling the tension there.

"Remember when we first met?" said Logan softly, keeping his voice low.

"No... But not because I don't want to. I was kinda running on auto-pilot. To me, we first met when I woke up in your camper."

"I'm sorry about that. I feel horrible whenever-"

She cut him off by squeezing his shoulder hard, not being able to verbally reprimand him without raising her voice. She calmed herself down and continued to rub his shoulders, speaking in a calm voice.

"You weren't used to others. Neither was I, which is why I climbed in your trailer and didn't just ask for a ride. The point is you didn't leave me to die."

"You tried to touch my knuckles when we were at the diner back then. Why?"

"I knew you were feral. Metal claws aren't a mutation. I wanted to show you I wasn't afraid. But I pulled back because I thought back then you wouldn't want me to touch you."

"I always want you to touch me."

"I know that now." Laughed Marie.

She leaned down and pressed a kiss to Logan's temple, breathing in his scent. She muffled a chuckle as she heard Logan take a deep sniff as well. He closed his eyes and sighed in content. Worried he might fall asleep, she shook him slightly to get his attention.


"Yeah?" he whispered, his eyes opening slowly.

"I want to make lunch for Charlie and Valerie."

"Jubilee can do it. I want to spend some time with you. Let's just talk."


Jubilee stuck her head in the door, holding the baby monitor that had been in the living room.

"Do I have to?" she whined softly.

"Order some pizzas and keep an eye on the kids." sighed Marie.

"Fine." Groaned the other girl, leaving the room.

Marie rolled her eyes, knowing that secretly, Jubilee loved doing things for Charlie. She rested her head back against the rocking chair, dropping her hands by her sides. Logan took her legs and placed them over his shoulders before massaging them from knee to foot.

"Tired, baby?" he asked.

"Exhausted, and I still have to help Charlie with her ballet."

"I thought that's what the ballet teachers were for."

"They're there to teach her. But she likes to put extra work in and needs help with her posture."



"You... you never talk about your mother's death."


"I...well... do you miss her?"

"No... No I don't. I mean, I'm sad, because she was my mother and a small part of me loved her. But... she abandoned me... leaving alone with that monster. She never even got to know Charlie, it's like she ignored her existence. I just... she's dead, and I regret how she died... but I don't miss her."

"As long as you're okay, darlin'."

"Of course I'm okay. I have you."

"Am I enough?"

"Yes Logan. More than enough."

He sighed with relief and continued to rub her legs. Marie closed her eyes and leaned her head back, falling into a light sleep.


Logan looked up from the glass he was cleaning and frowned. Marie sighed and continued to rub Nicky's back, while keeping an eye on Teddy who was crawling around her feet. She wrinkled her nose just thinking about the floor again. Logan must have noticed because he sighed, putting down the glass.

"The floors are clean Marie. Now, what do you mean by 'balance'?"

"I was thinking. We want to be normal but we're not."

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, maybe sometimes we could go on a camping trip in the wild. We'll leave the twins with Mrs Sharp and take Charlie with us."

"Okay... and then what?"

"We let our instincts take over. We all have feral in us. You, me and Charlie. The twins are too young to have developed. We need to balance out the two sides we all carry. Together, so we can watch out for each other. It's better than you doing cage fights, me going to infiltrate mutant labs or Charlie bullying the boys at school."

Marie glared at Logan with her last words and her husband had the decency to look guilty. He walked out from behind the counter and came over to her, picking Teddy up off the floor. Teddy squealed in delight and promptly grabbed Logan's sideburns, trying to detach them. Logan winced and Marie stifled a giggle, reaching out a free hand to run her fingers through Teddy's hair. Both boys had Logan's thick, unruly hair that stood up and refused to be tamed.

"Theodore, let go of daddy please."

"Gah!" squealed Teddy, throwing his arms around Logan's neck.

Logan chuckled and kissed the toddler's head before looking at Marie with a serious expression.

"A trip to the woods, hey?"

"Yeah." she shrugged, shifting Nicky as he tried to climb over to Logan.


"Once a month for three days each month."

"Sounds good."


"Yeah. It's something we all need. And when the boys are older we can take them with us."

"So no more cage fighting?" she asked carefully, hoping he hadn't been secretly cage fighting for the past few weeks.

"No darlin'. Though I haven't fought since before we got married. What about you? No more infiltrating labs. I don't want you anywhere near those places."

"No more labs. That just leaves Charlie."

"Don't worry about her, she won't bully the boys anymore. I talked to her about that."

"As long as she doesn't do it anymore. Are you going to pick her up from Valeries tommorow?"

"Sure. I can do that."

Marie smiled and nodded in thanks, before looking around the bar. It was just like they'd left it, though maybe a little bit cleaner than last time. The students that Logan had employed worked their fingers to the bone keeping the places clean, all of them knowing about Logan's heightened sense of smell. Marie supressed a chuckle thinking about the way Logan would glare at them whenever he smelled a whiff of dirt. She looked at Nicky who was asleep in her arms and then turned to Logan who was holding a sleeping Teddy. They weren't the most perfect family. Marie had missed most of her son's infant years but she made up for it by spending a lot of time with them now. Sometimes she needed to sit on her own for awhile, away from everyone else because she could feel a chill under her skin, like Victor was trying to resurface, but it never lasted long. Charlie was a little skittish around others and sometimes lashed out when she felt threatened, having spent so much time as Victor's prisoner. Logan tried to be calm but there was a underlying tension in his muscles and sometimes the smallest noises caused him to go from relaxed to high alert. But despite their little flaws, they stuck together, watching out for each other. They weren't the most perfect family but they had so much love for each other. She moved closer to Logan and pressed a kiss to his lips.

"Let's go home."

"Sure darlin'. I love you."

"I love you too sugar."

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