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'Are we there yet?'


'Are we there yet?'


'Are we there yet?'


'Are we there yet?'




'Aw! Gwimmjow! You're no fun!' Nel pouts as she plops back in her booster chair and crosses her arms grumpily across her chest.

Grimmjow gives an exasperated sigh as he switches gears on the car and rolls his eyes. Nel is adorable, don't get him wrong, but that doesn't stop her from being a royal pain sometimes!

'Where are we going anyway?' Nel asks curiously.

'I told you,' Grimmjow explains. 'Ichigo finished late at work and he couldn't come home on time for your birthday dinner so we're going to pick him up.'

'If it's Nel's birthday,' Nel says slyly. 'Nel says we go and stuff ourselves with ice cream until they come out of our ears!' She wiggles her ears to indicate the suggestion. Grimmjow snorts.

'It'll be coming out of our mouths if we eat as much as you do, Nel,' Grimmjow jokes as he turns left.

'Nel doesn't eat that much!' Nel protests.

'You finished the tub at the ice cream parlour and you licked it clean! You were throwing up Rainbow Swirlie for days!'

'It was pretty…' Nel mutters. She peeks out the window and frowns. Instead of buildings, they were now passing thickets of trees. 'Where are we going again?'

'To Ichigo,' Grimmjow says simply but secretly not turning around to hide the smile playing on his lips.

'Where is Itsygo?'

'At work.'

'Out here?'

'You know, you're too curious for your own good.'

'Nel is percyceptive.'

'It's perceptive.'

'Who cares?'

'Maybe you should stop copying me so much.'

'But it's fun!'

'Not so much when Ichigo finds out.'

Nel won't do it in front of him so much.'

'That's my girl.'

He immediately swerves to a halt. The trees are now present on both sides and any signs of civilization have long been left behind them. The trees are parted in front of the car and open onto a meadow down below. Grimmjow double parks the car, gets out and opens the back door to unbuckle Nel from her seat.

'Why does Nel still have to sit in the booster seat?' she whines as she hops out.

'Because you're still small for an 8 year old,' Grimmjow teases her as he presses a button on his car keys and the car hoots to indicate self-lock.

'I am not! I have grown two inches since yesterday!' She waves her hands in the air but she still barely reaches Grimmjow's waist even when she attempts to stand on tip toe and almost topples over. Grimmjow gently pushes her back onto her axis and she starts pouting again. He has to admit, no matter how old she gets, she still is a cutie. He hopes she doesn't grow up too much and starts acting like a spoilt teen. He's just getting used to being the daddy of a cute-isicle!

Nel follows him silently but is eying him suspiciously all the way into the meadow. That's when she notices the balloons bobbing in the air and secured to the ground by stones placed on their tails. Picnic tables filled with food dot the meadow as well.

'Gwimmjow? What's going on-!'


Everyone Grimmjow know pops up from behind the tables and also from behind trees to greet them.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEL!' they all chorus as one. Nel screams and jumps almost as high as Grimmjow while scrambling behind him for protection. When she realizes that she knows these people, her mouth shapes in an 'o' and her hazel eyes widen in disbelief. Ichigo makes his way out of the crowd to meet them, a party hat in his hand that is just the right size for Nel's little head.

'Happy birthday, baby,' he coos as he bends down to place the hat on Nel's head. When she realizes the reason for this outburst, she gasps and then laughs so hard she starts rolling on the grass. She springs up and jumps onto Ichigo, who cries out in surprise and then laughs as he supports her.

'!' Nel chants as she clasps her hands tightly around Ichigo's neck. 'This is the best birthday everrrrr! Nel loves it!'

'Hey! What about me!' Grimmjow exclaims, feinting hurt in his voice. Nel turns in Ichigo's lap and then launches herself at Grimmjow.

'Thank you tooooo!' she squeals as she gives his neck a squeeze. 'Nel loves you, daddy!'

The whole crowd freezes. Ichigo's jaw drops open while Grimmjow blinks stupidly.

'Did you just call me 'daddy'?' he whispers. Nel nods and closes her eyes in bliss.

'Nel loves her daddy,' she says again as if the confirm the statement. Grimmjow takes a sharp intake of breath before hugging her tightly as if he is afraid that she will disappear if he doesn't hold on tight enough.

'Love you too, Nel,' he whispers in her ear so no one but she and Ichigo can hear. Then he smirks at Ichigo. 'Guess she called me daddy first! Who's the man, Ichi?'

'You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now,' Ichigo says, trying to act cold but can't help a smile from spreading across his face. 'Now come on! This is Nel's party so don't hog her for yourself!'

The party springs into action. Everyone is chatting away animatedly (oh the irony *anime/animatedly* geddit? Ok I know I'm lame-_-) Pesche and Dondochakka are doing a juggling act in the corner with pizzas. Rukia is beating Renji with a bottle because he was ogling Yoruichi. Urahara was talking to Toshiro and Gin and by the look on Gin's face, he would understand Grimmjow's feelings towards the man. Shusui was also present and he seemed to be in deep conversation with Orihime and Uryu about something.

Grimmjow looks on all this with a look of satisfaction as he pours himself a glass of punch. Ichigo didn't want any alcohol this time after the party at their penthouse. Rangiku had gone beyond with a couple of others and it just ended with everyone singing 'Waving Flag' before passing out cold on their living room floor. He looks over at Ichigo who is bouncing Nel in his lap while talking with his father old man Zangetsu. He never knew why he called him 'old man Zangetsu'. The man wasn't that old. In fact, he could pass off as Ichigo's sibling. He could probably still get a girl if he wanted too. His own father is pretty young too. He remembers it was one of the reasons his mother had fallen for him in the first place…

'I always wanted to be a grandfather one day,' Aizen exclaims as he comes to stand by his son's side while he continued to observe his lover and child. 'Except, I didn't think it would be an adopted kid from my gay son.'

'I appreciate the support, dad,' Grimmjow says sarcastically with the roll of his eyes. His father pours himself a glass of punch as well.

'I do support you,' Aizen assures. 'But it's not every day that one of my son's will come up and say, 'By the way, dad, this is my boyfriend and child and oh! I'm gay too!' Trust me, not many parents are supportive of their children about this.'

'Mom knew, by the way,' Grimmjow murmurs as he concentrates a bit too much on his cup of punch. 'She knew I was gay from the beginning even when I didn't.'

'It's why we fought a lot,' Aizen says suddenly. Grimmjow glances at him and realizes that he too is looking thoughtfully at his cup. 'She said I was too hard on you and she was hell-bent on treating you like a daughter or the sort. It infuriated me that she wanted to turn you into something but I guess I was hypocritical since I was trying to do the same thing.'

'Do you miss her?' Grimmjow mumbles as he clumsily takes a sip of his drink.

'Why wouldn't I, Grimmjow? She was my wife and I loved her,' he says simply without hesitation. 'But it wasn't working out for us and it was best for the family that we didn't live under the same roof. Divorce never meant that we hated each other. We just couldn't agree on things.'

'I'm still scared, you know,' Grimmjow struggles to say. It's still hard for him to be so open with his dad. Usually he just keeps all his problems to himself but to finally have someone to talk to about them is so relieving he just wants to let it all out now. 'About being a dad and all. What'll I do when Nel grows up? Sure it's probably easy right now but, she's a girl! Ichigo can't be the only one to raise our Nel! But I don't know if I'll be able to do it…'

'You know,' Aizen interrupts as he looks off into the distance. 'When Harribel was born, I panicked. So far we've always had sons except Lillinette but she always like one of the boys since she was Stark's twin. But having Harribel made me realize that we have a little girl to bring up and that is completely different from how you raise a son.'

'So what did you do?' Grimmjow asks, interested.

'Well,' Aizen ponders as he takes a sip of his punch. 'We did what we thought was the right thing. And you know, I think we did a pretty good job. Harribel is such a lady I'm surprised that's she's my daughter! But that's the beauty of being a parent. You get to point out your child and say 'See that gem? That's my kid.' In time, Grimmjow, you'll be saying that about Nel.'

'Thanks, dad,' Grimmjow grins and faces his father. 'I mean it.'

'I'll tell you one more thing,' Aizen adds and fixes his son with a serious eye. 'Don't stop Nel from doing what she wants. If you cage her now, you'll just end up losing her.'

'I know. I won't.'

'Hey, you!' Ichigo calls as he stomps over to Grimmjow. 'Stop ignoring your daughter on her birthday! She's been dying to spend time with you!'

'She's not the only one!' Shiro sings as he dives for Grimmjow and tries to hug him around the waist. Grimmjow yawns and stops him in mid-jump with his foot crashing into Shiro's face. Shiro flies across to the other end of the meadow and crashes into Ulquiorra. When he gains conscious, he stares at the person who cushioned his fall. He grins flirtatiously.

'So who are you, gorgeous?' he coos and Ulquiorra just gives him a disgusted look as he shoves him off.

'Oooo!' Syazel teases as he bounds up to his older brother. 'Someone has a crush on !'

'Shut up,' Ulquiorra says icily as he stalks off with Nnoitra and Syazel singing 'Ulqi and Shiro, sitting in a tree'.

'Watch out, dad,' Grimmjow jokes. 'You might have another gay son on hand.'

'Another word of advice,' Aizen groans. 'You never get a break as a parent.'

'I know,' Grimmjow admits as he tosses Nel in the air and catches her. He then pulls Ichigo so their waists connected. 'Ain't that great?'

'You are so demented,' Ichigo says, rolling his eyes.

'You know you love it,' Grimmjow says slyly as he sneaks a kiss. Ichigo rolls his eyes but responds to the affectionate kiss.

Aizen coughs.

'Child in your arms,' he points out. Grimmjow hands Nel to him and he squawks in surprise. Then Grimmjow pulls Ichigo into another passionate kiss and they make-out full out.

'You were saying, dad?' Grimmjow says smugly as he and Ichigo part. Aizen just sighs.

'That's my son,' he says weakly.

They all just laugh. Even Nel.