The Officer Jenny Show!

1 Jenny's Final Thought


I don't own Pokémon at all!! I also don't own the rights to the "Jerry Springer Show." That belongs to Studios USA. And Jerry Springer, Steve and his security guys don't work for me. In fact, they don't appear in this at all! All Pokémon characters belong to Nintendo, 4Kids Entertainment, the WB and Game Freak. This will be the last time I say this!!

Writer's Notes:

Well, This is the final segment. The final thought. Jerry Springer does this all the time as he tries to make sense of all the chaos that happened on the show. This segment is very short.

2 Jenny's Final Thought

(The Officer Jenny Show returns and Jenny is sitting on a stool, away from the guests.)

Jenny: Well, I would like to thank all of you for having the guts for coming on national TV and telling us your dirty laundry.

All: WHAT?!! WE'RE ON TV?!!!

Jenny: Yeah. I wasn't old either. Anyway…

(Jenny turns away from the guests and faces the camera.)

Jenny: I only have one thing to say to all of the guests here today. You all need professional help!!! Each and every one of you!!! I don't know how Springer does it every week!!!! I just don't know!! What will happen if I come back here next week?!! Transsexual Pokémon trainers? And the Rockets who love them?!!!

Audience: YEAH!!!!!!

Jenny: I'm so happy you're on my side.

Audience: Don't worry about it!!!

Jenny: Well, that's enough. Let's go home!! I'm going to get a beer!! Anybody want to join me?

Audience: YEAH!!!!! Beer!!! Beer!!! Beer!!! Beer!!! Beer!!! Beer!!! Beer!!!

(Jenny leaves the stage and the rest of the audience leaves with her. The guests don't know what to do, so they all go back home to their crazy lives.)


Well, that did it. "The Officer Jenny Show" is done. I hope everyone enjoyed it. And please, read and review. I really would like it if you all did.(

Mario Alvarado