Empire Total War Fanfiction: Spanish Campaign: Siege of the Leeward Islands



April 7th, 1710

Beach of Antigua

"Mi Señor, we have secured the beach," said the aide de camp, Miguel Torres. The sun was shining on a day that was to be filled with bloodshed. Brigadier General Francisco Rojas watched and smiled as his invasion force began disembarking at the port. His mission: take over the illegal pirate settlement on the island of Antigua. He would then claim the ruins as Spain's. Under any normal circumstances, officers would despise this type of assignment, sending colonial military to crush pirates, the lowest of the low. Rojas was different. He hated them. They were murderous bastards, killing and raping the honest folk. As if San Augustine didn't have enough to deal with. He loved watching them die.

"Opposicion, Miguel?" asked Rojas.

"Ninguna, mi general. All the ships are on the other side of the island, docked at the port. The army is ready to march." replied his aide.

"Recuerdame, what is our army composed of?" asked the general.

"let's see. The 1st and 2nd Colonial Line infantry Regiments, some Frontiersmen, two regiments of militia, 1st Colonial Dragoons, 4th Provincial Cavalry, and the 3rd Pikemen. Oh yeah, the 3rd Sakers Unit. Permiso to speak, milord?"

"Granted." Replied Rojas.

"Why do we have pikemen? Shouldn't we have given them the standard musket?" asked Miguel.

"Shock value. Men fear what they find odd or different. And what they cannot see."

The army of amateurs marched down through the jungle. It was odd. For such a small army, fighting a battle tried foe, yet the only thing seen were miles of jungle and beach. A dragoon approached Rojas. The dragoon was panting. His white ornate jacket was slightly ripped in some places, and he had a bullet hole in his riding helmet.

"Señor, we came across a mob of pirates. They... Weren't easy prey."

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