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Tsuna just stared in amazement as the two seemed to react so naturally to each other. "Chrome and the Varia Storm member...hehe...didn't see that one coming," he said aloud.

"Didn't see it coming? How could that Mist puppet run off with Knife Bastard like that?" Gokudera continued raging and sulking all at the same time.

"Ushishishi~! This place sure is interesting!" Belphegor said in an almost uncomfortably cheery voice.

"Y-Yes..." Chrome blushed. "But I actually like this place very much!"

"Well then, if my princess likes it," Bel began as a dark aura surrounded his smile, "I can surely use my authority as a prince to claim it for her! I'll have that Vongola Rain's father bowing at my royal authority!"

Chrome's eyes widened and her fell a little at how literally Bel seemed to take things. "B-Bel! Th-That's not what I meant at all! I just like coming here, really!"

"Order here!" Yamamoto chimed in happily as he set down the couple's sushi platter, a goofy grin of sorts plastered on his face. "I'll let this one be on the house, just think of it as a specialty for you two since you're friends of the owner's son!" As he said this, he gave a friendly wink to Chrome which made her cheeks go just the palest shade of pink. "Whelp! Time for me to get back to serving the other tables! Enjoy your meal, you two!"

Bel gave a devious grin. "Ushishishi, my my, what a kind gesture! It almost seemed as if that Rain boy had a soft spot for you, my princess!"

Chrome's cheeks were tinted an even darker shade of pink. "Wh-What is that supposed to mean?"

"Ushishishi! Nothing, Princess, just enjoy!" With that, he picked up a small bite of sushi and gripped it with his chopsticks, holding it right in front of Chrome's mouth. "Open up, Princess!"

The next day...

"Boss? What's wrong with you? You've got that blank look in your eyes, don't tell me something is wrong!" Gokudera sobbed as he broke into a little meltdown just as the three boys, Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto that is, were walking on their way to school.

"W-What? Oh..." Tsuna drifted off in his words. "...I was just thinking...how odd it was seeing Chrome and Belphegor like that yesterday...I mean, I don't know if you two noticed it...but for a while there, it almost seemed like she was spending a good amount of time with Hibari-san."

Yamamoto burst out into an upbeat laugh. "Hahaha! Come on, Tsuna! It seemed like those two were just on an innocent little date! Besides...I doubt Hibari-san would be the type to spend any real time with anyone. He probably just accompanied her around school as a prefect or something!"

"Yeah, Boss! Don't let that skull-wearing woman bother you! Especially not the knife bastard!"

"Y-You guys are probably right! I don't know why I was even thinking about it!" Tsuna's eyes widened. "Ahhhh! With all of that, I totally forgot we have a math test today! I didn't even study!"

On the other side of town, an eye patch-wearing girl was walking alone on her way to school. She looked down at her feet as she walked.

"I wonder," she thought aloud, "why he was there yesterday...why did he come?"


"Ushishishi, that sushi was filling!" Bel chirped happily as he and Chrome took a walk through the park. After eating lunch, Bel had decided that he wanted to take a stroll with Chrome, so she agreed...despite what had happened the other day, of course.

'That's right," she thought to herself, 'all he is...was, was a prefect who showed me around. Just that...'

"What's wrong, Princess? You seem distraught..." Bel smirked. "Does my princess, need a little something to cheer her up?" With that, so unexpectedly, he leaned in with a spontaneous kiss. It was her first...

Chrome's eyes widened as he deepened their kiss, and her cheeks turned a deep shade of scarlet. It wasn't like there were really many people there that day, but it was still embarrassing for goodness sakes!

Then, something caught her eye. A boy...raven hair...a bird, just walking by, and yet, he paused and looked at her. Her lips were connected to Belphegor's, and just for a second, she closed her eyes as to avert the prefect's. Why was he there, anyway? Was he stalking her? But no...he only glanced at the kissing couple for a second, a blank look to cover his disgust, then he turned and left. When Belphegor finally pulled away, he...Hibari wasn't there anymore.

"Ushishishi! Not bad, Princess!"

"Hibari-san..." she mumbled to herself, "stupid!"

"Ch-Chrome-chan?" Kyoko asked with a concerned look. "Is something wrong?"

Chrome's eyes widened and she blushed yet again. Somehow, all of her walking had led her to the school so quickly she hadn't even noticed!

"N-No, nothing is wrong!" Chrome stuttered as she tried to cover her words with a half-hearted smile. "I was just...I...um...f-forgot! I have to...Math Test!" she blurted as it was the only thing to come to her. Then, without another word, she dashed off away from Kyoko and into the school.

Unfortunately...escape was never that easy, because right inside of the school, her quick sprint caused poor little Chrome to run into none other than Kyoya Hibari.

To be continued!

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