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I took a minute to compose myself before putting a cold mask on and turning to face him slowly. He flinched as he took in my face, though any vampire could see through my act. My hands were shaking I had a sob building in my throat and my voice was wavering.

"Edward." I stated coldly.

"You…..you…you don't lo-ove me?" He stuttered, he was shivering and shaking.

"You know, I thought you were smart?" I said nastily, though my arms longing for him.

"Wh-what?" He asked.

"Come on? You seriously thought I was in love with a human? Puh-lease. It was all an act, only it went wrong." I spat distastefully.

"Bella, don't do this, don't lie to me!" He shouted. I flinched but he didn't notice.

"I'm not. Your sister is fine. Read the letter she left for all of you. Goodbye Edward." I said softly breaking out of my façade. I leaned in and kissed his lips softly before walking out.

"Bella, Bella, BELLA" I heard him shouting. I ignored it and walked out of his house.

It was once I was in the safety of the forest that I broke down. I touched my lips where I kissed him and sobbed. I was there hours and the pain didn't weaken, it worsened. I looked up at the sky to notice it was now black and began running, just not in the direction of Alice. I reached the Cullen house and leapt up to the room where I could here Edwards pain filled screams from his nightmare. Entering I saw him on the bed thrashing wildly and gasped at the expression on his face. It wasn't pain or hate like I had previously suspected. He looked…. Lonely. Spiritless, distraught, broken. Slowly I walked towards him and I fell to the bed next to him. My arms wound around his waist and I leaned my head against his chest. His screams lessened and eventually he was snoring peacefully. We laid like for a while before the sun started to rise and Edward started to stir.

I jumped from the bed looking at my Edward one last time before jumping out the window and closing it behind me softly. I stood looking at the house for a moment before running into the forest again, only this time, back to Alice. My companion.

I had been running for about 4 hours when I came across the smell of another vampire. A familiar one, but not a friendly one of any sorts. I stopped in my tracks and spun around to where I expected them to enter. They didn't and I spun around to become faced with someone who I never expected. A grin fought its way to my face and I hardly noticed the rest of the vampires entering the small clearing surrounding me.

"Aro," I said with a squeal jumping into his waiting arms.

"Little one I have missed you much. Voltura is not the same without you." He said pleasantly hugging me. I pulled back and acknowledged everyone in the circle.

"Jane, Felix, Demetri, Heidi, Alec, Renata." I nodded to each of them. I tried not to acknowledge the fact that Edward was in Heidi's arms being held back and Demetri was holding Alice.

"Isabella, it's been a long time and I wish we could meet on better terms." Aro said sullenly.

"Yes Bella, someone's been a bad girl." Felix purred at me before winking. I winked back before returning to Aro.

"I'm afraid i dont know what your talking about, master." I added purring to him and I grinned internally when I saw him shiver and lust took over his face. It was gone within seconds and he returned to his fatherly look.

"Ahhh, Isabella, Isabella, Isabella. Consequences must be given for your actions. You know very well that telling the secret is something we do not allow. May i see, giovane bellezza?" (Means: Young Beauty) He asked, his italian perfect. I shuddered internally and offered him my hand with a small smile.

He took it with a grin on his face and held my hand between his two. He closed his eyes and concentrated, the silence in the forest echoing. After a minute his eyes opened in shock which he conceled after a moment and he took a step back leaving my hand to fall to my side.

"La Tua Cantante" He whispered, still in shock. She loves him. I cant take away her mate. No-one should have to feel that pain. Maybe she could change him? Or... His thoughts trailed off and i watched him carefully. "You've given me quite alot to think of bellezza" (Means: Beauty.)

I waited for him to process his thoughts choosing not to listen, not wanting to here my destiny just yet. I chose this moment to chance a glance at Edward. It looked like he was holding back tears and i felt my heart tug as I realised I may never get to feel his arms around me again. I took a step closer to him but was worned off by Hiedi's angry growl. It was a warning meaning 'You step closer, I rip both your heads off'.

My eyes moved to Alice who seemed to be holding her breath and trying desperatly to not look at Edward. I got her attention and she looked apologetic. i dismissed it with a wave of my hand. I saw her fists clench as she chanced a glance at Edward and I looked her dead in the eye.

"Alice, think of Jasper. Remember all your times together, dont think about it." I told her and she nodded. I looked into her mind and saw she was remembering a beach trip she and Jasper took when she was human. "Thats it." I nodded approval and she gave me a weak smile in return.

"Isabella, sono giunto a una desisione, hai 12 mesi, 365 giorni per l'esattezza, per cambiare i Cullen" He informed me with a smile. (Translation: Isabella, I have come to a decision, you have 12 months, 365 days to be exact, to change the Cullens.)

"Aro, sai come mi sento, su di loro evoluzione. Non c'e altro modo?" I asked desperatly. (Translation: Aro, you know how i feel about that. Is there no other way?) He shook his head no and my head dropped my hair covering my face. Jane, Hiedi and Renata snickered and my head shot up sending them a deathly glare. They were all jealous about my close relationship with Aro, Marcus, Caius as well as some of the guard. None of the girls in Volutura liked me.

"Le mie scuse, il tuo amore per lui e chiaro. Ora e possibile trascorrere l'eternita con lui." He replied solumly.(Translation: My apologise, your love for him is clear. At least now you can spend eternity with him) He felt guilty for putting me through this but knowing its his duty. Just then Renata's shield on the guards was lifted from Jane and i catched some of her thoughts.

Ugh, its disgusting, how can he have mercy on her like that. They should be destroyed and the family should be wiped out... Just then her mind was blank again and the shield was back up. i received a glare of Renata and she lifted the shield from herself.

Keep your mouth shut! I was silently warned and I obeyed.

"I understand Aro." I nodded to him, speaking in English now.

"Very well, it has been a delight seeing you again Isabella, and you'd be welcomed back with open arms to Volterra. Marcus and Caius have missed you dearly. I'll see you soon Isabella, mia bella figlia," He whispered. He leaned kissed me on my forehead and vanished into the forest. Hiedi dropped Edward following him with Demetri, Alec, Renata, and Jane. Felix hovered making his way over to me.

He took my hand bringing it to his lips. "Quando sei pronto, io ti aspettero" (Translation: Whenever your ready, i'll be waiting.) I laughed, smacking his chest lightly.

"Il tuo come mio fratello e mi piace un altro" I replied laughing (Translation: Your like my brother and i love another). My eyes flicked to Edward. He nodded laughing and shrugged.

"Ho duvoto provare" (Translation: I had to try) "I have to go. Swing around some time in the next decade yeah? I miss you." He said it jokingly but i saw the truth behind it. I pulled him into a hug nodding he's into his shoulder.

"Goodbye," I said kissing his cheek.

"Bye Bells." He murmured before disappearing into the forest. I sighed turning slowly to a confused Alice and a hurt Edward.

Now i had to explain. (I was going to leave it here but i figured i owed you guys so...)

"First of all, i have a few questions for you two." I said turning my accusing glare on the brother and sister. "Like, why are you here?" I said to Alice.

"I was trying to warn you, i couldn't see there decision so i didn't know if they where going to kill you. They caught me before i even got close." She sighed.

"I'm sorry for being harsh." I hugged her as she sobbed. "Now, why are you here?" I turned my gaze to Edward.

"I don't know when i woke up i was being carried by that woman." He said not daring to look me in the eye.

"Hiedi." I spat. He nodded. "Now, i know you both have some questions so shoot," I told them.

"What deal did you make with Aro?" Alice asked butting in front of her brother.

"I have to change the whole family within 12 months." I said looking down annoyed. When i looked up they both looked excited. I glared at them and they took the smiles from there faces.

"What conversation did you have with that man at the end?" He asked. Is he your mate? He added in his mind forgetting i could hear.

"No he isn't my mate. He has romantic feelings for me. He said 'when your ready, i'll be waiting' and i said 'your like a brother'." I told him missing the last part of the sentence out. A small smile appeared on his face that went as soon as it came.

"So what happens if not everyones changed?" Alice asked impatiently.

"We're eliminated." I said unemotionly.

But you wont let that happen right?" She checked. My head whipped to hers.

"Of course not. You of all people should know that Alice." I said firmly to her and she nodded. I stared at the sky.

"Alice, you said you were coming to warn her. How did you know it was going to happen?" He asked her and i flinched when he said 'her'.

"I can see the future silly." She giggled unaffected by the situation that we were in previously. To be honest i was actually surprised she had control around Edward. I wasn't going to risk it much longer.

"Edward we need to get you home before Esme starts to worry that your not awake yet," He flinched at the sound of his name but nodded none the less. "Alice, i think its best you return to the shack." I informed her. Her face dropped.

"I need to see him Bella, you'd feel the same." She said her eyes flickering to Edward before back to me. Edward looked oblivious and i sighed in relied.

"Fine, but you will not get any closer then i allow and you must hold your breath. Understand?" I checked and she nodded her head viciously. "You dont do as i say and there will be consequences." I warned trying to sound annoyed. "Edward, i'm going to have to carry you as Alice's control is limited. Get on my back." I ordered this time trying to sound harsh. He walked over to me sheepishly and climbed on.

THe feeling of touching him again made me feel like my heart was beating again and i enjoyed the warmth on my ice cold skin. I got the same electric shock, the only thing that changed was that he was no longer mine. Sigh.

I was going to have to change him anyway right? So why not try to make him love me again. I dont deserve him but there's nothing stopping me trying is there? That's when i made a vow to myself, I, Isabella Marie Swan am going to make Edward Cullen love me again.

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