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Kyubi no Yoko, the monarch of all demons and the ultimate sovereign amongst his race, was sealed pathetically into an infant's soul. Unfathomable anger and vehement hatred couldn't even describe the cornucopia chain of utter disgust the demon was experiencing currently. He loathed the ineptitude of the Sandaime Hokage and the palpable foolishness the Yondaime Hokage possessed.

What truly deepened Kyubi's undeniable animosity towards mortals was the fact his vessel was assassinated due to an unseeingly political constitution. The village's obdurate councilmen proclaimed themselves as righteous and judicious beings but Kyubi knew that they were frail mortals, egotistic and self infatuated, who feared their inevitable fate and passed the despicable judgement upon a child's life: death.

Sarutobi Hiruzen's futile attempt to overrule the antagonistic punishment was a failure.

Naruto Uzumaki was sentenced to death.

With his soul bound to the child's, Kyubi reluctantly accepted his undesirable destiny and was sent to the afterlife.


"Never knew the day will come where I will rot in this godforsaken place." Kyubi hissed in bitter disdain at the desert before him. He had retained his enormous size and his ungodly strength, but what irked the demon was the mask that had concealed his feral features. "Is this what you want, Kami? Is this how you project harmony and your everlasting love to your own creations?"

"No, this is not what I wanted." A feminine voice intruded and the demonic fox swirled to his side, only to see a sphere of light gliding in the atmosphere while radiating pulses of serenity at him. "I have given freedom to the humans, but unfortunately, they have misused their rights. Young Naruto's death is a tragedy, but fate itself can't be reversed. The atonement of sins will be conducted, rest ensure."

Kyubi growled. "Is that it? You're just going to sit comfortably in your throne and watch everything unfold like it's a hilarious show to you or something? I've been manipulated by a selfish ingrate, massacred countless of souls unwillingly and was condemned to this world due to unforseen circumstances, yet, all you do is spouting blasphemous crap! Save me the pity, Kami. I have seen enough!"

The orb of brilliant glow floated towards Kyubi and halted its position between the demonic fox in a close proximity. "You have been one of my proudest creations, Kyubi. I nurture you, guide you and aid you when I know you're lost in your mission to restore balance in the mortal world. Even if you lack an autonomous discipline, I have never abandoned you. You're my pride, my champion and most importantly, my son, Kyubi. I-"

"All creations are your children, Kami. Now that I'm dead, I no longer serve you." Enveloped by the night breeze, Kyubi stared at the moon impassively. "I will continue to seek incessantly the truth of my existence. In the process, I will savage through the ranks of supreme dominance in this barbarous world and announce my rulership to all creatures residing within his sands. Farewell, mother. We will not meet again, regardless of your omnipresence."

"Young Naruto will one day gain control of your body. When that day comes, you will be plunged to the abyssal depth of consciousness, locked in a prison for the rest of your immortality. Do you not fear?"

"I'll make sure that day doesn't come." Within split seconds, Kyubi dissipated into a violent air force, leaving the mystical sphere in a silent solitude.

Kami shed a sorrowful tear as the orb dissolved into nothingness; the goddess had already anticipated the imminent future. "Goodbye, my child."


The demonic entity was perplexed at how the cannibalistic anarchy worked in Hueco Mundo. All Kyubi knew about the world was the fact that he needed to devour countless of souls in a daily basis for the sake of survival. Pondering momentarily, he stumbled through a den of hollows and coincidentally overheard their heated debate, which caught his piqued interest.

"I'm saying if we manage to kill one of the Vasto Lorde, our strength will increase significantly!" One of the hollow sneered.

Another hollow retorted in frustration. "You're delusional! Finding one is a lot of effort, fighting one is impossible! You could get us all killed!"

"Then what do you expect? Quavering in this dump and hope that we will be stronger by doing nothing!"

Unable to suppress the urge to acquire pertinent details, Kyubi invaded the hollow's territory and revealed himself. "Mind elaborating what you have just said? About the whole Vasto Lorde fiasco?"

The hollows widened their eyes in terror; they had not sensed the monstrosity's presence beforehand. Stood before them was a gigantic fox, which had intimidating fangs bearing to its audience when the demon grin, nine tails lengthened in a sheer magnitude of impossible degrees and a mask, that had twin diabolic horns sprouting out from the apex of the cranium, fixated on the fox's face. The leader of the pack gulped the fearful lump in his throat and spoke uncertainly. "W-Who are you?"

"My identity is of no business to you. I want answers and I will get it." Kyubi finally released a segment of his spiritual pressure and it crashed brutally upon the terrified hollows. "Answer me or you will feel my wrath."

"This hollow has a decent amount of reiatsu... There is no need to fear him! Once we feast on him, we will become stronger than ever!" The superior hollow amongst the group declared, which gave the rest of the hollows enough motivation to assault the beast.

"Bunch of fools." Without hesitation, Kyubi seized his assailants with his claws and consumed them remorselessly. A few hollows decided to imitate their attacks from behind, but before they reached the demonic fox, Kyubi's tail had already pierced through their abdomen. Fending against his enemies laxly, Kyubi was ignorant of a hollow, which had an effulgent crimson globe within its mouth readied to discharge the firepower at the appropriate timing. Reaching the climax of the attack, the hollow screamed. "Cero!"

The demonic fox turned his attention to the potent blast that was charging threateningly towards him. When the vibrant beam of chaos collided onto Kyubi, a deafening explosion erupted. Assuming a victorious battle had concluded, the hollow smirked. "I got him!"

When the smoke cleared, the hollow was frightened beyond cognition as his opponent was unscratched. "Consider this a testimony of my unconditional mercy that I don't smite you now. Tell me all about hollows and how does this place works."

The hollow immediately sped away, but his meaningless intention to escape was nugatory as Kyubi's tail shot towards the escapee and caught the hollow in a tightening strangle. "Let me repeat myself for the last time, spill the beans and tell me everything about this world or I'll show you what hell's like."

"P-Please don't kill me! I-I'll tell you! Just don't eat me!"

Kyubi narrowed his eyes to vicious slits. "Then tell me. My patience is not limitless."

"T-This desert is just corruptions and death! We have to kill to survive and feed on other souls to ease our own. When a hollow grows stronger, it will be infused with other hollows and become a Gillian. They are mindless buffoons which hold no conscious. Only those Gillians that don't lose its mind manage to eat its own kind and grow stronger. When the time is up, the Gillians will transform into the next phase; the Adjuchas. They are stronger than ordinary hollows. Now the challenge comes, only specifically chosen Adjuchas hollows can become Vasto Lorde. They are the last and final stage of our transformation. T-That's all I know! Please spare my life."

Contemplating momentarily, Kyubi eyed the hollow critically and spoke. "How long does it takes to become Vasto Lorde?"

"I-I don't know... but I do know if you eat powerful shinigami, you will increase your powers exponentially. C-Can I go now?"

A sinister grin tugged at the demonic entity's lips. "You know, I try to be nice just now... but you're a pain in my ass."

Instantly, Kyubi lowered his jaw and consumed his helpless victim.

(Courts of Pure Souls)

"There are countless reports of numerous sighting of hollow attacks recently throughout the human world. Something is going on and something must be done to stop such outrageous acts!" A man, who had a tan complexion, unkempt violet hair cascading down his waist that sparked his wildness appearance and wearing a stark white haori with the kanji two embedded on the back of the coat, announced in authority.

"And what do you suggest, Shihoin Taichou?" Ginrei Kuchiki, the current royal head of the prestigious clan, Kuchiki, responded apathetically.

Perceiving the intense verbalisation might escalate into an aggressive level, Jushiro Ukitake interrupted. "Why don't we just send a few men to the world of the living and investigate? That is the best solution at our crisis now."

"Oh yeah? Sending a bunch of your incompetent soldiers to an unknown battlefield? Ukitake Taichou, I must say that your suggestion is a whole new mountain of stupid." The head of the Shihoin clan scoffed haughtily. "I believe sending reliable and adequate warriors to the world of the living are much more applicable, based on our current situation. I'm willing to dispatch my troops. What do you say, Sotaichou-dono?"

Genryusai Shigekune Yamamoto, captain commander of the entire military force in Soul Society, nodded. "Very well. We'll have your-"

At that moment, a gargantuan volume of malevolent spiritual pressure slammed upon them. The malicious and twisted reiatsu lingered in the atmosphere, which caused the captains to cringe at the nefarious force. Retsu Unohana frowned as she recognised the overwhelming, yet unpleasant reiatsu belonged to a hollow. "Such power... such evil presence... this hollow must be unbelievably strong to possess such spirit energy."

The door creak opened and a guard dashed into the meeting chamber hastily. "S-Sir, we receive news that a humongous hollow is attacking north-west of Seireitei! The hollow is currently approaching the Sokyoku hill!"

"North west?" The Shihoin leader paled. "That is where the Shihoin manor is! Oh no! My daughter! Yoruichi-chan! She's at home... I must leave!"

Without allowing another moment of delay, the captain of the second division vanished into a charging air torrent.

Slamming his staff on the wooden pavement, the captain commander bellowed. "Move out! Prepare for battle!"


"That poor bloke is right after all, the souls here taste very delicious." Kyubi licked his lips as he savoured the wonderment taste of his meal in delight. His arrival was a mark of total catastrophe as he annihilated the soul reapers with relative ease before absorbing their souls. He could feel his innate strength increased spontaneously to astonishing amplitudes. Sensing a frenetic cadence of spirit energy nearby, the demon switched his attention to the source and spotted a trembling girl with short purple hair looking at him in dreadful distress.

"Oh? You survive my onslaught, little girl. What is your name?"

Sweats formed on the girl's temples as she winced under Kyubi's scrutinising glaze. "Y-Yoruichi Shihoin..."

The demon sniffed the girl who had an abnormal load of spirit energy stored within her and grinned. "She will grow up to become a very powerful and dangerous shinigami in the future. That's good. Very good. All I need to do is to give her the right motivation and she will be a very tasty main course meal for me."

"Do you want to live, little girl?"

"M-My... father taught me... that life as a warrior means we should accept death anytime..." Yoruichi's volume toned barely audible as each syllabus was articulated. "I...I'm not afraid of you..."

"Your skills in the art of deception are awfully horrible; honestly, I can't believe you're trained to be a ninja. You're sweating more than your usual rate, unless you're telling me you experience often severe anxiety attacks. Your fingers are twitching uncontrollably and your left eyebrow is agitating in obvious trepidation. Your pupils are dilating, most likely due to traumatic stress or... fear, perhaps?" The sadistic smirk plastered on Kyubi's features, additionally, the demonical structure of the hollow's mask perturbed Yoruichi deeply.

Clenching her fist in consternation, the Shihoin heiress yelled shakily. "W-What do you want!"

The gigantic fox hollow laughed hysterically at the question. "I'm here for a tea party. Of course I'm here to kill all of you! But I won't kill you; you're very special to me. I want you to watch how I kill your neighbours, your friends and most importantly, your fami-"

"Hado #63. Soren Sokatsui!" A burst of vibrant indigo inferno rampaged through the air and engulfed the unprepared Kyubi. The demonic fox roared in agony as he could feel the fierce flames penetrating through his armour. Meanwhile, the intruder manifested himself in front of Yoruichi and pulled her into a warm embrace. "I'm sorry, my dear. Daddy is home. It's going to be okay."

"Son of a bitch. You're a nasty little fellow, aren't ya?" Observing the attire of his opponent, Kyubi grinned. "Oh? A captain shinigami? This must be my lucky day."

The head of the Shihoin clan stood up in formality and readied a battle stance. "Don't be a fool, hollow. Today is your funeral."

"Oh my! My funeral? That's horrible! I'm going to cry now." The Shihoin leader narrowed his eyes at the sight of his enemy's mockery and scowled. "That Hado was supposed to kill him. His high speed regeneration is truly superb for withstanding my spells. Not that I'm overestimating this hollow but something is telling me not to put my guard down against this mindless beast. Kami forbids what will happen if this hollow manages to destroy Soul Society. Not that it will ever happen. Judging from this hollow's reiatsu, I will say it's at an Adjuchas level or more."

Kyubi sneered at his adversary. "Judging my abilities, I see? Foolishness. You haven't seen what I'm capable of yet and you dare make absolute unreliable assumptions of me. Allow me to show you what true horror is."

As the demon had articulated his statements, all of his nine tails rose and gradually pointed their tips in a structural assemble at the soul reaper. Momentarily, a humongous sphere, illuminating a dangerous white glow, encased with excessive amount of concentrated ferocious heat materialised in between the nine tails. Further inspection been made, the captain of the second division was bewildered at the fact that the tails were serving as a medium to channel an abundance volume of disastrous energy into the ominous orb. "Destruccion Del Mundo Cero." (World Destruction Zero)

Wavering in choices, the Shihoin leader had no choice but to flee with his daughter.

The result was the globe of energy sprouting an array of binding beams scattering randomly at unpredictable directions in a hazardous measure. Kyubi chortled wickedly at the detrimental mayhem he had brought to Soul Society and the ruthless accomplishment he had made. His heightened senses allowed him to hear countless of cries and screams while he enjoyed heartily at their suffering as series of explosion occurred. "Are we having fun yet? Let's increase the pace up a notch, shall we?"

Kyubi opened his bloodied mouth, revealing his sets of deadly fangs. Instantly, a white sphere of brilliance energy shined its iniquitous glow from the hollow's tongue directly at the towers constructed beside the Sokyoku Hill. Without delaying any further, the demon discharged his assault and launched a ray of devastation at his target. "Ultimo Dios Cero!" (Ultimate God Zero)

The buildings erupted into astray of lava bombs and more casualties were confirmed. "Pathetic. Is this what Death Gods are capable of? I miscalculated the strength this people possessed. Now, where is that insignificant speck?"

"Reduce all creation to dust, Ryujin Jakka!"

Kyubi shielded himself from an incoming blast of flames dispassionately with his tail and yawned. "So they've sent the big guns here, huh? Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, I have been waiting for you."

Arriving to the scene in a sonic blur, the captain commander opened an eye and stared at the diabolical fox sternly. "Kyubi no Yoko. I never thought you will become a hollow. Kami-sama must have forsaken you to let you fall to such state."

The demon growled in rage. "How dare you bring my mother into this! You don't know anything about my mother! I love her and she loves me! That's all it matters!"

"Really? And why did she willingly watch you die in the world of the living and doesn't commit herself to do something to save her precious son? Do you mind enlighten me with your infinite wisdom, Kyubi no Yoko?" Genryusai mocked the demon insouciantly. "Or do you have nothing to say? Face the fact; you're nothing but a demon. You're a mistake from the start. Kami's greatest mistake is to give you the essence of life and empower you with the force of the invincible."

"You will pay for what you have said, shinigami!" Kyubi's tails surged into the sky before plunging into the ground. The captain commander was confused but nevertheless he didn't dismiss his guard and waited patiently. Instantly, a column of obscuring light ascended from the ground and swallowed Genryusai with definite excruciating pain to come. "Juicio Divino Cero!" (Divine Judgement Zero)

Jushiro and Kyoraku were horrified to know that their unbeatable mentor was supposedly defeated in the hands of the hollow and unhesitatingly drew their blades for battle. "We will avenge you, Genryusai-dono!"

Kyubi was unfazed when the two students charged directly at him with the pure intention to kill. "Foolishness! Furioso Rey Cero!" (Raging King Zero)

Twin crescent waves of unsurmountable burning flames emerged from the soil and slammed brutally at the shinigami captains, sending them soaring away to the other continents of Soul Society. "How weak. I don't even need to use my full power to conquer this land."

"Don't forget about me!" The head of the Shihoin clan sped towards his foe, but his trajectory paused shortly to none. "W-What?"

"You're dead, shinigami."

"FATHER!" Yoruich's scream of anguish made the captain realised that Kyubi's tail had pierced through his chest. Blood gashed from the Shihoin leader's grave wound when the demon remove his tail laxly and tossed the deceased soul reaper to the sobbing Yoruichi's location. "Hate me, little girl. Remember today and remember me. Today is the day where I have brought cataclysm and despondency to everybody, especially to you. Curse me, scorn me and embrace yourself with all the hate you can master. When you're prepared, come to me when you have enough power to kill me."

The Shihoin princess abhorred the demon, detesting him inwardly as she cried besides her father's corpse. "Oh, by the way little girl, your father's soul tastes very... good."

Yoruichi had enough; seizing a broken blade from the cold pavement, the girl dashed towards the towering demon, only to be stopped by the captain commander. "I see... you survive my attack, haven't you? Fortunately for you, I do not wish to fight you yet. This fight is over. Consider yourself as the victor. I'm too bored to continue. Until next time."

Kyubi made his last wrathful roar, emitting powerful shockwaves throughout Soul Society. "Fear the might of Dios Del Apocalipsis! I will be back, and when the next time I return, I'll make sure all of you die! Consider this an act of mercy to all of you pitiful souls out there. Peace out!"

The fabric reciprocal of the atmosphere ripped in a static resonance before a dark dimension appeared. Kyubi grinned triumphantly at the soul reapers and ambled casually into his world while laughing atrociously in pure amusement at Soul Society's downfall.

One thing was certain after the grievous incident happened; Yoruichi's life changed and she had only one vengeful purpose to uphold, kill the devil who murdered her father. "Dios Del Apocalipsis... I swear to the honour of my clan and upon my father's status, I will hunt you down and destroy you with my blade! Your death will be beautiful, I will see it through and claim the price of my revenge!"

(A century later...)

"Have you heard of the devil of Hueco Mundo, Grimmjow?" Shawlong Kufang asked. "He goes by the name, Dios Del Apocalipsis, the God of Apocalypse in Hueco Mundo."

"Yeah, what of it?" Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, the panther and the superior of the pack, said monotonously.

"He has a fearsome reputation of holding the record of being undefeated for decades. Rumour has it that he went into a den of Vasto Lordes solely and extinguished them all by himself. The hollows have speculated that he has most likely attained the rank of a Vasto Lorde as well." Shawlong stated. "This proves the fact that if we manage to eliminate a Vasto Lorde ourselves, we might be able to reach the impossible!"

Di Roy Linker decided to add his two cent in the conversation. "That's insane! We'll be killed!"

"Don't be a fool, Di Roy!" Yylfordt Granz bellowed. "Our purpose in this desert is to get stronger! It is risky to fight Vasto Lorde but if we pounce on one of them in an ambush, we might win!"

"Yeah, we got Grimmjow-sama here with us!" Edrad Lions announced proudly. "Everything is possible."

Nakeem Greendina merely grunted.

Sniffing the air attentively, Grimmjow frowned. "Hey, something is up."

The group travelled towards the scent and was stunned to know that they had reached the forbidden ground, Las Noches. A primitive growl was emanated from the panther king as he saw the self-proclaimed egocentric king of Hueco Mundo, Baraggan Luisenbarn, confronting a humanoid hollow who had devilish horns adjoined on the sides of his forehead, a pair of exoskeleton wings adorned with crimson armour plates on his back, a slim but muscular physique and nine swaying tails with no visible hollow hole. What truly intrigued the pack were the eulogising entity's slitted eyes and the intimidating aura he was radiating.

"Speaking of the devil." Shawlong shifted uncomfortably. "The legendary Dios Del Apocalipsis is here. How strange. Is he forming a mutual bond with Baraggan-sama?"

"A guy like him is destined to be alone. Forging an alliance with other hollows is unheard of, especially in Hueco Mundo. Someone like him won't need any alliance anyway." Sweats formed on Grimmjow's features as he felt a tormenting load of pressure crashing upon him. "Fuck. I'm not even standing near him and it's already taxing, even for someone like me. I hate to admit but I don't even think that guy has even released a portion of his spiritual pressure. Is this really what a Vasto Lorde is?"


Baraggan slumped into his throne, his elbow resting on the armrest while he leaned against his face on the surface of his bony fist. The king had heard of the notoriety of the devil and his cruel acts in Hueco Mundo; some ambiguous hollows even went as far to create exaggerating hoax of the God of Apocalypse destroying Soul Society in his conquest to gain power. "What brought you here, Dios Del Apocalipsis? Are you intending to join me and become my general? Are you here to serve me?"

The paramount entity chuckled darkly, petrifying the surrounding hollows. "Join you? Serve you? Hell no. I'm here to kill you."

"And why?"

Kyubi smirked. "Stop asking me inane questions. It's overrated."

Baraggan studied his enemy's aristocratic features; Kyubi bore an elegant appearance of a blonde male who looked similar to a young adult human and had whisker marks on his cheeks. "You dare challenge me? I'm the King of Hueco Mundo, ant."

The blonde demon scoffed and crossed his arms. "You're just a pompous newborn Vasto Lorde. Nothing biggie really."


Di Roy arched a brow. "Newborn Vasto Lorde?"

Shawlong nodded but never left glances at the scene as he elaborated further. "Vasto Lordes have their own personal hierarchy. The weakest of all Vasto Lordes, the Newborn, though stronger than Adjuchas hollow, they are not as powerful as those experience battlers amongst their kin. The next in line, the Noble, they are stronger than the Newborn due to their vast wisdom and maturity in utilising their power perfectly. The last and the top echelon of the Vasto Lorde race, the Majesty, they are the rarest and the strongest of all hollows, almost godlike."

Yylfordt queried in confusion. "Then what is Dios Del Apocalipsis's rank?"


"I'll have you know that you should never underestimate me, you ant!"

Kyubi grinned. "I will never underestimate you. Of course, you will be a very delicate meal though."

Baraggan laughed hollowly in sheer arrogance. "Don't be a fool. If you want to kill me, then you have to go through my dragons first!"

"Dragons?" Baraggan's generals blitzed towards Kyubi. Exhaling a tired sigh, the demon hoisted a hand up and opened his palm wide; instantly, the offenders were crushed and obliterated into grey dust. "Don't make me laugh, your pretentious dragons/Adjuchas wish to defeat me? I bet you couldn't even beat the roaming Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis."


"Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis? Do they work for Dios Del Apocalipsis?" Edrad asked. "What are they anyway?"

"As the title suggested, the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse is a group of notorious Vasto Lordes that disintegrate any opposing foes that stand in their way. The funny thing is they don't work together, apart from Conquest and Death who fight together because they're biological brothers. I'm not sure about War and Famine. Of course, those are mere titles, their names are confidential. Only those they have slain know about their true names." Shawlong replied. "And if my intelligence didn't fail me, all of them are Noble rank and they don't aid Dios Del Apocalipsis in any ways."

Grimmjow snarled. "How do you know all this shit?"

"I have my own ways of doing things."


"Those four pathetic fakes? Their power is probably a fabrication to cover up their weakness. I am the King of Hueco Mundo. There is nothing above me or beyond me because I'm a... God!" Baraggan spoke, slightly annoyed that his personal guards were killed too easily. Raising himself from his seat, the king pulled an enormous axe out from his cloak. "Gran Cida."

Kyubi applauded mockingly and retained the urge to exhibit his perspicacious judgement. "Well said, God. But do please make up your mind whether you're a God or a King. It's very unnerving to know you're both at the same time, you catch my drift? Oh, just to give you a little fun fact; I don't have six legs, two antennas on my head and three body components, well I do hope I don't because that will be very uncool of me."

Without allowing another second of delay, Baraggan darted towards his blonde nemesis and swung his axe vertically downwards. "Die, maggot!"

Quirking his trademark maniacal smirk, Kyubi vanished and reappeared behind Baraggan with his palm exposed at the king's back before muttering. "Siete Estrellas Cero" (Seven Star Zero)

A vibrant green orb of immense energy manifested before the blonde demon accompanied with six small spheres of radiance hovering around the epicentre. When the command phrase was spoken, the smaller balls of energy transferred its power via tendrils of corrupted power and merged into the centre globe, reinforcing its strength further before an undisputable current of wild energy shot at Baraggan.

The king barely dodged as he relied on his sudden surge of speed to escape the genocide. Panting slightly, Baraggan growled as he noticed the previous assault had incinerated his kingdom, leaving an unrecognisable wasteland amongst the dune. "How dare you!"

"Oh? The king can't handle an ant? I don't bite though... I chew."

"That's it! Respira!" Dark mist emitted from Baraggan's mouth raced towards Kyubi in an unbelievable speed.

The blonde demon simply smirked impishly and pinched his nose. "It's okay if you have bad breath, but you don't need to be proud of it. I mean, your breath stinks so much it's practically rotting everything! Here, let me help you taste your own medicine. Ley Inversa." (Law Reverse)

The cloud of death halted in its tracks abruptly before returning back impetuously to its owner and consumed Baraggan. The king screamed in affliction as he could feel his power depleted and his body decaying. "W-What is this madness! I'm God! I'm the King! This is not supposed to end like this! How dare you ant! Free me! Stop this right now! I demand you!"

"How exhilarating to know that the contemptible king is so inferior. Anyway, you're the one who has the bad breath here. I only want you to smell it yourself. I really didn't know you will rot too. Oh well, perhaps you're not really a god like you claim to be, huh?" The blonde demon grinned psychotically. "Damn, this fight is as boring as hell. I'm not invigorated to say the least. You didn't even last more than ten minutes. Well then, let's draw the curtain, shall we? Alma de Drenaje." (Soul Drain)

As if on cue, Baraggan's spirit particles were absorbed swiftly into the Kyubi's soul. "Since you're dying, let me explain my personal abilities to you so you can die a peaceful death. Unlike your distasteful prowess in allowing you to rot anything that you touch, my abilities allow me to repel anything. So basically, I have total control of gravity and this match is really an one-sided battle. Understand this; you let your arrogance get the better of you."

After draining Baraggan's soul entirely, Kyubi turned his attention to the bystanders and licked his lips provocatively.


Grimmjow snarled at the devil to mask his fear. "Let's go."

Shawlong and the rest of the followers flinched at Kyubi's patronising glare before trailing after their leader.


"That kitty cat must be the famous panther king I've been hearing about lately. Seriously, why does all the male populous residing in Hueco Mundo wants to be king, even though they're not? I find that very sad... Well, I do aspire to be one but..." Shrugging nonchalantly, the blonde demon discarded his musing and spread his wings before soaring to the night sky, leaving a trail of sands swirling on his vacated spot. "Let see, where do I go next?"

Kyubi didn't have any designated destination to go. He just glided aimlessly in the sky, trying to search for some entertainment to kill time. "How long have I been doing this? Maybe it's time for me to settle down, find myself a beautiful, strong and powerful mate and basically do nothing except hot sex, passionate sex and more sex! Hmm... I heard Famine is a chick residing in the north continent of Hueco Mundo. I should check her out. But it will be troublesome if she thinks I'm trying to overtake her territories. I-"

In a spur of moment, a painful headache struck the blonde demon, causing him to land clumsily onto the sand. Clutching his head in sheer agony, Kyubi screamed. "What is this! What's happening... you! You're not supposed to be awakened! Go back to sleep you pest! Stop bothering me! This is my body, not yours! You have forfeited it to me the day you're born! Stop this! I'm not going to let you do this to me!"

Massive whirlwinds and hurricanes formed around Kyubi's vicinity as he struggled to gain dominance over his body. "No! Stop this! Just go back to your cage and sleep! I will not let my reputation and existence be tarnished by the likes of you! Be gone!"

The pain got severed and intolerable. The blonde demon tumbled to the ground and slammed his head continuously onto the sand. "Stop this! This is my body! Don't you get it! With my abilities, I can rule over this land with sovereignty! You're too optimistic and kind; you don't have the will to fight, let alone protecting others! Just give up and let me take control, you insolent fool!"

Eventually, the maelstrom died and the blonde collapsed onto the desert, panting tediously as he grasped for air. As he stood up, his eyes were no longer slitted, but a gentle sapphire coloured.

Glancing at his surrounding in confusion, Naruto, for once in a very long time, finally spoke. "W-Where am I?"


Dios Del Apocalipsis – God of Apocalypse

Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis – Four Horsemen of Apocalypse

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