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Naruto was thrown into Harribel's room and landed onto her bed. The blonde blinked dumbly and stared at Harribel who was only wearing a translucent red tunic and black panties. Swallowing the nervous lump in his throat, Naruto quavered. "W-What is the meaning of this? Harri-chan, what's with you?"

"What's with me?" Harribel threw a book at the blonde. Naruto stared at the book that was lying beside him on the bed and he widened his eyes in terror. "K-Kama Sutra? Where did you get that?"

"I didn't know you keep something so naughty in the library, Naruto-sama." The blonde woman ambled towards Naruto; her eyes were glowing lustfully and she leaned against Naruto. "I have read everything in that book, Naruto-sama. I've memorised everything in that book. I must say… I've learned many things. Now then… I must punish you for being naughty."

"Naughty? What did I do?" The blonde was incredulous.

"You do nothing. That's why it's naughty." Harribel licked her lips provocatively as she lied atop of Naruto's body. "You'll pay for making me wait, Naruto-sama."

"Pay? Like what? My ramen?"

The seductive smirk adorning on Harribel's features widened. "Your virginity."


The door slammed open abruptly, startling the blonde in the process; Harribel was gravely apathetic at the intruder. "Hold it there, sister!"

"What do you want, Anko?" The female blonde flexed her fingers. "You have ruined the mood! The books said that the mood must be there!"

"Mood my ass! You're just stealing Naruto-kun all to yourself!"

Naruto was suffering an anxiety attack as the showdown of deathly glares commenced between Anko and Harribel. "Girls… we can talk out of this."

"There is nothing to talk about it. Choose now, Naruto-kun!" Anko demanded. "Me or that woman!"

Harribel diverted her lascivious attention at Naruto lying beneath her and purred. "You know you're mine."

"You're not going to do whatever you want to do with Naruto-sama!" Samui materialised her frame at the commotion and pointed a finger at Harribel.

Ayane and Shizune stood behind Anko at the doorway and arched their brows. "What's with the ruckus?"

Ulquiorra manifested his frame into the chamber and deadpanned. "We all should embark our ways with the art of pacifism. Please refrain from any-"

Anko punched the pale Arrancar in his face and stormed forward, only to realise that Naruto had disappeared from his spot. The girls assayed the room and found no traces of the blonde and they were aggravated. Poor Ulquiorra was lying on the ground, barely conscious and he was stupefied when their glares were allocated at him.


"Whatever you say, Hanzo. My answer is final." Guerra, the Horseman of War and member of the Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis, glared at the Vasto Lorde standing before him. "The Hollow's Graveyard is my territory. The idea of letting you step foot in my land is already considered a sin to me. I've said to Danzo and I've said to Madara, I will not join any of you. Go back, Hanzo. Or I'm going to resort to violence. You won't like me when I'm angry."

"You're fairly talkative today, aren't you? War, you know better than I do. Your fellow Horsemen, Muerte, Hambre and Conquistador are all living with Dios Del Apocalipsis. The balance of power is too hectic. Besides, my intelligence has fed me information of the death of Madara Uchiha. You will join me-"

"Shut up." War stood up. He was a stoic individual who had unkempt red hair and a racoon mask that concealed his face. The kanji for love was imprinted on the forefront of his mask and though lithe, compared to other horsemen, he had a murderous aura much potent than Muerte. What was unique about his appearance was a gourd that was strapped behind his back, which he was often seen carrying. "Leave, Hanzo. I will not repeat again."

"Very well." The entity disappeared.

War looked at the moon hanging on the night sky and sighed. "How many years have passed since I become what I am today? I have achieved so much power… and for what? I have killed and shed so much blood… and the emptiness in my heart still exists. What must I do to end this miserable life?"

"You can end it honourably if you join me."

The redhead averted his green eyes and stared impassively at the dark haired Vasto Lorde smirking deviously at him. "So Hanzo is right. Madara is dead. What do you want, Sasuke Uchiha?"

"I am surprise, Subaku no Gaara. To think that… Cuatro Jinetes Del Apocalipsis's Guerra… is you?" Sasuke sighed. "Nevertheless, you will-" The sands beneath Sasuke's feet rose suddenly and enclosed the dark haired Vasto Lorde within a cocoon. "W-What is this?"

"I rarely spare people's lives. Leave now… you're no match against me."

"You will join me, Gaara!" Sasuke bellowed. "I intend to destroy Dios Del Apocalipsis and claim his head as a trophy-"

Unexpectedly, Gaara, the everlasting quiet man, was chortling manically at the soporific glow of the moon. After War had calmed down, he smirked at Sasuke. "You? At the level of your power, you wish to destroy Dios Del Apocalipsis? Even I don't dare to think to meet his level with my current power, what makes you think you can kill him?"

Sasuke unleashed a wave of spiritual pressure, successfully dissipating the sands that were imprisoning him. Gaara was unfazed and retained an impassive outlook. "Your spiritual powers have increased dramatically. Even so, you're no match against Dios Del Apocalipsis."

The dark haired Vasto Lorde growled. "You ingrate! You dare mock me?"

"I'm speaking the truth. You haven't even seen what he can do. Trust me, knowing what he is capable of will only terrify you. There is no limit to his powers, unlike you. Now leave. I don't have the patient to tolerate your useless persuasion."

Fuming with anger, Sasuke darted away.


Mei opened her eyes abruptly and was confused as she stared a dark ceiling. She thought she had died in the hands of the despicable Madara. However, she was perplexed; she only remembered engaging Madara in combat but she was clueless of the entire fight. It was as if she had no memories. Surveying her sights at the dark chamber, Mei felt foreign by the luxurious chair and coffee table decorated at the side of the room, a study desk situated in front of her super king size bed and curtain concealing the windows.

The door was opened and she was immediately alarmed. Without hesitation, the redheaded beauty charged to the door and hid behind it. Naruto poked his head into the chamber and took a peek around before he stepped into the room, only for a pair of arms to strangle him in a chokehold. "Who are you and what is this place? Where am I? Answer me or I'll kill you!"

Naruto gulped. "Uh, before you try to kill me, do you notice something?"


"Look at your hands."

Reluctantly, Mei stared at the lustrous tone of her skin and gawked. "W-What is this? What did you do to me?"

"I evolve you into an Arrancar. Like me." Naruto interjected quickly before Mei got temperamental. "Do you feel extraordinary power swirling within you? Do you feel your powers have sharpened or have your spiritual pressure skyrocketed?"

The redhead blinked and closed her eyes. "It's true… my spiritual pressure has risen twofold but it feels like it is still suppressed… and it's as if my powers are in control. When I'm a hollow, I always feel my powers are uncheck. I don't even dare to tap onto all of my powers. But now…"

"Well?" Naruto was sweating.

Mei pushed the blonde away and glared furiously at him. "What is an Arrancar? Where am I?"

"Firstly, an Arrancar is hollow who regains his or her humanity. Of course, Arrancars are more powerful than ordinary hollows. We don't need to eat souls too. The hunger that you feel is the hunger to eat human food." Naruto beamed.

"Human food?"

"You'll see when dinner comes." Naruto smirked jubilantly. "Secondly, this is Castle Paradise. And you're living in my mansion. I say this to everybody and I will say it to you too. You are not obligated to live with me. If you wish to leave my mansion, feel free to do so. Nobody will stop you."

"I don't care about living in this mansion or whatsoever. Where are my sisters?"

"Uh… yes, amnesia. It does make sense…" Naruto muttered.

Mei seized his collar and growled vehemently. "What are you talking about? What amnesia? What doesn't make sense! Tell me!"

"Uh… it's complicated. Madara…" Naruto swallowed hard; he didn't know how to drop the tragedy onto her. "Uh… Madara has destroyed… the Sisterhood."

Mei was in a trance. Her grip had softened and she collapsed onto the ground, staring at the ground lifelessly. It was then Naruto realised Mei was fairly naked and her voluptuous curves were exposed; the blonde was trying his best to stop his nose from bleeding as he had realised that the redheaded beauty's bust was bigger than other girls that he had met. Naruto shut his eyes and knelt down, trying to navigate his hand to grasp Mei's shoulders as means for consolation.

However, he had fondled something huge and soft. Opening an eye weakly, Naruto yelped and retracted his hand away from Mei's breast. The blonde sighed and empathised with the redhead's despair. She had lost almost everything she swore to protect and more than half of her sisters were slaughtered. Tears started to swell within her eyes as she sobbed into her hands. Naruto didn't know what to do to resolve her dilemma.

Heaving a heavy sigh, the blonde draped a shaky hand over her shoulders and smiled uneasily. "Uh… er…"

Unexpectedly, Mei embraced the blonde and cried into Naruto's chest.

The boy chuckled nervously and stayed on that spot.

"My sisters… the sisters I care about… all dead…"

"They're not all dead. Uh… Anko-chan is alive. Konan-chan is alive. Harri-chan is alive. Samui-chan and Shizune-chan are alive as well. And three other girls too."

"I lost more than hundred of my sisters' lives!" Mei screamed.

"When I was alive… my father locked me up in a coffin… he tried to suffocate me alive!" The redhead clenched her fists fiercely. "But I melt the entire casket with my powers… and I killed him! I killed those who tried to hurt me! When I become a hollow… I decide to gather girls who have suffered similar fates such as mine. I protect them… feed them… make them feel protected. I do everything for them… and Madara has taken everything away from me! I have nothing to live for… Nothing!"

Naruto stroked her soft auburn hair and whispered soothingly into her ear. "When I was just an infant, I was murdered in my crib. And then I become what I am today. No matter what, if you give up living, I'm sure your deceased sisters will never forgive you."

Mei snapped her attention at a stoic Naruto and gritted her fangs. "You don't know anything-"

"If they love you, they will never let you take your own life, that I know. They fight for you. They live for you. They die for you. You're spitting on their graves if you give up now!"

The redhead gasped. "I…"

"Stand tall! You're Hambre, Horsewoman of the Cuatra Jinetes Del Apocalipsis. You're one of the strongest hollow in Hueco Mundo! Be proud of that!" Naruto shook the sobbing Mei's shoulder and stared benevolently at the distressed woman. "If you can't bear the pain, I'll bear it with you."


Gaara, the Horseman of Apocalypse, sat on the soft sand of Hueco Mundo with a leg neared his chest. His gourd fastened on his back and he stared expressionlessly at the moon. Suddenly, an army of Hollows rose from the ground, accompanied by a legion of Gillians tailing behind the horde. They were charging ferociously at Guerra, attempting to take his life. Gaara sighed and shook his head disapprovingly. "Pitiful. I guess breakfast is served."

Leading the army was Hanzo, a Vasto Lorde who adorned himself with the mask of a Salamander. "You'll regret not joining me, War!"

The horseman was stoic. The redhead simply placed a hand on the sandy ground and smirked. "Sangrienta Arena: Arena Movediza de la Condenacion." (Bloody Sand: Quicksand of the Damnation)

The desert started to ascend and its shadow blanketed the countless enemies who were petrified to see their imminent doom. A humongous tidal wave rushed forward as the command phrase was articulated and the sandstorm devoured thousands of hollows in a whole. Without hesitation, Gaara slammed his palm onto the sand bed and a sinister grin crept up at his lips. "Sangrienta Funerales: Todos Los Aniquilacion Creacion." (Bloody Funeral: All Creation Annihilation)

A shockwave erupted and it embedded a gigantic crater into the sand, causing disastrous quakes to awake within the desert. Almost halves of the legion died within minutes. Gaara was simply fascinated by the bloodshed he had unleashed. Mercilessly, Gaara raised an arm and spread his fingers wide opened. "Fools. Do you think fighting me in a war is plausible? Do you think fighting me on a terrain fills with sand guarantees your victory? Naïve! I am Guerra! Sand is my essence of life. War is my reason for living! Blood is why I am here! I'll end all of you! Sangrienta Fang Rey: La Espada de Hades!" (Bloody Fang King: Sword of Hades)

Clouds of sand manifested above the remaining horde of hollows. Enormous blade's tips emerged dangerously from the brown mist and they stationed threateningly within the hovering clouds. Gaara grinned as he brought his hand down. "Sangrienta Funerales: Requiem de Una Masacre Sin Amor." (Bloody Funeral: Requiem of a Loveless Massacre)

The blades descended and pierced the ground, spilling gallons of blood on the battlefield as the entire army was destroyed in an instant.

Gaara smirked and opened his mouth. "Come! All of you pathetic souls. Let me taste it!"

A mass of dark gas floated in the air before it flew into War's mouth. Consuming all of the souls from the corpses of all the fallen hollows, Gaara licked his lips. "Nice. It is their funeral to think that I am to be defeated with ease. Such fools- Mpph!"

Gaara recoiled from the abrupt impact and nursed the slight crack at the side of his mask. "What the…"

"Don't think I'm dead yet, Gaara." Hanzo blew the smoke from his fist and anathematised War. "I'm not done yet!"

Instead of grunting typically, Gaara was smiling maliciously at Hanzo. His fangs were baring at his enemy and the sand on the ground was stirring violently. "You have anger the wrong Horseman, Hanzo. To think you have bypassed my ultimate defence… You are not going to die pretty. Sagrienta Arena: Cosechadora!" (Bloody Sand: Harvester)

Spikes from the ground arose and they stabbed an unprepared Hanzo's body, puncturing countless holes on his frame. Gaara snickered as he heard Hanzo's scream of agony. "That's right! Yell! Scream! Cry! And die! Cero!"

Dropping his jaw opened, a vermillion orb manifested in the epicentre of Gaara's mouth before he fired it. An effulgent, colossus beam of pandemonium discharged at a defenceless Hanzo and engulfed him; the devastating outcome caused powerful tremors to shake Hueco Mundo as Gaara's cero collided onto the ground. When the smoke was cleared, an abyssal hole was plunged into the ground of Hueco Mundo.

"Monster! Die!" War clutched his head and groaned. "No… I'm not a monster…"

"It's the sand! Get away from him!" Gaara collapsed onto the ground. "Memories… no! Not monster!"

"Don't look at him! He's inauspicious!" Tears fell from the redhead's eyes. "No… I'm not a monster…"

"You're a monster, Gaara. You always will be." Gaara shook his head. "I'm not a monster…"

"You're a monster… you're a monster… you're a monster… you're a monster…"The redhead tried to shove the voice away from his head but to no avail was it leaving him alone. Soon, Gaara stopped agitating and sighed. A malefic smile tugged at his lips as he muttered. "I am… a monster."

Gaara's manical laughter soon filled the night sky.


Anko wrapped an arm around a pillar to balance her footing and growled. "What's with this earthquake all of a sudden?"

"And this spiritual pressure…" Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes calculative. "No doubt, it's emitted by a powerful source."

Itachi stared through the window and sighed. "It's a Vasto Lorde."

Meanwhile, Shizune and Konan were in the basement, typing a few keys on a holographic keyboard. Biting her lips, the brunette swallowed hard. "This is not good. A powerful hollow has shown up in the radar. This spiritual pressure is too strong. The computer is unable to measure the total quantity of the hollow's spirit energy. This only means one thing…"

The blue haired woman twisted her attention frostily at Shizune. "You mean…"

"Ah…" Shizune nodded. "Another Horseman of Apocalypse has finally shown himself. Mei-sama is Hambre, the Famine of Apocalypse. PKT is Conquistador, Conquest of Apocalypse. Hashirama-sama is Muerte, Death of Apocalypse. There is only War of Apocalypse."

"We have no data of this horseman though." Konan blinked. "In fact, not much people in Hueco Mundo know of him. They even believe that he may be a possible candidate to become Dios Del Apocalipsis."

"Is he that strong?"

"Yes, apparently." Naruto said from behind the girl's back, jolting them in fright in the process. Konan and Shizune were confused nevertheless. "Naruto-sama, do you think he is stronger than…"

"He is definitely a Noble class Vasto Lorde. There are only a few Vasto Lordes in Hueco Mundo who have achieved the rank of a Noble. He is no doubt powerful. But still not strong enough to match my spiritual pressure." The blonde sighed. "I hope he doesn't attack us though. It will be troublesome if he decides Castle Paradise is a good place for him to destroy. I can't protect the mansion while fighting a powerhouse, especially a member from the Cuatra Jinetes Del Apocalipsis."

The girls nodded.

"How's Mei-sama?" Konan asked.

"Her mentality is stable." Naruto tapped his chin. "Not fit to move about though. How's Neliel? I heard she…"

Shizune sighed sadly. "Neliel suffers worst out of the survivors…"

As if on cue, the door slid open automatically and Neliel, garbed in a white gown, stared curiously at Naruto. The blonde swirled around and saw a beautiful, green haired woman beaming at him. "W-Who… you?"

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, head of this househol- Ooff!"

Neliel interrupted Naruto's speech and jumped at him, hugging the blonde in a tight hug. "Naruto-niichan!"

Blinking in confusion, the blonde stared awkwardly at the girl. He twirled his head at the Konan and Shizune. "You're not serious, right?"

Konan nodded. "Unfortunately, we are. Her mentality is now stuck at that of a five year old child."

The blonde sighed and stroked Neliel's smooth hair while the green haired woman nuzzled her cheek on Naruto's chest. Shizune shook her head sorrowfully. "The scan has shown that Madara's illusions have inflicted severe trauma on poor Neliel's mentality. The once fearsome centaur warrior, Neliel the Lance, is now reduced to… to this form. She still has all of her powers but I don't think she knows how to use them."

"I understand what I should do." Naruto sighed. "This war… must stop."

(A few hours later…)

Hidan was crippled and his mobility was robbed away by the devil himself. Danzo's entire army was reduced to almost nonexistence in one night. Crawling towards the throne of his master, Hidan called out weakly. "J-Jashin-sama…"

Nnoitra leaned against what's left of a crumbled wall and nursed his injured torso. "Damn it… that's not possible… such power… such power… how is it even possible…"

Naruto's visage was emotionless as he stood in the middle of the chamber, surrounded by fallen soldiers of Danzo's troops. He was unharmed, hell, he wasn't even sweating. When he had arrived into Danzo's lair, he had destroyed the front entrance. When countless of hollows attacked Naruto, he didn't even move an inch. He simply stood there and all of his assailants were repelled away by an ungodly gravitational force, obliterating all of them in the process.

The legion of hollows was relentless.

And they were slaughtered in a blink of an eye.

Danzo was seething as he glared at Naruto with utmost rage; he despised the blonde for destroying his decades of work and most of all, he scorned Naruto for being stronger than him.

"I told you, didn't I? I won't let you destroy the peace in Hueco Mundo." Naruto crossed his arms and smirked. "I told you I will stop you if you screw up, right?"

"Peace?" Danzo laughed. "Are you listening to yourself? This is Hueco Mundo. Peace is not important. Only order and control!"

"I guess it is pointless talking to you. I won't kill you though. I will make you repent for all of your sins." Naruto grinned wickedly. "I will spare your life and make you watch your creations… fall. Remember this, Danzo… all oppositions are useless against overwhelming power. Gran Destruccion Del Mundo." (Grand Destruction of the World)

A few seconds later, Danzo's stadium, as well as his hideout, was pummelled into the dunes, dissipating into nothing but dust.


Mei was in a state of utter confusion; her sight is jarring and her sense of cognition was failing her. Never had she experienced the pain of being burn in flames as her body was supposedly completely immune to heat. However, she was unable to adjust her overwhelming powers. Stumbling unconsciously into a white chamber, Mei clutched onto her head and screamed. "Can't… control my powers… too much to hold on onto… I… I need more power."

Rippling shockwaves scattered throughout the entire room as Mei relinquished her untamed power. Her hair was covering in vibrant fire and her spiritual pressure burned the chamber's indestructible walls.

Tobirama and Hashirama, who were standing in the other room, surveyed Mei's power. The dark haired Arrancar narrowed his eyes. "Her powers are skyrocketing."

"Is that her released form?"

"No…" Hashirama shook his head. "She isn't even reaching to her maximum capacity. That much of power storing within her needs to be released."

Itachi materialised in a sonic resonance beside the brothers and crossed his arms. "I have created hallucination in order to lure her into the training chamber. The walls would not be affected by her power."

"I don't think the walls are going to sustain the pressure if she releases all of her power." Tobirama concluded. "Itachi, you are the next person in Hueco Mundo whose power is matching that of a Noble class Vasto Lorde. However, you haven't even witnessed the extent of a Noble class Vasto Lorde's power. The truth is… all Noble class Vasto Lorde's fighting capability is beyond that of a shinigami captain's prowess. Right now, Mei is standing at a level of a shinigami captain. That is why it will be troublesome if she releases her powers here."

Hashirama imputed data onto the computer via the holographic keyboard and was confounded. "This isn't good. At this rate, she's going to melt the entire room."

Meanwhile, Mei's aura was a mirage of an inferno. The ground she stepped onto was blazing in scorching heat, turning her pathway into black ashes. The red haze emitted from the edge of Mei's lips had begun to melt the ceiling of the training facility. Her eyes were ignited into a pair of glowing flames and a pair of brilliant wings, emanating hot fire, sprouted out from Mei's back. Mei roared wrathfully as her spiritual pressure escalated to unbelievable level.

As she spread opened her fingers, an oversized claymore, coated by cascading lava and had a guard that resembled a pair of phoenix wings, along with a gigantic blade with ancient language enchanted vertically on the middle of the blade, materialised in her grip. "Sekai o Tokasu, Lava Phoenix!" (Melt the World, Lava Phoenix!)

"Oh shit!" Tobirama screamed. "Itachi, do something!"

"I can't. Mei-dono's power has triumphed over me more than anything. My illusions will become nothing to her." Itachi was sweating.

Hashirama sighed. "I guess we have no choice. We have to subdue the phoenix's rage ourselves. Be careful, brother. Hambre's power has surpassed the Conquistador. Don't drop your guard. We're fighting someone at our calibre."

Mei now donned onto a battle helmet with a beautified phoenix crest placed on the forefront of the headgear. There were crimson plated armours situated on her shoulder, her chest and her overall physique and white capes made by pure silk were clipped at most portions of her attire. Within her right grasp was a gigantic, circular shield with heavenly coatings and composed with superb durability. She wielded a lance that emanated flames within her left hand. Mei's true form resembled that of a goddess of war.

Tobirama shrugged. "She's not as strong as the kid. We can handle her… I think."

Lava splattered all over the training field, destroying anything with its melting properties.

The brothers gulped. "This will be one crazy night, I can feel it."

"You think?" Hashirama rolled his eyes.


Anko, Harribel and Samui rushed to the training field and was forced to cover their face instinctively with their arms. "What's going on? First an earthquake and now this?"

Itachi stood beside the girls and sighed. "Don't interfere. Hashirama-dono and PKT are taming Mei-dono's power. If Mei-dono doesn't know how to harness her powers properly, she might kill us all one day without knowing it. If you get in there, you're toast."

"Well… that's comforting." Samui said. "At least we don't get toast like those two guys do. I hope PKT get his ass toast though."

"Mei-sama's awesomeness is so awesome… it's making me blind!" Anko sighed dreamily.


Naruto ventured back to his castle. He could feel raw power surging from a close distance and his instincts were compelling him to investigate the source. He was disturbed when he felt a mysterious presence lingering behind his back. Swerving to his back, Naruto smirked at the redhead who was seating atop of a pyramid of sand. "Hello. You must be…"

"They call me Guerra." The redhead grabbed a handful of sand and watched it cascaded onto the ground. "You're Dios Del Apocalipsis."

The blonde tucked a fist into his coat's pocket and smirked. "I'm honoured for you to know of me so much."

"I know little of you though." Gaara voice was gradually distorted. "But I know everything about you, Kyubi!"

Naruto widened his eyes and suddenly clutched onto his head, convulsing with agitation. The blonde dropped his head and knelt onto the ground. The gust of wind blew in between the horseman and the god of all hollows. Naruto tilted his head upwards abruptly and a sinister smile plastered on his features. The blonde's once cerulean eyes were twisted into a menacing vermilion and Gaara could feel the escalation of Naruto's power. "Little brother, I didn't know you will be here."

"I was here. I was always here. My host has been trying to suppress me for a while but your presence has given me the opportunity to bring myself up here. So… I've heard about your exploits. Nothing flattering. To be honest, I think it's just a pile of garbage."

"Cut the bullshit, little brother. Where are our sisters and brothers? Where are they? Why are you the only one here?"

Naruto growled and his elongated fangs were bared. "Where are our siblings?"

Gaara scoffed. "Are you an idiot? You have been here far longer than I am. How would I know if you don't?"

"Watch the tone, little brother!"

"Ah, shut up, Kyubi. You and I know better that you can't hurt me here, especially when this place is filled with sands! And for the last time. I do not know where the rest of our family is. I have been trying to find them too but Hueco Mundo is a plane of existence that stretches to eternity. Finding them is like trying to find my dick in a whore house!" Gaara studied his nails insouciantly and grinned. "You cannot defeat me. Not when my power is boundless in this land."

"You have become arrogant, little brother."

"No. I have become stronger, big brother."

Gaara slammed a palm onto the sand and yelled. "Sangrienta Funerales: Todos Los Aniquilacion Creacion."

Naruto smirked and hoisted a finger. "Against overwhelming power, all resistances are meaningless! Creacion de la Destruccion Cero!" (Creation Destruction Zero)


Slamming a fist onto the ground, Tobirama yelled. "Poseidon Fuerza!" (Poseidon Force)

Geysers of hot liquid emerged from the ground and dashed towards the opposing tsunami of magma before both forces clashed together. A demonic Mei was grinning ominously at a troubled Tobirama before she darted forward and speared through the smokes before she unleashed a barrage of kicks at the silver haired Arrancar. Blocking a few strikes from the redhead, Tobirama retaliated and punched at Mei's face, only for his fist to phase through blazing heat.

Retracting his arms away in affliction, Tobirama growled. "Damn it, her entire body is made up of flames. The true power of a Noble Arrancar is to mould their respective elements into their bidding. Water and Fire. We are nemesis…"

"Don't fret, brother." Hashirama landed onto the ground beside the silver haired Arrancar and sighed. "Both of us can do something to her, I'm sure of it! Let's go with that."

"Alright." Tobirama thrusts his hand forward and a sudden burst of liquid cannon blasted at Mei's direction. "Eat this! Poseidon Mortal Tridente!" (Poseidon Deathly Trident)

"Your silly tricks don't work on me. Nothing works against overwhelming power! Meteoros Vuelo Caotico!" (Chaotic Meteors Flight) Mei's fingers ignited into flames before a malicious sphere of steaming lava manifested and threw it at the offending assault. The collision caused a rippling shockwave, sending horrifying tremors throughout the entire chamber. Without delay, Tobirama leaped into the sky and columns of water smashed at Mei from all locations. "Poseidon de Misiles Nucleares!" (Poseidon's Nuke Missile)

Hashirama pinned a finger onto the ground and muttered. "Segador de la Redencion." (Redemption of the Reaper)

Darkness enveloped Mei in a black dome and Tobirama exhaled an air of relief. "Yeah, man. Finally, nobody can get out of that-"

Mei roared wrathfully and her imprisonment was shredded into black pieces. Hashirama sighed and stood up. "This isn't good. Her powers are still rising exponentially. And her power is slowly outclassing you, brother. We need to do something before she reaches her full potential."

"Ah shit." Tobirama scratched his head and stared at his hands. "I think we should just pull out our full power to subdue this crazy bitch."

"I can't agree with you more." Hashirama hesitated. "But it will destroy the mansion. We have to stop her without releasing our Zanpakuto."

"Nothing works on her, you idiot!"

"Shut up!" Mei grunted. "After I murder the two of you, the others shall perish with you. Your blood will cease my hatred."

"Uhh…" Tobirama scratched his head and chuckled. "Can my water cease your hatred?"

Restlessly, the redhead charged forward.

"Ah… I guess not."


"Mito Uzumaki, are you certain about this?" Minato questioned warily.

"I am. I'm ready for this mission. I volunteer to enter the realm of the hollows and investigate the existence of the fabled Dios Del Apocalipsis. Knowing information about our enemies will prove beneficial for us in the future." Mito said in a matter-of-fact tone. "We should strike now."

"Very well. We'll prepare the portal soon. Remember, once you enter Hueco Mundo, you have only two hours to locate Dios Del Apocalipsis. In these two hours, whether you pass or fail this mission, you will automatically be pulled back to our dimension, for precaution's sake." Minato clicked his pen and sighed. "Do not engage the objective. Spy on Dios Del Apocalipsis. Monitor his behaviour and movements. Record his actions in detail. If the situation worsens, you are permitted to fight him."

Mito nodded. "I understand."

"Okay, then we should go now."

(Omake: Jar Wars Clone Wars)

Tobirama threw the jar onto the floor angrily but nothing could shatter the jar. The jar just won't quit being stubborn. It just won't open no matter what. Tobirama decided to channel water molecules within the cap, hoping it could loosen the cap.

Nothing worked.

It was too stubborn!

"No choice! You force me in this! I don't want to do this but you lead me no choice!" Tobirama tossed the jar into the air and jerked two fingers from both hands forward. "Thousand years of pain!"

When his fingers collided against the jar's butt, his bones were twisted and Tobirama collapsed onto the ground, weeping painfully. "MY FINGERS! IT HURT! ARGH!"

Ulquiorra had seen everything. Disappointed with Tobirama's incompetence, Ulquiorra pointed a digit at the jar. "Trash! Nobody here is powerful enough to destroy a feeble jar? What nonsense. I'll end it! Cero!"

The beam of doom was shot out from Ulquiorra's finger but when the ray clashed against the jar, its reflective material bounced the attack back at the pale Arrancar, sending him smashing through five walls and flying off to the other side of Hueco Mundo.

At the end of the day, the jar was unharmed.


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