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What not to do when living with the Autobots.

By: Stella Amon

Approved by: Second in Commander Prowl and Head of Security Red Alert

This is the official handbook on what NOT to do when living with the Autobots I will use my experience to help you. Let us get started:

Rules 1-20

1. Don't ever EVER touch Ironhide's cannons

-Yeah let's just say Leo nearly pissed in his pants when he tried-

-Extremely funny though...-

2. Don't try to explain cartoons to the Autobots

-Trust me you'll get a headache from it...-

- No Wheeljack there are no square talking sponages!-

3. Don't give the Twins any pank ideas

-Ended up in trouble for giving the Twins the idea of locking up Ironhide with Mojo-

-Sam got mad at me-

-As did Ironhide-

-Got a real good workout at least-

4. Don't make fun of Ironhide watching Dora the Explorer with Annabelle

-Twins and Jazz did that-

-Ended up being used for target practice-

-Ratchet wasn't happy-

-All the humans cracked up.-


-Locked up all the humans in his medbay-

-Optimus had to convince him that we wouldn't catch some rare and serious disease-

-Now we have to have a monthly check-up with all the works-

-No one's happy with that...-

6. Don't randomly start talking to yourself

-Did that often...-

-Had to take a mental health test...-

-I passed...-

-Sam couldn't believe it...-

7. Don't put bumper stickers on ANY of the Autobots

-Did that to everyone-

-Sideswipe and Sunstreaker refused to come out of their room till ALL of it was gone-

-Ironhide's said " I'm so old they cancelled my blood type."-

-We had quite a few new skylights and windows..-

-...It was Leo and Miles' idea...-

8. Do not go up behind a group of soldiers with firecrackers and set them off

-Red Alert thought that we were under attack-

-Got yelled at by Will and Optimus...-

-No one lets me get behind them anymore...-

-Or get fireworks...-

- Yes it was my idea that time...-

9. Do not sing Sweet Little Bumblebee when Bumblebee is around

-He'll glare at you...-

-The thought " If looks could kill..." ran through my mind when he did...-

10. Don't mess with Mikaela and I when we're PMSing

-Yeah that explains itself...-

10. Don't mess with a girl's chocolate

-Miles' stole my dark chocolate MM's -

-Let's just say he learned his lesson...painfully-

11. Don't smile at random times

-Prowl and Red Alert start monitering you more closely...-

-And anything prankwise happens is blamed on you...-

-When will they learn that I'm not always up to no good?-

-Then again...-

13. Do NOT let Wheeljack watch mythbusters

-Wheeljack tried to do one of their experiments...-

-It explosed...-

-Inside the hanger...-

-Ratchet yelled at him for it..-

-That's why they say "don't do this at home" Wheeljack-

14. Don't hide Ratchets Wrenches

-He'll find them-

-Then throw them at you...-

-The Twins will never learn...-

-But still is funny to watch them run-

15. The puppy eyes will only work on certain Autobots


-Sideswipe and Sunstreaker-


-And surprisingly Ironhide.-

16. Don't avoid Ratchet's check ups

-Seriously don't.-

-Sam tried to stay at home to avoid it.-

-Ratchet came to the house...-

-He stepped on Aunt Judy's flower beds.-

-She threw Sam out of the house.-

-He was then kidnapped by Ratchet-

-I then proceeded to laugh and tell him how stupid he was in trying to avoid it-

-He glared at me...I smirked and continued to laugh-

-Refer to rule # 5 to find out what I mean-

17. If you're female don't start looking up random baby names

-I did that once.-

-Sideswipe thought I was pregnant and didn't tell him-

-As did Sam...until Ratchet confirmed that I wasn't-

-Sunstreaker now follows me where ever I go-

-And scared all of the male population-

-What? I was looking up on what Samuel means.-

18. Avoid Wheeljack's part of the base unless you are with an Autobot...

-I think that this one also explains itself...-

-If you don't then you don't know how bad Wheeljack is when it comes to explosions-

19. Don't gasp randomly when near Prowl or Red Alert


-What? What is it? A Decepticon?-

-There's a bug-

-*Growls* Stella...-

-Runs off laughing-

20. when entering the Medbay watch out for flying objects

-The Twins are in there often...-

-Sam almost got hit with a scanner.-

-Bumblebee wasn't happy...-

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