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He could see that his legs were still moving...how though was beyond him. He'd lost too much blood for that to even be possible, yet Severus Snape was still running through the graveyard, trying to avoid the hexes and other curse's that were being thrown his way. The cut on his right arm was stinging more and more. He could hear Bellatrix laughing as she kept throwing curse after curse, trying to kill him.

Severus knew he had to keep running and make it past the wards, although at this point he was beginning to wonder if it was even worth going back to Hogwarts. He was no longer useful to the Order, thanks to Lucius. After years of spying, his cover was blown without any means of recovering it. He hoped Albus had a back-up plan because they were sure going to need one.

Finally, after what seemed like a life time, he was near the end of the wards. As soon as he reached the outside of the graveyard, he felt the wards becoming weaker. Knowing that soon he would be able to leave, he pulled out the emergency Portkey Albus has given him. Just as he activated it, he was hit from behind by a Stunner. He felt the familiar pull as he was taken away from the ground and all else fell into darkness.

Albus was just finishing a letter to the Board of Directors when the wards on his office went off, and a black clothed figure was dumped on his office floor. "Severus!" Albus said in surprise as he quickly got up and made his way towards the Potions master, at the same time sending his Patronus to Poppy.

He had never thought that Severus would need to ever use the emergency Portkey that he had given him when the young man had return to spying on Tom Riddle. Gently setting the young man's head on a conjured pillow, Albus said, "My dear boy, look at what they've done to you. It's a miracle that you're alive son. Don't worry, Poppy is on her way; just relax."

Albus could see that Severus had many cuts on his body. There was a bruise slowly forming on his left eye, and his nose looked like it was broken too. The old wizard was almost certain he knew who had taken the pleasure in trying to break every bone in Severus' body. Casting a warming charm, he looked up to see Fawkes fly down from his perch trying to cure Severus' injuries.

"Fawkes, you're always trying to heal him even when there are no injuries to be seen," Albus said with a sad smile.

Soon the Floo flared to life as Poppy made her way from the Hospital Wing to the Headmaster's office. When she stepped out she saw Albus sitting on the floor next to Severus. "Albus, what in Merlin's name happened?"

"I have a feeling that Severus' cover has been blown. I was just telling him he was lucky to have made it out alive."

"But, Albus, he's not awake. How can you be talking to him?"

"Well, perhaps he can hear us."

Poppy just shook her head as she began to work on Severus. Albus was right to think that Severus was lucky to have made it back alive. She hadn't seen that many injuries on Severus in years; really not since his first days as a spy for Albus. When she was done, she transfigured the torn clothing into pajamas and had Albus transfigure a lemon drop into a bed. She didn't want to risk waking Severus up by moving him to the hospital wing. She was certain that if Albus didn't keep an eye on Severus, Fawkes would do so. "I'm afraid that's all I can do for him now Albus. I gave him some Dreamless Sleep Potion and Pain Reliever. Now we just wait until he wakes up. Depending on his condition, I may or may not take him to the Hospital Wing," Poppy said as Albus nodded his head in agreement.

After watching Poppy tuck Severus in, Albus made his way back to his desk. He knew that for now it was going to be too dangerous for Severus to be in the country, let alone Hogwarts. He needed to contact the right people to make sure that his adoptive son stayed safe until the Death Eaters decided to focus on other things instead of trying to kill Severus.

"Albus?" Poppy asked as she took a seat across from him. "You're twinkling and smiling, old man. That's never a good sign."

"My dear, I'm just happy that Severus will make a full recovery," Albus said as he tried to look like he was insulted by her statement.

"And I'm actually the Lady of the Lake." Crossing her arms across her chest, she glared at Albus. "What ever you are planning, make no mistake that Severus will not like it."

Albus just smiled, popped a lemon drop in his mouth and started writing to an old friend, hoping that they would be able to help Severus. England was no longer safe, and it would be a good idea to send Severus to another country. He just hoped the Potions master wouldn't kill him when he informed him of the plan. Albus did hope, however, that Severus would have fun where he was thinking of sending him.

Looking over his finished letter, Albus signed it and had Fawkes deliver it. When the phoenix had left, Albus noticed that Poppy had moved back to Severus' bed and was gently stroking the young man's face.


Somewhere in Japan a man was rudely awakened by a bright flash of light. Calming his racing heart, he saw a bird perched at the end of his bed. It took him a while to focus on a the bird before he smile and said, "Hello, Fawkes. You sure do like to make a big entrance, don't you?"

The phoenix looked at him as if to say, "Who me? You must have me mistaken for another bird."

The man chuckled and picked up the scroll that Fawkes had dropped on his bed. He wondered what would make Albus send him a letter so late at night. He hoped it wasn't bad news, knowing how bad the war was becoming in England worried him. Un-scrolling the letter he read:

My dear Suoh,

Please forgive an old man for disturbing you at this late hour, but I am afraid this cannot wait until later today. I need your help. You will recall that many years ago I adopted a young man named Severus Snape. His life is now in danger, and I ask that you please help me hide him. If you agree to do so, please send your reply with Fawkes and a time when we could meet to discuss the rest of the details. I shall await your reply.


Albus Dumbledore

Suoh sighed and ran a hand over his face. There was no doubt in his mind that he would help Albus. He knew that if he did help, not only would he keep a strong friendship with the old wizard but would also gain something for his business. Grabbing a pen, he wrote his reply and the time for them to meet on the back of the letter. When he was done he gave the letter to Fawkes and watched as the bird left with a flash.

"Well now, things are certainty going to get more interesting." Chuckling, he looked at his clock and saw he could sleep two more hours. As he laid back down, he hoped that his son wouldn't scare away their guest. "Yes, things are certainly going to get more interesting."

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