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-san: is the most common honorific and the one you're most safe to use when you don't know how to address someone. It's equivalent to Mrs./ Mr./ Miss.

-chan: is a term used usually with girls or younger boys. It is also used amongst lovers.

-kun: Used mostly for boys to express endearment or familiarity.

-Senpai: This term is used for someone who is older than you or in a higher level in school/work.

-Ohayo gozaimasu: Formal way of saying "Good morning".

-Arigato gozaimasu: Formal way of saying "Thank you".

-nii-san: Meaning "big brother".

Enjoy the chapter!

Hogsmeade was void of any life. The only sound coming from it was that of the burning buildings. Bodies laid scattered around the streets, some with surprised expressions on their faces, others with their bodies twisted in what had been a tortured death.

A sharp cold wind blew across the empty Hogwarts grounds as dark clouds swirled over the grand castle. More bodies of students who had tried to fight the evil force that had threatened them, and the bodies of the teachers who had tried to protect the students could be found around the castle. The sounds of tearing flesh could be heard as the small clan of werewolves, who had helped attack, feasted on their prize. The only cries could be heard from the Great Hall; a small group of people had been spared, if only to be witnesses to the end of the war and the start of a new era under the rule of Lord Voldemort.

"Harry Potter, foolish boy, your survival the first time was nothing but a fluke. But now, now here you are…dead beneath my feet. No Dumbledore to save you this time. No mother to stand between you and I. Not this time, you filthy little half breed.

Looking down at the still body of the Golden Boy, Voldemort sneered at it in disgust before kicking it away. Turning his back to the body he looked on to the group of prisoners his Death Eaters had captured.

"Now, how should I take care of you all? Should I kill you one by one? Force each and every one of you to watch as I kill you all? Or perhaps I should place you under the Imperius curse and force each other to kill one another. Yes, what better way to die than by those you thought to be your friends?" He made his way to the group. With his wand he forced one of the prisoners to stand. "But first, Severus Snape, I think it's high time for you to pay for your betrayal. Did you honestly believe you could play me for a fool? You're nothing but scum just like your Muggle of a father was. All of this is your fault. It's your fault that Dumbledore died, your fault that Harry Potter is dead. No one is to blame but you. And now here you are before me, a mere child.

"How easy it would be for me to kill you right now, just one flick of my wand, and you would be dead just like the rest. But I think the best thing to do is to let you be, allow you to watch as you grow old, how I rule the world and kill everyone who opposes me."

Severus tried to break free of the bond that was lifting him off the ground. Cursing his small body for being so weak, tears of frustration rolled down his face as he was forced to look into the red eyes of the demon named Voldemort. How he loathed him; more so than he had his father.


'What in Merlin's name?'

Voldemort opened his mouth once again. " Prince-san, wake up."

'What's wrong with his voice?' Severus thought. 'He sounds like a girl.'

"Prince-san, wake up. You have to take your potions!"

Severus' eyes felt heavy as he tried to open them against the bright sun that was hitting his face. 'Where is that strawberry smell coming from?' Slowly opening one eye, he found himself looking into the face of a girl. The sight shocked him so much he bolted from his bed and fell to the floor with a small yelp. "Ow… that hurt…" his voice muffled by the covers that had fallen on top of him when he jumped.

"Wait, don't move, let me help you," the girl said. Severus listened as she moved from the bed to his side and started working on freeing him from the sheet. "There we are," she said when he was finally free and sitting on the floor facing her. He could feel the blush that graced his face at the thought of what had just happened. He'd never been that startled before. Not even when the Marauders ganged up on him late at night when he was going to his dormitory after studying in the library.

"Are you okay? I didn't mean to startle you but it seemed like you were having a nightmare."

'A nightmare. Yes, thank Merlin it was just that.' Looking at her Severus asked "Who are you?"

"My name's Fujioka. Fujioka Haruhi."

"You're one of Tamaki-san's friends?" He asked recalling her name being mentioned yesterday when he had arrived.

"That's right. Tamaki-senpai said that you're going to be going to Ouran Academy and that you're going to be in the same class as me. You don't look old enough to be in high school, but then again neither does Honey-senpai."

Looking down at his lap he realized he was still in his pajamas. His blush coming back full force, he avoided making eye contact with the girl. "Uhm…Fujioka-san? Could you please get out so I can change?"

"Oh, right, sorry. I'll be outside waiting so you can take your potions." With that she made her way to the door, opening it and leaving, silently closing the door behind her.

"Potions? How in Merlin's name does she know I have to take them?" Not wanting to wait long to ask her that, he quickly got up from the ground and made his way to the closet were his clothes were. Remembering it was Sunday, he picked out some casual clothes to wear. Light khaki shorts, a black shirt and black trainers. Making his way the restroom that was in his room he turned on the faucet. Washing his face, he looked at the mirror, he was never going to get used to seeing himself as a child. Even in the magical world it was an odd sight.

Grabbing a comb he tried to control his rebellious hair. He would have hated Albus less had the old man not insisted they cut his hair to make sure no one would suspect at all that he was really Severus Snape. It wasn't short, probably the same length as Tamaki's hair, but it still bugged him. His hair was like a shield. He would use it to hide his emotions from others. Now he felt naked without the ability to do that anymore.

Taking one more look to make sure his face was clean and there wasn't drool on him, he walked back into his room. Looking at the untidy bed he decided to try something out. Thankful that the Japanese Ministry was less strict with underage magic he moved both his fore and middle fingers in a zigzag motion making the sheets rearrange themselves and neatly make the bed. "I'm going to have to work on that. I shouldn't have to concentrate so much."


'He sure is taking a long time. I hope he didn't go back to sleep.' Haruhi stood with her back to Prince-san's room waiting for him to come out. She was still trying to get over how small he was. She wondered what kind of a person he was. All she knew was the he had been in a horrible accident where both his parents had been killed and was still recovering from it. She couldn't imagine life without her father. So she couldn't fathom what that small boy was going through.

"Haru-chan ?"

The small voice pulled her away from her thoughts. Looking down she saw Honey standing in front of her with a small frown. "Are you okay Haru-chan?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry about me Senpai. I'm just waiting for Prince-san to come out."

The small senior smiled and took one of Haruhi's hands in his own while he held on to Usa-chan with the other. "What is he like? Is he big and scary? Is he nice? Is he mean? Do you think Usa-chan will like him? Do you think he will like Usa-chan? Do you think I will like him? Does he eat sweets? What if he hates sweets? What if he doesn't like anyone? What if…"

"Mitsukuni, that's enough," a deep voice came from their right.

"Takashi!" The small senior let go of a dizzy Haruhi and ran up to his tall cousin. "What are you doing here?"

"You weren't in the kitchens."

"Oh, the cooks said breakfast wasn't ready yet, and they didn't have any cakes so I came to look for Haru-chan to make sure nothing happened to her."


With the last of the dizziness leaving her, Haruhi walked up to Honey and placed a hand on top of his head. "Thanks Senpai. But remember I'm pretty good with my magic so I can take care of myself."

The small blond looked at Haruhi with wide, shinning eyes. "Haru-chan is so brave! Isn't she Takashi?"


The sound of a door opening drew their attention. The small group watched as a small boy the size of Honey stepped out of the room. The look on his face told them that he hadn't expected more people to be outside his room. After a minute of looking at them he bowed slightly saying, "Ohayo gozaimasu."

"Awwwww! Isn't he just so adorable?" No one knew where the Tamaki had come from, but at that moment he was squeezing the life out of the small boy. "Look at him being all proper. He was such a gentleman! Just like his nii-san!"

With this kind of torture, Severus doubted his ribs were ever going to heal. How was it possible for someone like Tamaki to have the strength to crush someone with their arms? Could he possibly be using a Strengthening Solution? Whatever it was, he didn't think he was going to be able to stay conscious much longer. He should have ask Fujioka-san for the potions before asking her to leave, that way he would have more energy to throw Tamaki off with his magic.

Without warning he felt the back of his shirt being pulled and his feet leaving the floor. A loud thud could be heard, and Severus looked down to see Tamaki face down on the floor. Looking back up, he found himself looking into the eyes of a tall boy with spiky black hair. "Arigato gozaimasu."


"Prince-san, are you okay?" Fujioka asked.

"I think so," Severus responded as he was gently set back down by the spiky hair boy.

Fujioka breathed a sigh of relief before turning to Tamaki, anger in her eyes. "You moron! Don't do that, don't you realize that it hurts him? He's still recovering from the car accident and there you go like some four-year-old hugging him as if you've haven't seen him in years. Why can't you ever think things through? What would you have told your dad had you hurt him?"

By the end of the rant, Tamaki had been reduced to a pile of ash. If Severus didn't have his eyes open and looking at the girl he would have sworn it was Poppy telling Albus off after the fool indulged in too many sweets. He didn't think there was anyone who could do that to Tamaki. But it was more than obvious that Fujioka had a very sharp tongue.

"Now, get up and apologize to him."

Tamaki slowly got up from the ground and with his head down he walked up to Severus. "I'm sorry Tobin-kun. But...but...you're just so adorable!"

It was still a mystery to Severus how someone could switch their emotions so easily. "Just, don't do it again," Severus said. For some reason he didn't step closer to the blond but stayed near the tall spiky haired boy. He'd much rather stay near the tall stranger than the strange blond boy.


He felt like he was being sucked into a whirlpool. So many people were being introduce to him, he didn't know how he was going to remember all of their names.

First had been the small blond he had seen when he came out of his room. Severus was having a hard time trying to put his mind around the fact that the boy who called himself Hunny was actually a Senior at Ouran High. The tall spiky haired boy was introduced to him as Mori, and he was also a Senior.

After they had left the hall, Tamaki introduced the rest of the Host Club. The Hitachiin twins, who had to be related in some way to the Weasley twins. Kyoya Ohtori was the last to be introduced, and the words that left his mouth as soon as his name had been said made Severus' blood run cold.

"Prince James Tobin; son to Ministry workers Tobin Valeria and Tobin James, who died two months ago in a car accident. Now your adopted father is the Dumbledore Percival Brian Albus. Your a blood type B, grade 11 and the youngest student to enter Ouran High at the age of fourteen."

Severus and the rest of the Club were now sitting in the living, having finished breakfast just a few minutes ago. He thought they were going to introduce themselves to him, not tell him what they found out about him. Not to mention that the bit of info he didn't want Tamaki to know was now out in the open.

"Hold on," Tamaki said his voice full of awe. "You're fourteen? But how can you be attending Ouran High if you're barely a freshman?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Twin voices asked. "The kid's a genius!"

"Wait a minute!" Severus said. "How do you know all that about me?" How was Voldemort supposed to not find him in Japan when a teenager was able to get that much information about him in just a couple of hours? 'Albus must really be insane.'

He'd barely meet the Host Club just a few minutes ago, and they seemed to know more about him than he did about them. Albus could surely use them as spies against Voldemort if they were capable of gathering so much information that fast. Hundreds of people could be saved and Potter would be able to finish Voldemort easily. Severus knew he had to be careful, if they could find that information so easily, then it would be a matter of time before they found out the truth about him; that he was actually Severus Snape, ex-spy, and on the most wanted list of the Death Eaters.

"Don't worry," the boy with glasses and the personality of an ice cube said. "All this information was legally gathered. We just wanted to make sure you weren't some homicidal maniac out to kill everyone."

'How can someone say that while smiling?'

Not knowing how to respond to that, Severus just nodded and moved closer to Fujioka. "Listen, can I speak to you in private?"

"No can do, little brother!" Before he knew it, Severus had Tamaki clinging off him like dead weight. "We have a full day ahead of us, and we can't waste another minute!"

"But I have to..."

"Come on, Prince-kun," the twins said pulling him away from Tamaki and dragging him towards the front door.

"Get your hands off my little brother! You'll corrupt him with your evil thoughts!"

"And you'll lower his IQ." The red-heads chorus.

"I will not!"

Faster than the speed of light Severus soon found himself, much to his embarrassment, holding on to Fujioka's hand and walking away from the twins and Tamaki. "Will the three of you stop acting like immature idiots? If we want to make it to the festival in time then we have to leave now." With that, she turned and went out towards the cars, Severus, Hunny and Mori following her.

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