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Chapter 1- Panic

Spike was fidgeting. If he had needed to breathe he would have been hyper-ventilating, or passed out on the floor because of his bloody nerves. Some hello that would be.

"Would you stop already?" Angel growled from the driver's seat.

That was one thing that could get Spike's mind off of what he was about to do. Torment Angel.

"Oh, is someone still jealous that good old Spike won the bet?" Spike said confidently from the back seat, his demeanor changing from worry to sarcastic in seconds just for Angel. "Rightfully so mate, I mean if I said I was going to slay the dragon and then lost a bet on it I would be a little upset to, 'course I'm not half the broader you are."

"The two of you bicker like an old couple," Illyria spoke from her seat in the back beside Spike.

"Yeah, well we all know which of us is the woman in that relationship," Spike muttered.

Since the battle for Los Angeles had been fought and...not really won, just put on hold for the time being, the four survivors, Angel, Illyria, Spike and Lorne had been busy.

Angel had been dealing with the Powers That Be, trying to find a way to permanently reseal the dimensional walls that had been broken that night in the alley. So far, all they kept saying was that Angel already knew the key to his problems. They were bloody poncy buggers according to Spike.

Spike had been defending the helpless in Los Angeles. With the dimensional portals only semi blocked off many lesser demons were still able to slip through the cracks. Helping the helpless reminded him of the old days, where he would go out and help Buffy stop the baddies. He was doing good, and heaven knew it was good for the soul. It also kept Spike busy while waiting for Angel to make good on his bet. Whoever was able to slay the Dragon first would get one thing, to be decided by the two of them. Angel had chosen for Spike to leave and never come back. Spike had asked for Angel to help him locate Buffy and help explain why he hadn't been able to contact her. With a final blow with a sword thru the Dragons ear canal Spike was able to lodge the sword in some of what he assumed was brain matter. He had given it a couple of stabs and a twist and the creature had headed for the ground quickly, where Spike had then, after removing a few of the Dragons scales, been able to send the sword straight into the dragons heart killing it.

Illyria was really the one responsible for stopping the continuous flow of demons from coming through the dimensional portals. In her previous dimension she had been a god of un-foretold power. She had explained that in case of an attack from another dimension - such as from Glorificus – she was able for a limited amount of time to block the hole in the dimensional portals. "I am not sure how long my powers will last in this dimension," Illyria had explained while they all collected themselves in the hotel lobby. "This dimension has many more dimensions pressing down on it than my home dimension did."

So, with the end of the world knocking repeatedly on the door, and an unknown amount of time before it broke the lock, Lorne had taken off. Wanting to live his life to the fullest, and to get away from the violent nature that his current life had taken, Lorne had left in search of a cold drink and a place to sing. Since the final night in the hotel none of them had heard from him. And that had been 3 months ago.

Three months! And Angel was finally making good on his deal to Spike. But it was only because it suited him. Angel needed help from Giles and Willow if he were ever going to solve the problem of the dimensional walls crumbling. And where one Scooby was, all of them would be.

Spike hadn't seen Buffy in just about 2 years. And god help him, he was shaking like a bloody school girl about to be bled dry by a vampire. They had gotten off of the plane from L.A. an hour ago, just before sunset. They had been trapped in the airport for an hour before the vampires could safely leave without bursting into flame. Now they were in a small car with Angel insisting that he drive, and with a blue god confused at Spikes nervousness.

"I don't understand why this girl frightens you so," Illyria stated staring at Spike with her unblinking eyes.

"That pet is because you never loved someone, then hurt them, then ran away, then came back, then died and hid like a bloody puppy who'd been kicked, and then showed back up in their lives," Spike rambled.

"No...I suppose I haven't," Illyria nodded, taking this answer as satisfactory.

"You know what's going to be funny?" Angel piped up from the front seat for the first time, "When Buffy punches you in the nose."

"Trust you Peaches to get a kick out of me bleeding from the face," Spike scoffed. "But you're probably right. It's also going to be funny when she knocks you out and chains you up in the basement because she doesn't trust someone who works for the biggest, baddest demon legal firm in the world."

Silence filled the front seat and Spike smirked in victory. Annoying Angel to no end always distracted Spike from the impending doom that he was about to dive head first into. With his worries gone for the moment Spike leaned back in order to make himself comfortable. He was about to make another snide comment about Angel and his law firm. Unfortunately, Angel spoke first.

"We're here"

Bloody Hell!

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