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Chapter 21: Plans

"Good morning, gentle viewers." The blonde boy began as he looked across his bedroom at the video camera, making sure that his Star trek figurines were visible in the background along with his poster of the Justice League. "I am Andrew Wells, your host for this episode of Buffy, Slayer of the Vampyres: The Heart, Soul and Key against Pure Evil."

Andrew scribbled on his notepad that he would have to make some sort of graphic to go across the screen with the title and episode name when he was editing the whole video together. He then turned back to his tripod and smiled out at the audience.

"Now many of you may remember my previous film was cut short because of conflicts with the lead character about what was important for the defeat of the apocalypse," Andrew rambled, glossing over his incident with the Seal of Danzalthar, "But this time I have been specifically asked to capture the moments before and during the biggest battle of the Slayer's life…to date that is."

"This is a story of love, friendship and the triumph of good versus evil in a dimension trapped between heaven and hell. So, sit back and enjoy," said Andrew as he envisioned himself back in his library dressed in his Hugh Heffner coat and sitting in a high backed leather chair, "And I will show you-"

"Andrew! We are out of scones again and the British men are complaining about tea time!" Dawn yelled through the closed door of Andrew's bedroom.

Andrew sighed as he heard Spike yell in protest about not caring about scones, completely ruining his last take with the camera. "Coming! Well gentle viewers I must first brave the kitchen and then I will show you what it is that is worth fighting for!"

Andrew entered the kitchen holding his new video camera while he went to the freezer to pull out some of the extra scones he had made last week, and placed them on a baking sheet. He whispered to the camera, "The secret to a good scone, viewers, is all in making sure they are fluffy and light."

"Thank you, Andrew," Giles replied from the table. "It wasn't as dire as Dawn made it sound, but tea is never quite the same without a scone or crumpet."

The other British man sat at the dining room table as well. Neither of them commented on the presence of the camera, it had been Spike's idea after all. Andrew was going to document this fight so future generations will be able to see the contrast or pure good versus pure evil. So instead of crushing the camera that had driven them mad years yearlier, they ignored it as they had been informed to do when Buffy and Spike announced what they had planned on making Andrew do. "Personally, I always thought Tea wasn't quite the same without a shot of whiskey."

"You do realize that you're an alcoholic, don't you?" Giles looked over the rim of his glasses at the vampire.

"He's not an alcoholic," Buffy replied for her vampire, walking into the living quarters and sitting right beside Spike wrapping her fingers through his. Andrew zoomed the camera in on the couple's hands thinking of all the possible voice-overs he could do: 'their true love wasn't intoxicated' or maybe 'they're love drunk'. Andrew snapped out of his creative thought process just in time to hear Buffy's opinion on Spike's drinking. "He just needs more flavor because his taste buds are dead."

Giles raised an eyebrow, but didn't try to argue with the couple. "Right, then. I believe we have some battle issues to discuss."

"Yep," The Slayer responded. "Dawn has found a way for her to seal up the wall for good and not run out of energy. So now we need to restructure battle formations."

Buffy, Spike, and Giles all leaned over the blueprints together and began discussing where they thought Vi's group should be located at the battle site. "Now Audience, I know you might be interested in knowing what exactly the gang is planning, but I feel it would provide greater shock value if when I show you the actual battle you are seeing it for the first time. That and listening to them talk about strategy is wicked boring."

This comment earned Andrew a glare from Buffy as he made his hasty exit to the backyard. "Instead I will show you something that I'm sure you can all relate to: Slayers training for the fight of their life."

While Andrew followed the concrete path to the back fence he spoke into the camera trying to keep it steady. "Now young padawons, you will no doubt be accustomed to training…assuming that we save the world, that is. What is hoped is that you are not accustomed to training in preparation for an apocalypse with drill sergeant Alexander Harris."

Andrew slowly peeked around the door frame of the warehouse wanting to avoid being a test subject for Xander. Slowly, Andrew aimed the camera lens towards the mats where Xander had the Slayers practicing.

"Ladies! That's going to get you killed in an apocalypse! Run the drill again! This time not sucking is advised!" Xander yelled out over the group of teenaged girls. He paced the room as he watched the girls run the combination of punches and kicks at their adversaries (heavily weighted practice dummies).

"That's better Anna! Use your size as an asset rather than a liability," Xander commented to the slayer as he made his way over to Carly to correct her footing.

"This is what happens the day before the end," Andrew spoke to the camera. "Everyone works their hardest, and pulls out all the stops because they don't want this to be their last day-"

"Andrew!" Xander yelled, "Stop being a creeper and get some training in!"

An audible gulp was recorded by the microphone. "Well Audience, now you will get to see something that only Dawn, Xander and Giles have ever seen before. My fighting skills."

The camera screen shook as Andrew tried to maneuver it to get a wide angle shot of the whole area while resting it atop the First Aid counter. Andrew's face was suddenly filling the lens while he adjusted the zoom. Andrew spoke under his breath, but due to his proximity to the camera the words came out as if he had spoken them aloud and directly into the microphone. "Prepare to be pleasantly surprised, Buffy."

The camera recorded Andrew as he walked to the mats and took a few practice jabs at the dummy. Andrews's eyes briefly glanced at the camera before Xander yelled at him to pair up with one of the slayers. "First person to make Andrew's back hit the mats gets the rest of the day off."

Anna went first. She swung a punch at Andrew's face and then made a sweep at his legs no doubt thinking she could take the baker down easily. Andrew dodged both maneuvers and then preformed a leg sweep successfully. Anna landed on her back and glared up at the small blonde boy.

It went on like this for awhile. The slayers would take turns fighting Andrew and he would dodge and block until the most opportune moment occurred. Then his much smaller amount of strength would take the slayer by surprise and she would land on the mat looking at the ceiling. The camera caught everything, right up until Andrew was too tired to keep fighting. It was Carly that got lucky. She saw Andrew's attack just in time to turn it against him and send him sprawling to the floor. Andrew lay there for a moment looking at the ceiling, catching his breath before Xander's shadow fell over his face.

Xander extended his hand down to the nerd and pulled him up. "You did good man. You can go. And Andrew, you don't need any more training."

Andrew nodded still breathing heavily and walked towards the camera which was still on and was currently capturing the rant Xander was giving the slayers: "Let that be a lesson to you. Never judge a book by its cover. I don't care if it looks like a teddy bear when we face down that hell dimension. If it comes through that tear in the dimensional wall, then you kill it. Understand?"

The camera shook again as Andrew picked it up and faced it towards himself. "I hope you enjoyed that, because it's probably the last time you will ever see it….Let's go look around and see what else I can show you audience."

Giles cleaned his glasses for the third time in the last hour while trying to make battle plans with Spike and Buffy. So far they knew where the slayer teams were going to be placed, but they were having difficulty deciding where Dawn would be safest in order to seal the walls up.

"What if she was hidden?" Buffy asked. "Could Willow do like a glamour or something?"

As if summoned, the witch entered the room and replied, "We could try, but I think that these hell demons might actually be drawn to the magic. I'm assuming that they'd try and kill the enemies with the greatest power first. It might confuse them and make Dawn more of a target."

"Willow's right," Giles conceded. "Could she perhaps be located at a separate location?"

"Nibblet said it would work best if she was at the initial break, in sight of the walls. It's why we are going to war. Otherwise I'd be sitting in Willies right now waiting for her to finish up."

"What she needs is a personal bodyguard…." Buffy started. "Someone who would be able to watch her back… Normally, it would be me, but I think that I'm going to have some pretty big fish to fry…"

" Not only that, but Spike can't do it either," Willow pointed out. "Remember in order for Dawn to maintain her power you guys have to be positioned behind her so the three of you form a triangle."

"Willow or Xander?" Buffy asked looking at her watcher

"Both are heading their own teams…? They could be pulled off to protect Dawn…" Giles trailed off, but everyone knew that they couldn't be. Willow was the big gun and needed to be fighting the demons that were coming through the walls, and Xander was going to be hollering orders at multiple teams of slayers and making sure that they stayed alive.

"I'll do it." The group all turned their heads to face Cale who was standing in the door way. "I'm a good fighter. And I will protect her. Besides, I bet you guys didn't even know what you were going to do with me in this fight. I might as well be protecting the woman I lo-.. who will save the world."

Buffy eyed the young boy for a moment. He stood unflinching under her gaze, confident and wanting to help. Buffy already saw all she needed to know in Cale's eyes. He would protect her until the end of the world. Spike gave her hand a squeeze, making her look at him for a moment. The couple seemed to be thinking the same thought. This was going to be Cale's second chance.

"Alright. Set Cale up with Dawn. I'm thinking if we set them up here they'd be mostly out of the way and still right in front of the wall." Buffy pointed at the blueprint while Cale let out a breath that he didn't know he had been holding.

"Thank you."

"As long as you protect her with your life, then I won't regret this decision," Buffy responded, meaning every word. "Dawn is more than just the key that is needed to save the world. She's my sister. If she dies in this and you don't-"

"I won't live if she doesn't. I'll make sure of it." Cale's voice was steady and truthful. At Buffy's nod he turned and left the room only to be confronted by a smiling Fred.

"Hi…" Cale looked at the smiling petite brunette for a moment. However, her smile wasn't a joyful smile. In fact, Cale hadn't seen her produce any kind of smile since she'd stopped being Illyria. Come to think of it, Illyria never smiled either.

"You haven't told her, have you?" Fred asked with her faint Texan drawl.

"I haven't told who, what?" Cale asked not knowing what he was being asked. But there was a feeling at the back of his brain that said he did know and was just too much of a chicken to admit it.

"You haven't told Dawn that you love her," Fred stated it like she would any other fact. She didn't wait for a response, because it wasn't needed, before she continued, "Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who loved each other for so long, but never said anything. They lived secretly pining away for each other, afraid to act on their emotions. This went on for years. Then one day the man gets a reality check and tells the woman how he feels. They have a few blissful days together before she is taken away from him. And when she comes back she finds he has died. And you know what she regrets the most? The years that were wasted holding back their feelings for each other; years that could have been spent together."

Cale listened to what Fred said and his heart broke for the woman he barely knew. Her overwhelming grief was clear in her voice. That's why she couldn't smile a true smile. Her heart was broken. Broken so badly that it affected her whole world. "I understand."

"If you understood, you wouldn't still be talking to me." Fred's words were barely out of her mouth before Cale was thundering up the stairs to Dawn's room.

"What did you say to him?" Angel asked entering the room with just enough time to see Cale's legs as they ascended the stairs.

"Nothing really," Fred responded emotion caught in her throat. "Just trying to make sure history doesn't repeat itself."


Dawn was sitting at her desk. Not preparing for the apocalypse for tomorrow. Instead she was putting the finishing touches on her Ancient Folklore paper. It was her way of reassuring herself that the world wasn't going to end. Because when she helped save the world, Mr. Pert wasn't going to buy the excuse of an apocalypse as a reason to hand in a paper late. Actually, Dawn was thinking about investigating Mr. Pert. There was something a little too cold about the way he treated his students. He was probably demonic in origin.

Dawn jumped when the knock sounded at her door. She wondered who could be knocking. Buffy and Willow always called out to her when they entered. Standing, Dawn went over to the door and pulled it open to reveal Cale standing in front of her. "Oh, hey."

Things had been awkward between the two of them ever since Dawn had figured out who Cale was. And Dawn knew that most of it was because of her over reaction. Now that Dawn had had time to cool down she knew that Cale couldn't have been expected to know who she was. But with everything that had been going down she hadn't had time to apologize.

"Okay, so I know things have been weird between us Dawn, "Cale started off, talking at warp speed. "And I really wish things hadn't gotten so screwed up. Because I really like you Dawn. I like when we used to hang out at school and talk about anything. I like that you're kind of brilliant, but so humble about it. I like the way you laugh and the way you can handle yourself in a fight even if it does hurt my manly pride a little bit. But we haven't gotten to hang out like we used to, or laugh at each other. And I realize that part of that is because of the apocalypse.

"But I don't want to go into battle tomorrow knowing that I didn't tell you the truth about how I feel. I….I don't just like you Dawn, I love you. And I don't want there to be something as stupid as a misunderstanding standing between us if this is going to be the end." Cale slowed down just in time for Dawn to hear the sincerity in his voice as he spoke the words, 'I love you' to her.

Buffy and Spike watched the tape in her bedroom, cuddled up on the bed. Her head was lying on Spike's chest as they watched the video that Andrew had taken that day. He said if he lived through the fight that he would edit it himself so that future generations would have a record of what had transpired. And Buffy was actually happy about that. At first she had been wary of Spike's idea, thinking that it wouldn't help much, if at all. But Andrew had surprised her in more ways than one.

The video was actually pretty good. Sure Buffy knew some parts would need to be edited, but in the end Andrew had really captured what was important. There was footage of the girls training and laughing with each other. In another shot, Giles leaned over the shoulders of the girls as he explained something in an obscure text. Andrew's camera panned over the faces of the girls showing just how much Giles had become a father figure to them. Further on there were shots of Buffy, Xander and Willow laughing on the couch as they discussed possible tactics. Xander had gotten them all laughing by reminding them of Anya suggesting that they drop a piano on Glory. And then there was footage of Buffy and Spike together. And while it had been kind of creepy, Andrew had captured every moment that the two had had that day. Buffy swore that she could see the love radiating off both of them as they shared a look across a table or a soft kiss in the kitchen or when their hands touched as they pulled each other off of the training mats.

Andrew had filmed their family. And that made Buffy smile. They told him that they had to compare the purest of good in the world to the horror that future slayers would be forced to face everyday. And he had done an amazingly perfect job.

The second thing had surprised Buffy so much that it had made her sit up on the bed and just stare at the television screen. A subdued Andrew was sitting on the bed in his room; all of his memorabilia was out of sight. Buffy was riveted and listened to every word that left Andrew's mouth:

"So now you've seen it. The best and the worst of this world. And hopefully you get the point of this video. Hopefully, you continue fighting for all the right reasons." Andrew spoke clearly into the camera without any affectation. The screen went blank.

Buffy stared at the screen a little longer. Then Spike broke her thought process. "A little preachy at the end…"

"But he- he got the point across," Buffy pointed out. "Who knew Andrew had so much insight?"

"Who knew Andrew was such a good fighter?" Spike added, "I mean he went up against 10 slayers before he got tired."

"Xander said he'd been helping train him…" Buffy explained. "He understood exactly what needed to be said."

"Yeah, he did love. Life's not nearly as much fun without having people around you to love," Spike said as he pulled the slayer down to lean against him again.

"We will have to thank Andrew in the morning." Buffy smiled in to the black t-shirt before giving a big yawn. "God, I'm so tired."

"It was a long day love, strategies and training all day. You need to get some sleep if we are going to do this tomorrow." Spike ran his fingers through her hair.

"I know. It's just that so many thing are running through my head that have to be do-" Buffy's mind went blank as Spike lips pressed down on hers sending sensations down to her toes. The Slayer ran her arms up Spike's chest and wrapped them around his neck. A few minutes passed before Spike let the Slayer up for air. Buffy was now sprawled across his body breathing heavily.

"So love, if there are all these slayers, why do you keep doing it?" Spike questioned after moment. "They could figure it out themselves."

"Mmm, because it's a satisfied tired. Buffy used her arms to push her torso up enough that she could look in Spike's eyes. "Since The First, I haven't wanted to stop doing what I've been doing. I love helping these girls learn how to fight, and how to deal with their new powers. It gives me a purpose that I've never felt before, even being the slayer. I'm lucky. I know what I love to do, and who I love to do it with."

"And what about an ordinary life?" Spike asked, smiling at the confident woman that he could now lay claim to.

"Life, an ordinary life, would be boring," Buffy replied. "I'd rather spend my life continually making plans to save the world, then to stop and do nothing."

A smile spread across Spike's face that Buffy was only able to see for a moment before his lips were pressed against hers.

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