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He watched everything go by in his mind as if it was playing from a television. He saw her face, those perfect lips, beautiful eyes, her long blonde hair, her slender, curvy figure…he saw everything. But she was gone; she had been ripped away from him cruelly and quickly. He hated the fact that it had been right under his nose, that his nemesis' plan had worked. He slammed his fist down on the table and looked around at his companions.

"I will not lose her! I have loved her since the day our parents introduced us five months ago! This attempt to take my throne will not work, his plan will fail. Now…all of you tell me what we can do to out with this fool…"

His voice was filled with anger and torment. He was now thinking of what they could be doing to her…his fiancée. The future queen to his throne. She was his other half, his confidant, his soul mate. She was a wholesome, good, sweet angel. She was a treasure among the people, always listening, always caring, and always giving back. Children adored her, women idolized and envied her.

He turned away from his companions and looked out the terrace windows towards the east. His eyes narrowed as he spotted the familiar outline of the castle in the east barely on the edge of the horizon.

"I will get her back, and you will die, King Bradley."

Chapter One

"I really don't see the point in buffing, powdering, primping, and polishing every single part of my body to meet one person. Even if he is the future heir to the throne."

"Elizabeth, humor your mother. This match has been set up since the day you were born. She just wants you to look your best."

"Well I think it's ridiculous. But I do love this gown, it's my favorite."

Elizabeth Victoria Hawkeye, daughter of Duke Nathaniel Thomas Hawkeye and Duchess Marie Anne Hawkeye, was never one to dress up for tea, let alone Wednesday tea. However, she supposed today was to be an exception, considering she would be in the presence of the King and his royal family. The Duke's family was the only one in the kingdom not directly related to the King's family by blood or marriage. That was soon to remedied however.

"Oh my darling Elizabeth! You look absolutely gorgeous!" Marie Hawkeye gushed as she entered her daughters' dressing chambers. Elizabeth's light cream colored gown shimmered in the sunlight streaming through the windows, and her golden hair was twisted into an ornate chignon with baby's breath weaved in. The gown was one of her favorites, she had so many it was hard to chose, and this was also one of the less ornate ones.

"I still don't see why I couldn't just wear my usual tea dress. Why do I have to wear a gown and get all fancy just for the King and the Royal Court?" Elizabeth said calmly, taking her shawl from her hand-maiden.

"Elizabeth, when you enter the palace, you will realize why, my dear. The entire court dresses this ornately everyday for tea, and you will have to do the same when you marry the prince."

"Just seems like too much of a bother for some tea. I'm going to change that rule…" Elizabeth mused to herself as they all walked out the door.

"Now, now Sadie, there's no reason to fret! My parents won't be there!"

"Oh but…if they are…you would get into so much trouble…your highness…"

Prince Roy Mustang smirked eloquently, charming the girl in his arms even further. It was no secret to anybody that he was a ladies man, and there was no doubt in anybody's mind that he had, indeed, bedded a girl or two since his 18th birthday two years ago. However, he did try to be as discreet as possible, he did have a reputation as a Prince to maintain and keep polished and unmarred.

Though his given name was Royal Percival Mustang, most people besides peasants and lower middle class tended to call him Roy, others called him by his formal title. He also tended to forget sometimes, that in addition to being a prince, he also had certain duties to attend to on a daily basis. Such as tea time…

Sadie walked quickly along with Roy, blushing deeply at what she knew was about to happen to her maidenhood. She let out a terrified giggle, which excited Roy all the more further as he opened the door to the grand hall. And then stopped dead. "Oh damn…tea time." He muttered.

"Oh my goodness! Jonathan, my darling! This exquisite beauty is sure to captivate our son!" Queen Christmas Mustang exclaimed, grabbing her husbands' hand and letting out a small gasp as the Duke and Duchess arrived with their daughter. The whole court had turned to greet them, and many of them were awed by Elizabeth's beauty.

"Yes, she is quite the beauty isn't she?" The King whispered to his wife, smiling warmly as the Duke came forward to make the necessary greetings.

Elizabeth wanted to blush as she felt everyone stare at her upon entering the grand hall, but she managed to avoid it. Her eyes glanced around at all the different faces, trying to seek out a familiar one, but she couldn't find any. She laughed inwardly, she had never had a real friend, and she had been sheltered up until now. The closet thing to a friend she had was her maid, and she wasn't allowed into the hall. She would have to make friends in this new world; she would have to push her boundaries.

"Welcome! Welcome to our home! I am so pleased that you have come! Now, I am sure that our son will be along soon, I do apologize for his tardiness!" The Queen's tinkling voiced seemed magnified by the vastness of the hall. Elizabeth managed a small smile for her future mother-in-law, and bowed before her, following custom and kissing the ring on her finger.

"It is wonderful that you have humbled us with your gracious presence. Your imminent union with our son brings us great joy, young Elizabeth. We could not be happier with our choice." The King spoke in a soft, strong voice.

If Elizabeth had to describe the King she supposed that she would say he was handsome. He was tall, with dark hair and even darker eyes. He seemed well built and stood proudly in all he fine clothes. He looked like every King should look, strong and proud and noble. The Queen was somewhat small, with a very busty build and long brown hair. She had big blue eyes and a wide smile. She wasn't beautiful, but she wasn't ugly either. Elizabeth continued musing as she answered their praises; they were both very nice people.

As they all sat down to tea, the hall filled with the quiet buzzing of everyone's conversations. Elizabeth's parents conversed quietly with the King and Queen, and Elizabeth listened quietly, and was quickly startled by the sound of the hall door opening. Her head jerked up and her eyes widened as everyone else went dead quiet.

"Oh that foolish boy, how could he forget?" Christmas hissed quietly, setting her tea cup down.

'I suppose that would be my future husband. So the rumors are true…he's quite the play boy everyone makes him out to be.' Elizabeth thought quietly to herself. She set her tea cup down and watched as one of the courtiers got up from his table and rushed quickly to the door.

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