The Face of True Evil

Summary: Who was truly responsible for all the pain and suffering of season 6? Warning: Character death.

Warning: Not feline-friendly. Character death.

Timeline: Season 6.

Challenge: from the forums on TtH "It may be completely against the spirit of the thread but I hereby issue the Misskittyfantastico-bash challenge!" by jrabbit.

A/N: This is meant to be a semi-humorous piece. Please don't take offense.

Thanks to my betas: no one, this is unbeta'd.

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Summers home

'Foolish humans!' Miss Kitty Fantastico thought to herself. 'They can't see what's right in front of them.' If they had even an ounce of her brilliance, they'd know who was the real threat to their pathetic lives.

She purred evilly as she tore up yet another of the witches' spellbooks with her razor-sharp claws. That would make them suffer for being 5 minutes late with her dinner last night. And what to do to pay them back for getting a cheap brand of kitty litter? Oh yes, presents left in their favorite shoes…that should do the trick nicely.

Now to get to her real plotting.

What could she do this week to make the group of warriors fight with each other? Maybe an illusion spell to make the Scoobies think the blonde Slayer was having sex with another vampire? Or a compulsion spell to make the Watcher leave the group? Ahh, a spell to summon a singing/dancing demon and blame it on the Key or the Zeppo.

She cackled malevolently at the havoc this would cause. Especially when they learned the Slayer was in heaven – a fact she made sure the red witch was unaware of when she cast the resurrection spell. That would fracture the group even more than making them forget to dig the girl up first.

As she prepared to cast the spell, Miss Kitty Fantastico – and her name was the main reason she hated these humans – barely took any notice of the Key's presence in the room. Before she could recite the final words, she heard the annoying little monster mutter, "Oops," and felt a sharp, stabbing pain as the world turned black. All her evil genius work undone by the clumsiness of a bratty teen with a crossbow.

A/N: Hope this fulfills the challenge. *grin*