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Title: Edward Cullen's Girl

I dont own anything. All the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I am just borrowing her Characters. I wish the characters did belong to me but they dont.


When Isabella Swan goes to see her grandfather in the small town called Forks. She feels compelled to abandon her successful career as a psychologist in Phoenix to go and search for him in Forks Washington.

Isaballa finds the hostile town, she is confronting deeply threatening and isn't reassured by her guide, the renegade Edward Cullen, a mysterious, potentionally dangerous guy who offers little hope of protection in the steamy town of forks.

But Isabelle is not about to be put off and as she is determined to find her grandfather - at any cost - she sets off on a journey in the town that will irrevocably change her life forever.


Sweet heaven, what was he doing? he wondered, finally hearing the alarm bella clanging in his head. What was she doing to him? He set her away from him with a violence that made her stumble back against the chair she'd been sitting in. She stared at him, her eyes wide and dark with a seductive mix of passion and fear. Her hair tumbled around her shoulders in golden disarray. Her mouth, swollen and red from the force of his kiss, trembled. She stared at him as if he were somthing wild and terrifying.

Wild was exactly what he was feeling - out of control, beyong the reach of reason. His chest was heaving like a bellows as he tried to draw in enough oxygen to think straight. He speared his hands into his hair and hung his head, closing his eyes. Control . He needed Control.

Control. She'd lost control -of the situation, of herself. Isabella swallowed hard and pressed a hand to her bruised lips. How could have this happened? She didn't even like the man. But the instant his mouth had touched hers she had experienced an explosion of desire that had melted everything else. She hand't thought of anything but his mouth on hers, the taste of him, the strength of his arms, the feel of his body. Shivers rocked through her now like the after shocks of an earthquake. Heaven help her, she didn't know herself anymore.

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From Sarah