Chapter 1 To Earth

It had been ten years since Galvatron sacrificed himself to give Cybertron back a sun. Oriona Pax could reflect on that knowledge and still feel the stinging pain of losing her mate to a destiny that should not have been his. As much as she hated to admit it, she needed his assistance in running Cybertron. For some strange reason, the entire population of Autobots refused to follow her orders anymore. It was as if someone had convinced them that a femme could not lead them on her own and that she needed a mech beside her at all times to hold her hand and guide her.

Which brought up another problem; suitors. Mechs from all over Cybertron were turning up and attempting to win her hand. She did not know where they were all coming from, only that they were grinding on her nerves worse than anything ever had. They all thought that since Megatron was gone that she was fair game and could be courted so long as they tried to do it discreetly.

Of all of them, Jetfire had to be the worst. He would hound her every day and make her fall behind on her paperwork while constantly trying to remind her of all the good times they had shared. She was growing more and more tempted to just ram his head into something very sharp and ship him off to an infirmary for the rest of his life.

Cybertron was not recovering from the war at the same speed it had been before Unicron's shocking reappearance. Nothing was being built up again and things were falling into disrepair. She could not get the building companies to start up again because they refused to listen to her. She was getting frustrated quickly and she felt horrible for everyone that could not afford to stay in the houses that had been remodelled in Iacon.

At the moment, she was sitting in the crystal gardens outside the Prime Mansion hidden from view. She really just wanted a moment of peace to remember why she was still fighting onwards with her mission when so many obstacles cropped up to knock her on her aft. She pressed her palms to her face and let out a lengthy sigh of disappointment and sorrow. The only comfort she had at the moment was the continual warmth offered from the Sun and the knowledge that Galvatron was slowly growing stronger within.

Wingsabre was long gone, having gotten an upgrade from Primus that allowed her to fly freely through space without the need to refuel every few hours. She took off shortly after, saying that she had places to go and places to see. Oriona knew that it was to escape the lonesome feeling of having their mate so close but lacking the ability to hold them. It was spark-wrenching and annoying all at the same time and Oriona was surprised she had not gone insane yet. She just wished her friend was there to help keep her company when she needed to hide from the suitors.

She onlined an optic as her com link went off and she answered it with a sad sigh. "Yes?"

"Oriona," Red Alert's voice brought her a little closer to coherency. "You need to see this."

She was worried about the tone of voice the medic was using and informed him that she would be there soon. She stood up and headed out of the garden, pausing long enough to press her palm against the trunk of one of the fragile trees. She headed towards the command center, slipping past a few suitors as they tried to greet her with false smiles and sweet words. She entered the command center just as Hot Shot came sliding in, his arms pin-wheeling to keep himself upright. He was still trying to get use to his new body after the upgrade Primus had given him.

"What's the problem?" she asked as she helped her son stay upright.

"Look at the screen," Red Alert replied as he pointed at the screen just above his head as he started typing away. "Scattershot spotted it first."

She looked up and blinked at the image of their sun hovering in the center of the screen. It looked a little odd to her, like it was getting squished around its equator and poles. She stared at it before she realized that it was starting to be sucked inwards by forces beyond her sight. She looked at Scattershot for an explanation and saw that he was typing away like mad while biting his fingers in panic. She was scared instantly when she saw how he was reacting and looked back at the sun in worry; Galvatron and Starscream were still in there.

She gasped as she watched the sun's light suddenly beginning to fade. Scattershot shouted that something bad was happening and that they were all going to die. Side Swipe sat up from where he was working in front of the monitor and started shouting for the sun to start reacting again. Oriona watched as the sun suddenly turned black and started to collapse in on itself. In that instant she knew what was happening; the sun was forming a black hole!

"No!" she screamed. "This can't happen!"

She watched as the last of the sun's light faded away and instead became a pinprick in the center of the screen that split open. She watched as bits of debris lying around the edges of the newly formed black hole were sucked in. She felt tears spilling down her face and she shook her head in an attempt to get rid of them. She let out a weak so at the same time Side Swipe and Hot Shot let out wails of despair. Ironhide, who was in Kaon trying to get a new housing development underway, sent a wave of panic and confusion down the bond.

She felt her legs give out beneath her and she hit the ground with a very audible thud. She hid her face in her hands as she let out a spark-wrenching sob and shook her head again. Ironhide understood immediately and his wail of anguish destroyed what was left of her resolve and she collapsed into tears without even bothering to look strong in front of her soldiers. She could hear someone else crying not far from her and she wondered for a moment who it was. She then forgot about it as a set of arms wrapped around her and tried to lift her up.

She flailed her arms around and shoved at whoever was trying to touch her, snarling at them to leave her alone. She heard Jetfire's voice telling her that everything was going to be alright and she felt herself snap. She shoved against his chest hard and sent him stumbling backwards.

"How can everything be fine, Jetfire?" she screeched. "Maybe you didn't notice, but the thing we fought for at the end of the war ten years ago just collapsed on itself and is sucking everything in!"

"Everything will right itself," Jetfire cooed. "We'll figure something out."

"WE LOST TWO SOLDIERS IN THAT BLACK HOLE!" she screeched. "Or did you forget about them too? You seem to be getting pretty good at that, aren't you, Jetfire?"

"Oriona, I," he started to whisper before she shoved him backwards against the wall.

"Drop it already, Jetfire!" she screamed. "Everything we've fought for is gone...and we aren't so far behind it now either."

She turned and stormed out of the command center, wiping tears out of her optics as she went. She heard mechs call after her in shock, but she kept her head down and just ploughed on. She made it into her quarters and she locked the door securely behind her, disabling the password setting on the touchpad beside the door. She crossed the room to her berth and collapsed on it with a sob of defeat. She hid her face in her arm, her spark wailing for the mech that had perished in collapsing star.

She fell into recharge tossing and turning in despair. Her spark wailed constantly that day and well into the night for her mate. It was only after many hours of tossing and turning that she finally slipped into a dreamless recharge where she was lying still. She did not hear the jet engine that roared overhead or the sound of someone landing on the balcony outside her room.

The mech that had landed tilted his head curiously at the sight of her curled up on her side with her face hidden from view. Icy blue optics blinked before the glass doors leading out onto the balcony were gently pushed open. The darkness of the room was broken momentarily by the artificial lights that Iacon was infamous for flooding into the room as the doors were opened. The mech pushed them back into place the moment he entered the room, pulling the drapes that hung beside them closer together to block out of the light better.

He turned back towards Oriona and a small smile crept over his face as he walked swiftly towards her. His feet barely made a noise as he approached, his weight evenly displaced over his stride. He stopped beside the bed and sat down beside Oriona's recharging form. He reached out and gently ran the tips of his fingers along her shoulder, relishing in the soft armor that almost conformed to his touch. Oriona gasped as she onlined her optics and whipped herself around to stare at him. Her golden yellow optics widened in fear before she started trembling.

"How did you get in here?" she demanded with a quaking voice. The mech looked towards the glass doors and quirked an optic ridge curiously at her when he spotted her sickened expression. "Never mind, you aren't welcome here," she stated coldly. "Leave!"

The mech tilted his head before letting out a deep rumbling laughter. "Not welcome in my own room?" he asked with a fanged smile.

Oriona's optics widened even more before she leant forward to see the mech's face better. "Galvatron?" she whispered in disbelief before she reached out to touch his cheek.

He took her hand gently in his and nodded his head. "Megatron," he corrected gently. "Galvatron was the name Unicron gave me and I refuse to be associated with it."

She smiled before commenting that she should smack him for being so indecisive. She flung herself into his arms as a new wave of tears started to fall down her face. She sobbed that she thought she had lost him and that he was a fragger for not contacting her to let her know that he was alright. He held her close and rocked her reassuringly in his arms as he whispered that he had not been aware that there was a problem until the last few hours at most. By then she had passed out and waking her would have been disastrous. She whispered that he was an aft before she heard the door to her room open.

"Mom?" Hot Shot called a little shakily. "You okay?"

She looked over Megatron's shoulder and sniffled slightly as she watched her three sons framed in the doorway. They were staring at her like she was crazy and Megatron turned his head slightly to get a good look at his sons. She watched Ironhide and Hot Shot bristle at the sight of another mech in her berth but Side Swipe's face brightened up instantly before he let out a small cry of delight.

"Dad!" he shouted before charging towards the berth.

Megatron smiled as he stretched an arm out to catch his son as he leapt onto him. He snuggled against him in an instant, his adorable blue optics shimmering with tears. Megatron pulled him close and kissed his head reassuringly as he cradled him like a sparkling as he shook with silent tears. Side Swipe had never been embarrassed about crying in front of anyone and knew better than most mechs about the stress it released after a good cry. He snuggled into Megatron's chest as tears fell down his face and Megatron smiled gently as he held his son close. The two of them had formed the closest bond since the end of the war over the Minicons so it was only natural that they were get that close and be that sensitive.

"I missed you," Side Swipe whispered.

"I missed you too, little one," Megatron cooed.

Hot Shot and Ironhide walked over with wide eyes and stared at Megatron as Side Swipe pushed his face into his chest. Oriona smiled fondly at her mate before Hot Shot blurted out that he looked different. Megatron glanced at his hands and moved them slowly around. He commented that intense heat and a parasitic spark will do that to someone. Oriona sighed before resting her head on his now spiky shoulder and murmured that it did not matter to her anymore because he was home and safe. He stroked her cheek in adoration before whispering that he would not be leaving her for a very long time.

She smiled up at him before her com link went off and a very loud, very high-pitched squeal almost blew her audio. The four mechs cringed in pain as the squealing continued and all she could make out was "Starscream", "back", and "aft". She turned off her com link and smacked the side of her head several times to get the ringing to stop before she commented that they should head down to the command center. Megatron grumbled that someone needed to get their vocalizer fixed before he stood up and dropped Side Swipe onto his feet. He grinned happily before chirping that the femme was just excited to see Starscream. He grumbled that the youngling was probably right before they all left for the command center.

When they walked in, they found many mechs with their hands clamped over their audios as Flamewar swung a larger Seeker around and squealed quite loudly. All of them expect Megatron gawked at the red femme as she spun the purple, red, and blue Seeker around and around. The other Seekers were laughing at the display, stating quite loudly that she was reacting like a mate would. She shouted at them to shut up and let her hug her cousin to death for ditching them.

Oriona blinked in surprise as the other mech finally managed to break out of the femme's grip and stumbled away clutching his side. His design was strange, even by their standards, but he was startlingly familiar. His purple optics seemed to bore into Flamewar as she spun around in a circle squealing that he was back. He grumbled before giving his head a hard shake before he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I suppose you haven't noticed that Megatron is back?" he asked with Starscream's familiar and distinctively scratchy voice.

"Megatron?" Flamewar demanded before spinning around to stare at them. "MEGATRON!"

"Slag," Megatron grunted before he was tackled.

He took one step back before returning the squealing femme's hug with a soft chuckle. Oriona took her chance to leap onto Starscream's chest and hug him tightly, whispering that she was sorry that Wingsabre wasn't there to greet him. He replied that he understood why and didn't really blame her for leaving since things had started to get hectic. They both looked up at the rather low growl and smirked at the sight of Jetfire glowering at Megatron as he set Flamewar down on the ground, the femme still squealing uncharacteristically.

"Alright dear," Thundercracker laughed before he walked over and took her by the arms. "I think you've killed everyone's audios now. You can stop."

"But, but, but they're back!" Flamewar chirped.

"I'm sure everyone can see that, dear," he stated before kissing her cheek.

She let out another whine before slumping and crossing her arms over her chest. She grumbled about something and Thundercracker laughed before pulling her close and nibbling on her audio sensor. She let out a much louder squeal before snuggling into him and telling him that she would kill him later when there were not so many witnesses. Skywarp snickered beside Starscream before he whispered that they were going to need audio-plugs for that night. Starscream's face reddened before he looked at the screen over the main console.

Scattershot was working diligently away at his station, his back quivering with each movement he made. Oriona wondered for a moment why he had not greeted his father when she realized that the mech barely even knew him. On top of that, Starscream probably didn't realize who he was either. She made a mental note to introduce the two of them later on. She watched the blue youngling pause before he let out a soft yelp.

"Hey, we have something opening up over headquarters!" he shouted before he brought an image of a green space-bridge up on the main screen.

Everyone stared at it in wonder for a long time before Megatron made the comment that they should go see what it was. Oriona cleared her throat before agreeing with him, feeling slightly embarrassed that she had forgotten about finding out what the oddity was. She ordered everyone outside, pleased when no one argued for once about her authority. They all headed outside and they stared up at the green space bridge, whispering between themselves as to where it came from.

Thundercracker let out a shout before the nose of an ancient Cybertronian spaceship emerged from the spacebridge. They watched in awe as it turned towards them and transformed to reveal a just as ancient mech. He landed with a soft thud before them as three little Minicons hid behind his legs and peered out curiously at them. A few of the femmes behind her whispered how cute the three little ones were and they looked at each other proudly before timidly moving away from the ancient mech's legs. The mech smiled down at them before turning to look at her and Megatron.

"I am Vector Prime," he greeted before nodding to them. "I believe that you are Optimus Prime, sir?"

Megatron's optics narrowed in distaste. "Optimus Prime has not existed for twenty years," he stated coldly. "I am Megatron, her mate and co-ruler."

"Not existed?" the mech asked in shock before pausing and looking down at her, understanding dawning in his optics. "Oh! I am incredibly sorry, ma'am! I was under the impression that Optimus Prime was the name of a mech! So, the infamous leader of Cybertron is a femme; about time."

Oriona smiled before nodding her head. "Please, call me Oriona," she replied before tilting her head. "You said you were a Prime?"

"I was one of the original thirteen created by Primus in the beginning," he replied with a small smile. "I earned the title Prime shortly after...well, I'm sure you know your history."

"That's why your name is so familiar!" Starscream suddenly chirped. "I had to do a project on you in World History back at the Academy. You become the guardian of time."

The old mech smiled before nodding to him and confirming that he was who he believed. Oriona could only stare in shock at him; one of the original thirteen Transformers created by Primus? That made him completely ancient! He turned his ancient optics on her and seemed to pause for a moment before nodding his head.

"I'm sure you are aware of the black hole hovering over Cybertron?" he asked. "It is destroying the very fabric of space; we must stop it."

Oriona sensed her mate's interest perk up at the mentioning of destruction of space but pushed it aside as she asked what he was talking about. He explained that the black hole was Unicron's final attempt to satisfy his intense hunger. Megatron and Starscream shared a glance before rubbing their head in embarrassment. Jetfire sneered at them and was quickly turned on by the other Seekers. Vector Prime glanced at Thundercracker and Skywarp before looking at Starscream curiously.

He asked him if they were his trine mates and Starscream nodded his head. Vector Prime tilted his head before nodding slowly and asked if Flamewar was his mate. Both of them made the exact same disgusted face before replying that they were cousins. Vector Prime apologized immediately before commenting that he merely assumed that since they were standing so close that they were mates. Flamewar smirked before snuggling against Thundercracker and letting out a low purr that evoked a similar noise from the blue mech as his arms snaked around her waist. The old Prime lifted an optic ridge before chuckling and shaking his head.

"Do you have a plan for getting rid of the black hole?" Megatron asked.

"We must find the Cyber Planet Keys," the old mech replied, turning to look at him with slightly with narrowed optics. "And the Omega Lock that they reside within."

"The what?" Skywarp asked in confusion.

"They are ancient artefacts created by Primus and scattered around the galaxy when the Old Ones left to explore the cosmos for other planets with life," Vector Prime replied.

"Must have been the history class I slept through," Megatron commented with a bored expression.

"You slept through a class?" Oriona asked with a small glare.

"The teacher's voice was very boring and even made the gruesome battles of Kaon sound like they were beating each other with wooden boards," he replied with a small smirk.

"That bad?"

"That bad."

Oriona smirked at him before looking over at Vector Prime to find him staring at them in awe. She shifted a little and he seemed to snap out of his trance with a small cough. She asked him what he suggested they did and he replied that it was best to get all of Cybertron's occupants to a planet far away from Cybertron. She and Megatron exchanged glances before he turned to Starscream and the other Seekers and ordered them to get the word out that everyone was to evacuate to Earth as soon as possible. They all saluted before turning and taking to the air, splitting up to cover more ground.

Oriona turned to Jetfire and started to order him to do the same thing. She was stunned when he just stared at her like she was crazy. He looked away and snorted at her order, acting as if she hadn't said anything.

"Jetfire, she gave you an order," Scavenger stated coldly.

"My orders come from Optimus Prime," he replied evenly. "Not this little femme."

Megatron took a step forward with a dangerous snarl. "Your leader is Oriona Pax and your loyalty should be with her no matter what form she takes," he spat viciously.

"That's rich coming from you, Galvatron," he sneered in reply. "If I remember correctly, you were fighting against us less than twenty years ago."

Megatron's frame rattled with rage before he stormed forward and grabbed him by the throat. He snarled for him to head out to the outer cities and spread the news that everyone was to head to Earth. Jetfire glared at him before he was dropped onto his aft and told to get moving. He turned and took to the sky, his red visor flashing in outrage. Oriona sighed before rubbing her forehead in irritation; why did he have to cause so much trouble for her?

She ordered everyone else back inside to prepare for the trip ahead of them. Scavenger and Landmine patted her shoulder affectionately as they walked by, nodding to one another as they headed inside. Prowl and Bluestreak gave her apologetic smiles as they walked past, whispering to each other that Jetfire was becoming more of a problem each day. She sighed in exhaustion before Vector Prime rested a hand on her shoulder.

"His actions are no one's fault but his own," he stated gently. "A broken spark is a monstrous thing. Give him some time to move on."

She sighed before nodding, patting his hand in thanks. Megatron stopped beside her before gently wrapping his arm around her waist, his anger already waning. She reached up to touch his chest gently, smiling up at him in understanding before they turned towards the building and headed in. She was not aware of Vector Prime's worried look at Megatron's back or the soft murmur of blessing he asked Primus to give to both of them.

"The darkness in his spark is still there," he murmured before sighing. "Primus, please don't let history repeat itself with these two. They deserve better than this constant spark break."

Author's note: I'm back! And with the final story arc for the It Takes a Girl trilogy! Whooo! This one is going to explain EVERYTHING, hopefully. Right down to the nitty-gritty stuff 3 Hope you like the last instalment. But be warned; there will be an Animated-version that will follow it. Hope you enjoy everything!