Chapter 10 To The Speed Planet

She was unsure when they started moving. All she knew was that by the time she realized the Megatron was moving he was almost out of the hole that Starscream had made in the hull. The others were right on his heels, thankfully. Megatron shouted that everyone had to move and she immediately heard lots of engines roaring as they flew as far from the ship as they could get.

"Good to see Megatron's still a gentlemech," Flamewar called as she flipped over Megatron's back and flew beside him. "Wait…is your arm bleeding?"

"Landed on my elbow and broke it," Oriona sighed bitterly.

"Ow," the Seeker replied with a wince before they all pulled up and turned to watch the ship that had started to self-destruct.

It exploded so viciously that everyone was blown back farther. Shivering, she cuddled against Megatron's chest and listened to everyone whisper about the consequences of the ship blowing up. She didn't think anything horrible would happen. To be honest, she was more worried about bleeding out. Clearing her voice, she looked over Megatron's shoulder in search of Ratchet or Quickstart.

"Are the medics on call?" she asked.

"Forgive me for lacking the proper mods to fly around in space with ease," Quickstart remarked as she floated towards them. "We can't all be Seekers."

Smiling, Oriona carefully turned herself enough for Quickstart to begin the necessary repairs. The medic began to fix her arm and, true to form, cursed her out for being overly reckless and stupid. Looking away from the mess that was slowly starting to look like an arm again, Oriona took in everyone that had showed up to save them. Two mechs stood out immediately to her and she blinked at the familiarity of them.

"Who are they?" she asked, nodding towards the two mechs.

"Not really sure," Thundercracker replied as he floated beside Megatron. "They just showed up, said 'follow us', and led us right to here. I can get them over here for ya if ya want." Turning his head, Thundercracker gave a rough sounding grunt to get the two mechs' attention. "Hey, you two; bossbots want to see you!"

Immediately, the two mechs flew over, but Oriona noticed that the taller of the pair was oddly jittery and nervous. As they came to a stop in front of her and Megatron, he actually tried to duck down behind his companion. Oriona gave Megatron a curious look and tried to best to smile at the two mechs even as Quickstart hit a nerve cluster a little too hard.

"Thank you, both of you," she commented around the pain. "We owe you our lives."

The two mechs looked at each other for a moment. The taller mech's facemask was bouncing a little but he was not saying anything that they could hear. The smaller mech simply stared out of his facemask and visor combination, his pale purple optics flashing momentarily before he turned to look at her.

"You owe us nothing, Oriona," he replied in a very familiar voice. "We are merely even."

Oriona tensed in Megatron's arms as he gave a very low rumble. It wasn't quite a growl, but it was a warning sign. Not similar to the one he frequently used with Jetfire to make him back down, but one that was almost telling the other mech to stay back. She wasn't sure why he would growl like that at a complete stranger, but as she watched the taller mech cringe and try to cower behind his smaller companion yet again, everything clicked into place.

Gasping in shock, her one good hand flew up to cover her mouth. Megatron's response was to hold her close to him in spite of Quickstart's snarls to "remain still, slaggit" and growl again at the two mechs. The shock wore off quickly for her though and almost immediately she was holding her one good arm out towards the cowering mech.

"Thrust, stop hiding behind Sideways and get over here," she demanded, ignoring Thundercracker's completely dumbstruck stare.

Megatron only let out a faint whine as the cowering mech zoomed over to hug her tightly. Quickstart, obviously annoyed that she could not work properly, sealed off her arm and snapped that she'd finish after they was done being stupid. Oriona returned the hug happily, petting the small wings she found tucked under the armor on his back. She watched Sideways as he shifted a little, only to dodge to the side as Starscream tried to tackle him.

Thrust pulled away to watch, bringing his hands up to his mouth as he giggled. Sideways was being hounded by all of the Seekers and was doing a fairly decent job of avoiding their attempts at an aerial dogpile. However, he either did not know that Skywarp could teleport or had forgotten about that fact because he wound up with Skywarp hugging him tightly around the chest and holding him still for everyone else to pile onto.

"Isn't that cute?" Quickstart sighed before folding her arms over her chest. "A dogpile of Seekers; guess that means they approve of your sparkmate, Thrust."

"Good news for me," Thrust replied, his voice actually sounding a little deeper than Oriona remembered. "Now I just have to hope that my sister approves of him. Although, if Starscream does, I'm sure she will."

Oriona chuckled before Scattershot hurried over and informed her that they were getting a call from Red Alert on the Speed Planet. Megatron ordered them to patch the call through, glancing at Vector Prime as he comforted the Minicons and their human partners. He asked if Vector Prime still had the Omega Lock and nodded when Vector Prime waved it at him. Oriona understood why he was worried about the Lock; if it had broken, they would have been set back indefinitely.

"This is Red Alert," Red Alert's voice echoed down the com link, wavering a little as static crackled just behind him. "Can everyone hear me?"

"For the most part," Oriona replied. "What's wrong?"

"It's Hotshot," he sighed. "He's in rough shape. Something's gone wrong and, well, it's best if you come see for yourself."

Oriona nodded in understanding right before the com link shorted out and earned a round of cursing from Scattershot. That prompted Starscream to demand to know if his mother knew he spoke like that and Scattershot let out a squeak of fright. Laughing, Oriona looked at Vector Prime and asked him to open a space bridge to the Speed Planet. Quickstart glared at her before commenting that Red Alert could finish fixing her arm for her and to not do anything stupid.

Leaning on Megatron as Vector Prime sliced a rift in the very fabric of space, she reached into her spark in search of the Matrix. The image of the Speed Planet appeared in the rift and she sighed as Megatron picked her up.

"To Speed Planet," she ordered.