Title: The Veela Equation

Rated: T-M

Pairing: Jasper/Harry, previous Lucius/Harry. Sorry, but I don't want Harry to be a perfect virgin.

Summary: Jasper and Harry, two lonely creatures betrayed by people they trusted. What happens when the two meet on a common ground?

Warnings: MALE/MALE - Slash. Adult Situations, darkish type themes. Voldemort supporting, sexual situations, violence, underage sex, adult language, and other such things. Veela!Harry, Darkish!Harry.

Note On My Harry: I have taken liberties on doing what I want with Harry, you won't find him typical in this. He is a Veela, thus meaning he's gorgeous enough to rival Rosalie and yes, I've added a little bit of an effeminate affect on him. If you don't like that, please look elsewhere for a fic. I'm not changing it.

Before You Read: I wasn't going to ever write another Twilight/HP crossover, because I quite frankly became sick with it. But, this idea has been hounding me for over a year. I've written on it but I never intended to post it. So, here it is. There's no definite plot as of yet. I'm juggling with several ideas that I may ask you about later.


- Chapter One – Standing Still

Am I standing still

Beneath the darkened sky

Or am I standing still

With the scenery flying by

Or am I standing still

Out of the corner of my eye,

Was that you? Passing me by – Jewel

He saw it coming without having to possess the foresight. His gift was that of emotions and they were his eyes, they told him the truth when words did not. He sat in complete silence surrounded by beautiful green wildlife. The condensation from the rain a half hour previous hung in the air with the fog mixing and mingling until it was impossible for even a vampire to see ahead.

He sat on an old rotting log in the middle of the forest. The birds and small critters were utterly silent having hidden from the rainfall. He was trying to come to terms with everything he already knew about. -

It was fifteen hours ago that he heard their words of confession but it was over four years that he felt what they couldn't say before. He had braced himself and prepared for inevitable confrontation, all that backlash that would come with it.

Now it was here, it came skidding to a head and slammed forward into his face. What was he to do now? He thought quietly as he concentrated on his pale hands. He didn't really know he wasn't even sure if he belonged here any longer. But one thing he did know was that there was no reversing this.

What did it matter? Jasper Whitlock/Cullen thought exasperatedly. It's not like he wasn't used to being alone. He'd done it for years before any of them came along; he was professionally skilled at it.

He heard the noise from the edge of the forest, felt and smelled the approaching vampire until finally the trees broke.

Jasper peeked up; his usually light gold eyes were the colour of dark bronze almost like that of whisky. He locked on a man who actually had similar features to him, the leader and father of the Cullen Family, Carlisle Cullen. While the man/vampire's hair was pale blond, Jasper's was darker more honey and rich which crept down over his ears and neck. Both were pale as was normal for their kind. Carlisle's face was narrower and he always seemed pleasantly happy and he usually was.

But not this time, Carlisle radiated worry and fear. The fear was so strong and saturated; it was obvious that he was worried that Jasper would take off at a moment's notice. He looked away from his father.

"I don't want to hear any words of sympathy," Jasper said formally. His voice to this day still carried a tiny fragment of a southern drawl. "What is done is done, I knew it was coming, I was merely waiting on it," he said emotionlessly.


"I'm not leaving," Jasper answered and even though he didn't have his brother's ability at reading minds, he knew what Carlisle had been about to say.

Carlisle breathed out a sigh of relief and sat down on the log next to him. "Thank God," he said in relief.

Jasper didn't comment on that and instead focused on not feeling the emotions rolling off the compassionate leader.

"When are you coming in?"

"When I can handle being around everyone again," Jasper said. "I don't wish to speak or listen to apologies and feel guilt."

Carlisle nodded even though he wasn't happy, Jasper felt the sadness. It was the one thing that Jasper hated about his kind, in books and movies they said that vampires have no emotions. That was the biggest lie Jasper had ever heard of. Their emotions were amplified just like their sense of smell, hearing, and sight. To say a vampire had no emotions because they don't show it on their still form faces was hypocritical, especially when they didn't know the truth.

Did Jasper feel spiteful about this whole situation? Yes, he did. He felt it quite a bit and he had resisted tearing both of their heads off. But it was also his fault for allowing it to continue for years before intervening.

At the time he didn't want to make those hard decisions. He remained ignorant and allowed it to play out like a bad dream.

He appreciated Carlisle's support immensely but right now he only wanted to be alone. The silence vibrated from tree to tree. The weakened day slowly disappearing into the threshold of night, the stars popped out big and bright and yet Jasper remained on that log with Carlisle by his side.

"You should eat soon, your eyes are dark," Carlisle commented softly.

"Are they?" Jasper asked sounding like he was distracted by something interesting. "Go on back in Carlisle, Esme has to be getting worried."

Carlisle gave a human sigh, there was no need for such a gesture but he was used to it, having to remain human in a hospital picked up human habits. They all had those habits, even Jasper. "She knows where you and I are. She's more worried about you, Jasper."

"Tell her, I am fine," Jasper muttered. "I don't need a headache of nasty emotions right now," he said shortly. He'd repeated that same statement several times now, just using different forms. But it remained the same, short and emotionless.

"Alright Jasper, but please come in soon," Carlisle said touching him on the shoulder.


How was he going to deal with this on a day to day basis? Edward Cullen in his head for one and Alice would still try and mother him like she owned him.

It wasn't going to happen. If they really believed that they would continue looking out for him then they had another thing coming. He would do what he had to do and that was that, until he was able to calm down and process all this more strategically then he was going to pretend those two did not exist.

A mind over matter sort of deal. It was all that he could do right now. Thinking the strategy and following through with it was a whole other matter.

It wasn't until the break of dawn and a school day that Jasper finally headed back toward the wide open glass paned house. Although, he had told Carlisle he wasn't going anywhere, he wasn't being entirely honest. He didn't know if he could remain but he would see, though to be truthful Jasper didn't know if he still belonged or not.

He ignored everyone as he went to his room to change into new clothes.

There was a tap on the door and he frowned when he smelled Alice. He pretended she didn't exist as he buttoned up the dark blue long sleeved and tucked it into some black jeans. The knock came again.

"Come on Jasper…"

If Jasper wasn't a gentleman he'd have told her to fuck off already but instead, he brushed a hand through his hair and grabbed his things.

He opened the door to see the short pixie like girl standing there, her eyes downcast and she was filled with worry and guilt. Talk about nauseating, Jasper thought. He gave her no expression and walked right passed her.

"Jasper!" She reached out to grab his arm but he was too fast.

"Don't touch me," Jasper said feeling the strain on his voice. He wanted to hiss it, he wanted to attack that was the monster part of him, and the betrayal of this kind was really a severe thing with vampires.

Alice slipped her hands behind her back and toed the ground. "Can we talk?" He ignored her completely.

Jasper left for downstairs and allowed Esme to hug him. She was looking exceptionally pained. "Did you eat sweetie?" she asked in concern.

"No, I'll do so this afternoon," he said fishing through his bag. "I'm taking my car."

"I'll come along!" Emmett said cheerfully by his side.

The large curly haired vampire was always happy. How did he do it? He showed absolutely no sign of sympathy or even sadness in any of his emotions. He was carefree, a buffer that Jasper could actually use right now.

"Alright," he said turning and leaving the house.

Emmett beamed. "Yah! I love your car man, you never drive it!"

"I will more often," Jasper said ignoring Edward sitting parked in front of the house in his Volvo.

Sitting in one of the many garages was Jasper's personal car, a white Jaguar C-XF, a present from Esme last year. The windows were black and it was fully loaded.

Emmett was full of excitement as he slipped in the front, crush velvet light blue seats and the silver stereo was absolutely magnificent.

"Don't forget me!" Rosalie crowed rushing through, blonde curls flipping and flapping against her petite shoulders.

Emmett barked out laughing as he jumped back out and Rosalie squeezed in between them.

"A hot car for someone as hot as me!" Rosalie said smirking.

"Perhaps, I'll let you drive back then?" Jasper suggested. It was the least he could do.

Her face lit up. Jasper flew out and swerved around Edward and Alice in an instant.

School wasn't something he was looking forward to at all, especially on a day such as this. He wondered how he would get through it but he found his answer when he entered first period alone. It was the first time that Jasper wondered if there was some sort of fate yanking on the strings of life.

His strategy was about to be shattered and all because of some unknown creature sitting in the desk next to his.

He was beautiful, became Jasper's first thought. He hung back briefly to process this creature; long raven hair fell silkily down his back, he was extra slender more than your average male and his skin was as pale as a vampire except there was something more to it. A crème like sheen that gave a glow in the lighting. His eyes however were wide and captivating with a shade of green that looked like coloured lenses. He had an oval shaped face, a small nose, and subtle pair of lips. He was wearing black slacks that covered most of his slightly inclined black boots and a crush red velvet long sleeve shirt that was form fitting. He had a black beaded necklace around his neck and when he pushed his wild bangs behind his ears, Jasper caught a glint of silver.

All of this, Jasper noticed in the span of nanoseconds.

The second most interesting thing that Jasper picked up was the fact that he was not human. For one thing he was too beautiful and for another his blood even from the doorway that he stood in wasn't right. It was blood but the smell was different, it was nice and light but it wasn't tempting.

What was he?

With slow and carefully human placed steps, Jasper headed over to the boy, his eyes picking up the features as he drew closer.

The teenager's gaze shifted from nothing at all to him in an instant, their eyes interlocked. Jasper placed his bag down slowly and sank into his seat. Just like Jasper the boy did nothing to hide his stare.

The emotions Jasper was hit full on with a wave and he nearly tipped over, he'd been so overwhelmed by his presence that the feelings had been delayed somehow. He breathed in sharply.

The boy noticed this and quirked an eyebrow. "Hello?"

Jasper blinked at the accent. "Good morning," he managed to get out. "You're new?"

A blazing beautiful smile graced elegant features and lit the room up like a light bulb. "Yes!" he said too quickly and then blushed brightly giving off a scent that once again hit him like the emotions. Definitely not human, because he wasn't hungry. It was something more and what it was, he had no idea about. "Harry Riddle, what's your name?"

"Jasper Hale," he answered appropriately. "It is nice to meet you," he said and he meant it.

Harry smiled. "Same to you! So is everyone this nice? I've never been to a school like this before," he said suddenly and sheepishly.

"Yes and no. I don't really associate with anyone," Jasper admitted. "In fact, you're the first person I've spoken too."

Harry bit down on his lip. "I guess so…" he looked around the room. "You're not a human."

Jasper didn't ask how he knew and nodded. "Neither are you."

"No," Hadrian said softly. He ran his fingers up and down the ridges of his notebook. "I'm not."

It went silent and both boys shifted and looked the other way, Jasper attempting to get his thoughts in order while Harry was biting his lower lip still.

Coming to Forks, Washington was a good idea, Hadrian thought idly. Although, he had been warned that there were werewolves and vampires, both of a different kind than the ones in his world. The werewolves weren't vicious and the vampire family only feasted on animals.

His surrogate father gave him all the information he would ever need to come here and get out of the raging war.

Harry Riddle formerly known as Harry James Potter had made a major life altering decision a few months ago. A decision that he didn't regret for anything in this world. It may have been a darker decision but it was the best.

For the first time, Harry had decided to be selfish. After Dumbledore's machinations came to light he had made the decision to leave the side and be considered a traitor. The prophecy was shattered and neither would bow to it and instead he was taken in as a son and given a new life.

A chance to be free.

All Harry's life his heritage had been kept from him. A dormant gene in his blood from his mother's side had awakened, Dumbledore had attempted to close off Harry's newfound powers by masking them behind muggles and multiple blood wards that would keep the truth secret. Why he kept it secret? It was because as a half-Veela, Harry was resistant to many spells, potions, and other such magical devices.

It was the reason why Harry had been nearly immune to the Imperius Curse. To be immune to these things meant the bonds that Dumbledore set on him when he was a baby would be shattered.

However, Dumbledore had forgotten one small detail, Harry's blood had been taken and given to another, whether by will or against made no difference.

Lord Voldemort gained those powers without any restrictions. The Dark Lord's mind and sanity was back in full thanks to Harry and in return, Lord Voldemort freed him thus forming an alliance between the Dark Lord and Boy-Who-Lived.

Now, here Harry was under the guise of Harry Riddle. He was to stay put until Tom and the others wanted him back.

He paused in his thoughts and once again assessed Jasper, the beautiful non-human in front of him.

He was gorgeous, damn! Harry thought in awe. He could easily be a Veela as well. He had wavy honey blond hair, beautiful round face with wide but intense dark whisky like eyes. He didn't seem to smile which made him even more irresistible. He was tall and very well built one could see that so very easily.

Jasper's hands were flat on the table. Harry was dreadfully curious, Voldemort had told him that the vampires weren't harmful here and that they were actually rather kind, especially the clan leader.

Harry was about to ask a question when the bell rang and other kids came running in causing the teen to sink back in his chair.

Eyes fell on him and he quickly shifted his attention to his books. The whispers broke out and Harry couldn't help but feel a stir of panic raging through him.

Jasper gave a human blink and peered over at Harry who seemed to have shrunken a fair few inches and there was stress on his beautiful face. He was panicking! Jasper cringed inwardly and consciously sent a sliver of soothing calm emotions to the creature and almost smiled when boy visibly relaxed.

He gazed over. "Did you do that?" he asked curiously.

"I did," Jasper said with a nod. No reason to hide it now, he thought

"Thought so, thank you," he said tuning the whispering students out.

"Alright. I'm curious, Harry, what you are," Jasper said quietly.

"Do you know what a Veela is?"

Jasper's eyes went wide and he turned to Harry fully. "You - are - a - Veela?" he mouthed.

Harry nodded. "Is that bad?" He didn't know anything about Veela and Vampire relations.

"No," he trailed off. "It answers everything."

Harry blushed and brought his small shoulders up. "I see. So, that's a good thing?" he asked innocently.

Jasper gave him a slight smile. "Yeah, Harry that's a good thing."

"Yay!" Harry clapped and bounced before turning his attention to the front. "What do we learn here?"

"Boring senseless things that you and I do not need," he answered factually but he placed his language book in the middle of them.

Harry snickered and leant up. "Hm, I can't read it," he whispered. The teacher was speaking in Spanish and he was completely and utterly lost.

"That's okay, I can," Jasper said back. "Where are you from exactly?"

"Britain," Harry answered softly.

"I see, why are you all the way over here?"

Harry chuckled. "To not be noticed?" He couldn't tell the vampire the truth.

"Ah," Jasper murmured. He understood that, his family tried to do that endlessly. "I understand that," he insisted.

"I guess you would."

"Mr. Riddle, can you read the last sentence for me?" Everyone turned to Harry who went completely still.

He gulped and peered down at the nonsense words.

"It is every bit as dark as it is light in your heart," Jasper breathed hoping he could pick up vampire whispers.

"It is every bit as dark as it is light in your heart," Harry repeated perfectly in Spanish. Boy, that sentence was a bloody mouthful! He thought in horror. Definitely truth.

"Excellent! You know Spanish even if you are a Brit!"

"Eh," Harry mumbled unintelligibly.

Whispers broke out. "He's British?" A young girl with a ponytail asked.

"Wow, I've never met a British guy before!"

"He's cute!"

"He's a pretty boy."

Harry groaned quietly and sunk back in his seat for the second time. He hated being noticed. He looked over at Jasper when he felt those calming waves again. "Thank you," he murmured again.

"No problem," Jasper said flipping the page.

When the bell rang, Harry pulled out his timetable as he stood. Jasper chuckled so very musically that it made Harry pause and look over. Wow! He thought as the blond peered down at him. "Do you need help?" he asked.

"Uhm, well, kinda?" Harry held out his timetable. "Don't really know where anything is around here."

Jasper nodded and glanced briefly at it. "You are in luck. You have the same classes as me. It doesn't surprise me," he said suddenly going grim. "The one who had your schedule changed out," he said handing it back.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked walking next to the really tall beautiful vampire.

"Your schedule was someone else's."

"Your girlfriend?"

"Ex," he said sharply.

"Oh," Harry whispered, "I'm sorry." he said realizing he hit a sore spot. "I didn't mean to pry."

"It's not your fault," Jasper said quickly. "Let's not worry about it, building 4 for us."

Only one person had the courage to come up to Harry with Jasper by his side and it was a girl named Jessica Stanley. She was leaning against Jasper's desk talking animatedly to Harry who was looking at Jasper for help.

"Excuse me, you are in my way," Jasper managed to say while holding his breath.

Jessica gasped. "O- Oh I'm sorry!" she said as he sent waves of fear her way. She started to breathe heavy, her cheeks becoming red, and she scurried away as though someone had slapped her.

"Thank you."

"That wasn't just for you," Jasper said breathing out.

Harry chuckled softly. "Blood problems?" he asked playfully.

"Yes," Jasper admitted. "I have the worst time."

"My blood doesn't bother you does it?" he asked in concern.

"No." Jasper shook his head. "Not at all Harry," he said honestly.

"Good," Harry said sweetly, "that's a relief."

It was two classes later when lunch finally rolled around. All these people were really unsettling, Harry thought wrapping an arm round his waist as he tugged his bag closer to him. The good thing about all this was no one knew him. No one knew his name or pointed at his scar in whispers.

It was a relief. Jasper paused in his steps and turned to Harry. "Want to have lunch with me, Harry?"

Smiling, he nodded. "I would like that, sitting alone sounds kind of scary," he said sheepishly.

Jasper grinned. "Don't worry about that," he said softly. "I won't leave you alone."

Harry swallowed. He liked that even if it came from a complete stranger. It was nice to hear. Jasper led them through the winding halls toward the cafeteria.

"You may meet my family," Jasper said softly. "There's quite a few of them here."

Harry smiled. "Alright, but I'm running if I get sick because of my nerves."

"I won't let you get sick," Jasper insisted.

"Right, we'll see," Harry teased playfully.

Conversation with Harry was too easy, Jasper thought as he grabbed a tray. They ignored all the humans around them. His family hadn't arrived yet, which was good, for some reason Jasper wanted Harry to himself.

Harry picked up fruit, vegetables, and a bottle of ice water. Jasper didn't know what to get so he copied.

"You don't eat," Harry murmured.

"It's to keep up appearances," Jasper whispered. "You know?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, it wasn't hard," he said deciding not to tell him that he'd already been warned.

They paid for their food and Jasper sat them at a table that was as far away as you could get.

Harry curled his legs under him and picked up a carrot and munched on it while staring around the room. "Different from where I came from."

"Is it?" Jasper asked curiously.

"Mhmm, I went to a boarding school," he confessed.

This intrigued Jasper. "Really?"

"Yeah, every year."

"Your parents send you?"

Harry shook his head. "I don't have parents."

"Oh," Jasper said surprised. "What happened?"

"They were murdered," he admitted taking a cucumber.

Jasper's eyes widened. "Ah, I'm sorry am I hitting a sore subject?" He didn't detect sad emotions but one could never tell.

"No," Harry insisted with a smile. "It's alright. I was a baby when it happened. A bunch of wrong information got passed on and my parents were victims because of it."

Jasper felt and smelled them before they approached, he gazed up at the exact same time they came through the back door. Alice and Edward were walking hand in hand together. Rosalie was glaring at Edward and Alice, while Emmett was whistling with his arm around the fiery blonde who didn't look pleased.

"There," Jasper said barely audible.

Harry gave a hm? And looked up in time to catch sight of four very beautiful people. The tawny haired guy next to the tiny girl stared at them with visible surprise on his face. His eyes then narrowed on Harry who resisted the flinch and looked away.

"Eh, your brother is glaring at me," Harry said in a small voice. "Perhaps I should go?"

"No, you're staying," Jasper said sharply. He pointed out who each one of them were.

Swallowing, Harry was hesitant. "But if they-"

"It's not his fucking decision," Jasper said coldly as they drew closer. How dare Edward believe he had any right to intimidate Harry. He had to bite his tongue to keep from growling and scooting closer to Harry. 'Don't even think about it, Edward,' he warned in his mind. His instincts had kicked in way too quick.

Alice's eyes widened at his language.

"Jasper!" Emmett crowed bounding over. "Whoa, who are you?" he said wide eyed.

Rosalie frowned at Harry and looked to Jasper sharply. Alice was looking confused and Edward seemed agitated.

Jasper cleared his throat. "His name is Harry Riddle, he's with me," he said simply.

Harry peeked up at them. "Hi?"

"Strange…" Alice said dazedly.

"You, aren't human," Rosalie whispered taking a seat nearest him.

Harry bit his lip and shook his head. "No more than you are." Wow, she was really beautiful, he thought mildly. He wasn't surprise, all vampires had an otherworldly glow about them but Rosalie seemed to just exude beauty. She could have been mistaken for part Veela, easily.

"What are you?"

"Veela," Harry answered eyeing Jasper's cucumbers.

The blond handed them over, quirking his eye a little as the teen dipped them in his ranch dressing.

"…" The group was speechless at Harry's response.

"He's in all my classes," Jasper said watching Harry pick through the vegetables. He wondered briefly if Harry was a vegetarian.

It was stiff in conversation and Harry didn't feel like he belonged. No one but the big guy talked, although Rosalie seemed alright. She was eyeing Harry up and down, assessing him critically. He really hoped he passed whatever judgment she was passing on him.

Harry felt like he were intruding on something he shouldn't be aware of.

After several minutes of this, Harry picked up his tray and dumped it. He came back over and looked at Jasper. "I'm going to the restroom, see you later Jasper. Nice meeting you lot," he murmured turning and heading out through a side door.

Jasper frowned and made to follow when Alice's arm grabbed him. He hissed and jerked it away too fast for a human to see. "Don't touch me!" he hissed.

"Jasper what are you doing?" she asked pointedly.

"None of your fucking business!"

"Hey hey! Whoa calm down, Jasper-" Edward began but he was cut off.

"Don't fucking tell me to calm down," Jasper growled lowly at Edward. "Keep your nose out of my life Edward. You too, Alice! Neither of you have any right to speak to me." Quickly, he grabbed his things and left his family sitting stunned. 'And Stay out of my fucking head!' he snarled and sent a thread of warning toward Edward causing the mind-reader to do a very human thing and flinch.

He had to find Harry, he thought briskly.

Harry splashed his face with cold water and sighed longingly. People. He thought. Vampires and humans it was all the same in the end. He brushed his fingers through his hair and glared at his looks. He went from a mop head with glasses to this because of the Veela in him.

He released a sigh, feeling an emotional tidal wave flow across him. He had to get a hold of himself and quick. He couldn't let those vampires know that he was bothered. What would Tom think of him? Running from vampires.

He placed a few pieces behind his ears when he felt and heard the approach of light footsteps, too light for a human to hear but Harry wasn't human.

He looked up in time to see Jasper standing there, concern on his face. "I'm sorry," he said sincerely.

Harry smiled. "What are you apologizing for?" he asked turning to face the vampire. "You did nothing."

"That's right, I did nothing," Jasper said with a slight smile. "So, can I walk you to your next class since we have the same?"

Harry chuckled and picked up his books. "Of course, how could I say no to that?"

Jasper gave him a blinding smile, a real smile. "Good." It was strange, being around Harry made him feel nice. A light feeling, like everything was perfect.

Huh, how strange, Jasper had never felt that before.


Updates: No idea when I'll update. It'll be random, this is a trial story. As I said before, if you don't like a slightly effeminate looking Harry, don't read this, because I won't change it. I like it and that's why I have him like this.