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Chapter Thirteen: K.I.N.G.

Beholding the might
In its dawn of grace
In its beauty and light
In its pride and glory
Rushing torrent - time and space
Elder lords - crack the soil
Gone or dead - you've never been
Kingdom come - hear the roar
Climbing down
To rule the earth – Satyricon

Everything was being set of for the Volturi's arrival. The House-Elves were going crazy, creating a private floor for their very own use.

Voldemort had demanded a handful of his Death Eaters to remain behind and they mainly consisted of those of the higher society. In attendance besides Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy was also Rabastan and Rodolphus, Antonin Dolohov, and then Ava Zabini.

Ava Zabini was apparently infamous even within the hidden enclave of Vampires, her astounding beauty and dark mocha skin and violet eyes was only part of the poison that she possessed on her pretty face. They were not wearing bone-white masks like the typical Death Eaters; instead, they were given the same robes that Harry and Jasper possessed.

Jasper had been asked to join Voldemort and his strategists in his office to finish going over the map of Hogwarts that Harry and Remus had supplied him with. It was a massive moving map, identical to the Marauder's Map with the addition to the Room of Requirement and the Chamber of Secrets.

Strategy was not and would never be Harry's area of expertise. Jasper however shined when it came to strategizing and he pointed out every single loophole and weakness in the Dark Lord's defense sensationally and Antonin Dolohov began to debate with him about offensive and defensive tactics.

Harry was stretched out on Voldemort's black leather sofa and Cerealis was sitting on her haunches next to him as he stroked her idly while listening to Jasper and Antonin go back and forth changing up the strategies and Jasper pointing out the weaknesses.

Harry listened. "What about flying in?" He chirped causing eyes to ripple over to him as he blushed and shrugged. "Some can fly in and some can come through the Forbidden Forest. My group through the Room of Requirement or the Chamber of the Secrets."

"How would Draco get into the Chamber of Secrets?" Lucius asked.

"I'm sure I can teach him to say, open, it can't be that hard. One word. What about Hogsmeade?"


"She's a Death Eater?" Harry was surprised visibly as he sat up.

"Not by choice," Voldemort drawled. "The Astronomy Tower is your destination, Harry. You're to choose your backup, choose them wisely. Personally, I would suggest Bella, Alecto, Amycus, Severus, and Fenrir."

"Absolutely not," Harry said shaking his head. "I'll take Bella, I might need her insanity. But not Fenrir, if Granger is with them, he's going to want her and she's mine. I won't let him be tempted by her. He can have the Weasley girl if he wants but I owe Granger a due."

"Are we taking all of Hogwarts?" Lucius queried. "If so, we'll have to take the Ministry too."

"Everything's already set within the Ministry, our spies and our targets are locked on. We have over five hundred Dementors and soon they will be breeding. We're simply waiting for the last piece to the equation."

"Dumbledore's head," Harry chirped and a big wide smile that was almost creepy in Jasper's eyes crept across Harry's beautiful face.

It seemed to Jasper that ever since Harry had returned to his original world and roots his seductive darkness was shining through and it made his Veela mate all the more sexy. He turned away before anyone could possibly tell where his thoughts were leading.


Harry stood by Voldemort's side with Jasper's cool fingers clasped into his. The others that were appointed the honor of being beside their Lord remained a few feet behind. Lucius and Antonin on one side and Rabastan and Rodolphus on the other. Ava and Narcissa had gone all out when it came lavish and Harry could understand what this setup was all about.

It was a subtle form of giving the Volturi the knowledge that simply because they were Vampires didn't mean that they ruled the manor.

Typical, Harry thought with amusement. This was going to be an amusing battle of arrogance and wills, he thought with an inward hum. He knew that in the end Voldemort would win, he didn't have to know the Volturi to know this.

They may have been alive longer than all of them combined but the Dark Lord had dabbled into things that were unknown and the Magical World were the only human beings alive capable of taking down another Vampire. On a technicality, Harry would say they were on even terms but the fire inside of his surrogate father was over the top and it tilted the balance of power.

The double doors that led out into the freezing cold atmosphere of late December blew open elegantly upon their arrival and Harry saw them for the first time, shrouded around a dozen or so lesser Vampires who were hopelessly devoted.

Harry felt Jasper's hand tighten in his hold and the stiffening of his shoulders. They did not have their hoods up, Voldemort had felt that would be rude, and Jasper stood out amongst Voldemort's entourage, tall, lean, and vicious, his eyes red and burning with a hidden sort of knowledge.

Aro, Marcus, and Caius were as different in appearance but one in the same. Unlike Jasper and his family, they weren't exactly beautiful. Well, Caius was, his silk blond hair and pallid complexion reminded him of Lucius Malfoy and the way he carried himself with a blank but dangerous expression. Aro was a sight to behold, he was nowhere near handsome not like the beautiful young woman who was touching the edges of his thick red and gold robes. He had a papery complexion and his blazing red eyes were glossy.

Harry could point them out because Jasper had shown him a picture from Carlisle's office and Marcus was a beautiful dark soul. He stood with a bit of a slouch, expressionless and if he were human, Harry would wonder if the beautiful dark man was going to off himself. He not only looked bored but he looked stricken as if his life could not get any worse.

How interesting.

"Aro, Caius, Marcus. It is a pleasure to have you in my home," Lord Voldemort took one step forward and bowed in the way that showed equality.

All three bowed back, Caius a little stiffer than the others.

"Oh, it is very nice to see the sights again," Aro said with a false cheery smile. It was the type of smile that reminded Harry of Dumbledore and he was suddenly on edge. "It was beautiful traveling, it made everything worth it."

"I'm pleased that your journey went well," Lord Voldemort intoned with an icy but polite voice that was rarely ever used.

"Your appearance, it was not what I was told," Caius moved into the light and shot one of his Vampires a cold look.

"No, it would not be," Voldemort said with a slow cool smile. "Only my circle knows the extent of the change."

"Indeed and these are those?" Aro asked sweeping forward as the young girl behind him hissed softly in warning. "It is alright, you can let go. No harm shall befall on us."

The young girl didn't look pleased but she stepped back into the light. "But Master…"

"Renata, calm," Aro commanded pleasantly. "I see a Cullen, my word, what does Carlisle say to this?"

Jasper inclined his head with respect. "He knows."

"I would really like to hear how this came about. Carlisle is one of my dearest friends and rather set in his – ways."

Caius sneered at this.

Voldemort smirked. "Yes, well, I believe my Heir," he reached out and curled an arm around Harry's petite shoulders and drew him close. "Harry Potter is his mate."

Aro's eyes truly lit up when he gazed at Harry. The other Vampires bristled and even Caius' vicious noble expression had gone down a notch. "He is not what I expected either."

Harry beamed. "No one expected me," he said cheerfully bounding up to Aro as if they were long lost friends. He could feel Jasper stiffening behind them. "Harry Potter, Veela!"

"A Veela!" Aro crowed with a clap. "My word, I haven't seen a Veela in almost two hundred years. This is a most exciting day indeed, don't you agree Marcus?"

"Hm." The man didn't look so excited.

Harry laughed. "Well, it came as a shock to me as well. I had no idea what I was until last June." He was offering rare and honest information in hopes of gaining the trust of the Vampires. He knew that if anyone could it would be him.

"Interesting, very interesting child. You are beautiful, you precede the last Veela I encountered greatly." His hands reached out and he touched Harry's face. The sensation was crisp, cool, and not at all like Jasper's texture.

"I thank you for that!"

"I can't wait to hear your tale, beautiful creature."

Voldemort feeling Jasper's agitation stepped forward and drew Harry back. "You are also in acquaintance with Jasper Whitlock-Cullen."

"Yes, I am. It is very nice to meet you again. We've only seen one another; Carlisle was adamant that he not speak to me. I believe he may have been frightened that I would snag one of his."

Jasper took a step forward and bowed his head. "I have come here for Harry."

"Yes, indeed, Marcus?"

"They are true," Marcus answered taking one glimpse to them.

"Fascinating. A Veela and a Vampire surely is rare. If I know my history as well I think I do, a Veela is in it permanently, what must young Alice think of this?"

"She was never my mate," Jasper intoned neutrally. "Edward is hers."

"Hm, really? I never did get a reading on you two. But I don't believe to be surprised, you are imbedded in darkness and it was only masked by pretty designs of Carlisle's ways."

Voldemort proceeded to introduce the others, and they all bristled and looked twice when Ava Zabini presented herself with a flirtatious smile. Narcissa's was more elegant and classy.

"Are these your most powerful?" Caius asked with a cursory glance around.

"Yes and no. These are my most loyal, Lucius handles the Ministry and Antonin Dolohov along with Jasper deal with the strategy. Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange come from the longest and most exquisite line for both your kind and our own. Narcissa Malfoy is known for bringing terror to her tea parties and Ava Zabini – well – I don't think I have to explain her talents."

Aro chuckled. "It is a pleasure, really. Allow me to introduce my family."

Jane and Alec were small but Harry had no doubt that they were dangerous. Jasper told them all about their coveted powers. Jane had a glimmer of jealousy whenever she looked at Harry and he wondered why? He didn't even know her. Alec however was charming with a real smile as he bowed to everyone appropriately.

Chelsea and Renata were also in the line along with Felix and Demetri. Each one of them with abilities that made them useful and well liked in the Volturi Coven.

When they moved from the Entrance Hall to the lavish conference room, Voldemort inquired about their needs.

"We fed before arriving, but I thank you for your hospitality."

Once everyone was pleasantly comfortable, they began what they originally came here for, and Harry wound up bored as he sat next to Jasper and his father. The conversation spanned from how Harry came to be with them and about Dumbledore and the rest of the Light side.

"Everything is in place, we are waiting on Dumbledore's actions," Voldemort said finally.

"Albus Dumbledore is a very meticulous man," Aro stated with a genuine smirk. "He is a general of war."

"He will be dead before he sees any of you."

Caius was presented with a map and Jasper and Antonin took center stage. "This is a brilliant piece of work, however did you get it?"

"Me," Harry chirped and Caius peered up and smirked.

"Really? How clever."

Harry resisted the urge to shiver, not because he was afraid of Caius but because in the past he had been drawn to blonds and he knew that if Jasper was not in the picture then he would be Caius' focus and vice versa.

He was as noble and elegant as Lucius Malfoy. In all hindsight they could be twins.

"That's another thing that must be addressed," Aro said calmly. "From what I have gathered, the Magical World is searching continuously for Harry Potter's whereabouts. We should leave Dumbledore and his Light in the dark about Harry's allegiance for as long as dare. We do not want their hands tipped in their favor."

Voldemort inclined his head. "I have been thinking about this. I originally sent him to Forks because I knew that he needed hid and he would need protection." He glanced to Jasper once.

"You played on Carlisle Cullen's soft spot," Aro said with amusement.

"It was a gamble," Voldemort acquiesced. "But it was the last place in the world that anyone would expect Harry Potter to run too."

"Indeed, Forks, Washington is hardly on the universal map."

"Inside sources have told me that everyone believes that Harry has been kidnapped or he went off to train to fight the Dark Lord." Lucius added into the conversation.

"Perhaps you can use that to your advantage," Caius replied. "The Cullens have been known to be the most peaceful Vampires, the last ones in the world to ever harm a human. You could turn this in your favor, return Harry to the Light's side and let him corrode it from the inside out."

Harry froze, shocked by Caius' response to going back. He looked over to Lord Voldemort to see that he was thinking heavily, his narrow red eyes were glinting in the overhead lanterns.

"It's too risky," Lord Voldemort replied. "We cannot cast a Glamour on Harry's features, it will not take, because the Veela in him refuses it."

"Why hide it? It would be easier to keep some truths and use it wisely. Harry went off to train, and in doing so, he ran into the Cullens. Carlisle Cullen to be exact, the gentlest Vampire in existence. A man who despises death, war, and bloodshed. His still heart shines for Harry and he was taken under their wing."

Harry knew that Voldemort would not want him to get so close to Dumbledore, especially with the knowledge of Horcruxes. The idea of going back to Hogwarts was kind of exciting but he wasn't sure if his father would agree to it.

"What do you want, Harry?" Voldemort asked finally.

Harry gave a meep, at being called out so suddenly. He thought about how to truthfully answer it before deciding to side with Voldemort but Jasper spoke before he had a chance to open his mouth.

"Harry has always wanted to go back, Marvolo," Jasper remarked. "He has mentioned it on several occasions. I can make sure he is well protected. In fact, I may be able to call upon my brothers and sisters for their help in securing Harry's safety. It is my number one concern as is yours, Marvolo."

"It would be rather interesting to see the Cullens in the Magical World," Aro hummed.

"Dumbledore already suspects him going dark," Voldemort told them. "Both of my spies have told me this."

"Why can't he be dark with good intentions?" Caius suggested. "Dumbledore knows the Cullen family. He's met with Carlisle once before. During the first war, Dumbledore had sought the help of Carlisle but he was turned down because Carlisle did not wish to bring blood to the hands of his family."

"How did Harry know to seek them out?" Lucius interjected. "This is all a marvelous idea but I can't see Dumbledore believing that Harry knew all along there was a strong peaceful coven."

"Perhaps he didn't," Harry said knowing very well he was talking about himself in third person. "Maybe, Remus helped Harry all along, presenting him to the Quileute Tribe and in return, Harry met the Cullens and Carlisle knew instantly who I was." Everyone stared at him and the teen blushed. "What? I can have a good idea too you know!" he squeaked causing Aro to laugh softly and Caius to smirk.

"Who is this Remus and why would he seek out the Quileute Tribe?" Caius asked.

"They're wolf shifters," Voldemort said instantly causing the blond Vampire to stiffen. "They're not werewolves but they are strong, they can shift at any time into a wolf. Remus is a werewolf, my most intelligent and a spy. He is also very close to Harry."

"Werewolves," Caius sneered.

"Remus isn't your typical werewolf," Harry explained. "He is very kind and gentle really, he's like the Carlisle Cullen of wolves. But he has pledged his allegiance to the Dark Lord because of me. He considers me his cub, he always has. My Godfather, Sirius Black was his mate."

"Most fascinating," Aro said with a grin. "Now, Caius no need to get all sour. It isn't Harry's fault that he's so lovable."

Caius glared at Aro and Harry blushed and brought his shoulders up. "I know you guys are mortal enemies with werewolves, believe me, I know," he said looking over at Jasper. "But for this to work we'd have to use all the proper resources and keep the holes from stretching."

"I'll make my decision tomorrow," Voldemort said after a long pause. "I'm not so sure if this is an idea that can be used or not. We shall see."

"It's not important, I don't have to go back," Harry insisted. "I can learn everything I need too from here and once you take over I can take my NEWTs at the Ministry."

"Harry, you know Dark Arts, you do not know anything more," Voldemort chided. "I am not blind child; I see that you want to return."

"But it's not a have too, Tom," he said tilting his head forward in earnest. "It can wait. It's true that going back might actually help us gather some much needed information. But if it's too risky, then no. I don't need to."

"We'll see."


Harry was pigging out on some much needed food when Jasper came up behind him while he was sitting on the stool and curled his arms around Harry's slim frame.

"You okay?" Jasper asked pressing a soft kiss to his ear.

"Mm, fine."

"You're lying," Jasper stated easily picking Harry up and sliding on the stool and planting his lover in his lap where he belonged. "Talk to me."

"I was a little surprised. Not by the Volturi's arrival but the mention of going back to school."

"You want to go back but you're afraid."

"I don't want to ruin things for Tom," Harry confessed. "If I go back, do you know the resistance it's going to take not to attack Weasley and Granger? I'll blow our cover if I transform and make mince meat out of them. It's not going to work because Dumbledore will know that I know all about the drugging and suppression."

"What if I go with you?" Jasper asked slipping his fingers underneath the form-fitting shirt. The warm skin heated to his touch and he smiled as Harry shuddered with desire.

"You have to go with me, otherwise, I won't step foot in that place. I don't know, Jasper, what do I want? What do I need? Will this work? And if not, how will I get out of there?"

"You are forgetting one small detail."

"What's that?"

"I can manipulate emotions," Jasper reminded.

Harry paused on his fruit salad and looked up at Jasper. "That's right, you can." Now, he felt a little stupid about forgetting that aspect.

"Mhmm, I can make everyone complacent or I could make them so scared they won't come near you. I can send them into tears if I wished or make them desire someone and then take it away and leave nothing but heartache. I can and I will do everything you need me to do. Just say the word. I want to do it, it's not about control. It's about want, I can see it in your eyes, you want revenge, and you want to go back. You want it to be perfect and I can help you with that. I will help you with that, Harry. You are not only my lover but my mate. You're everything."

It warmed Harry's heart to hear Jasper's words, it really did, and it lifted his spirits. "Well, that is if Tom agrees. He's still undecided."

"He'll agree," Jasper assured with a soft whisper in his ear. "I know he will."

"What do you want to do after this Jasper? After it's all over?"

Jasper hadn't really given it much thought. Right now, he wanted whatever Harry wanted and that was that. But he knew if he spoke that aloud then Harry would sulk. So, Jasper would have to be selfish. What did he want?

"I would mind joining the Volturi," he confessed. "Not forever but for a while. I've always wanted their knowledge. I've always wanted to watch a real court of Covens, it would be interesting."

Harry smiled and tilted his neck back and softly captured Jasper's lips in a sweet needy kiss. Instantly, Jasper responded, holding Harry tighter and deepening the kiss to a pleasurable tandem that made both of their desires spark.

When they parted, it was with a lot of reluctance. Harry tasted and felt so good, and Jasper felt privileged simply to be in his company let alone having the honor of kissing and dare he say it? Loving his little creature mate.

Their connection was astounding, it still boggled Jasper to know how quick it all folded together and how important Harry had become in his life. It was like he had developed tunnel vision and he could see only what Harry desired. It was a type of tunnel vision he didn't mind because staring at Harry all day was hardly agonizing.

"I just want peace," Harry confessed. "I want to be left alone and uncontrolled, I'll do anything for that small slice of freedom and independence, and I thank you for helping me reach that."