I belong

By: bloodysword99

The only thing long is this Prologue! HAHAH! XD Sorry!

NOTE: Sylphide, Xehnon, Ehrde,and some characters are Einherjar! (if you don't know what that means then you're not really a fan of VP2)

Own character: Selena


Sweet drops of cold rain landed on her pale complexion, she gazed upon the dark clouds. She didn't know why she couldn't summon a single motion as she waited for some odd reason. She patently stood there carrying a basket of fruits she just harvested. And when the woman felt the soft drizzle turned to a storm, she shivered of the mixed wind and water making contact with her thin clothing. She wouldn't be cold if she wore her armor but her 8th month womb couldn't let her. As she took a good look around her new home town of Coriander, She placed a gentle hand on her growing stomach and enjoyed the rain.

"Sylphide!" Called a blonde sorcerer from behind.

He removed his white hood of his fashionable robe in order to be identified by the former ally of the past queen of Dipan. She faced him with a smile and ran to him in an embrace.

"Xehnon, Are you harmed?" Grasped his pale cheeks, She still felt the bits of dirt on it and found traces of sand in his garments. She suspected he traveled straight through the Sahma Dessert just to see her again.

"No, my love." He caught one of her delicate hands and gave it a light kiss.

The sorcerer was indeed a very charming man and young as well. People expected him to be wed to a young beautiful maiden of a rich family. He was intelligent and could desire any women in Midgard yet he choose a maiden 10 years old than he. Many wondered, so did Sylphide, she was older, had a son named Dyn and a husband, Guilm. But he simply replied those wonders with his arousing words, he said. 'The heart wants what the wants.'

At the time he said that, the former Dipan warrior had heard from her husband he wanted a new life. Though it was indirect, she got the main idea that he no longer wants Sylphide to be a part of his new life. So, she desperately tried to find comfort and there was Xehnon. One thing lead to another and ended with a child in her womb. Fear loomed over him but he swore upon his loving lady that he shall be a good husband, father and shall return once he solved his problems before she would give birth. She also feared yet the warrior trusted him fully and allowed him to leave the next day on her 6th month belly.

"Let's get out of the storm. I was just about to make dinner." She smiled and led him to her small wooden cottage.

At the dining area, Xehnon calmly stripped his dusty robe leaving only his black clothing underneath. He properly sets them a side and took a seat in the dining table as he gazed at his love steering hot soup.

"I hope you like apple and butternut Squash soup." She directed her smile at him and he did the same but once she turned her attention back to the soup, his smile turned to a sheepish grin. He was a man of intellect but in all the laboratory experiments he's seen, Sylphide's cooking was the most questionable and mysterious of the concoction. Though, he gives points for…creativity?

"I-It sounds heavenly." He didn't lie. Heavenly in the means that it may be resulting of his death, his second death he means.

As she transferred the right amount of soup to the bowl and walked carefully to the table, the frail light warrior was pierced of a sudden pain in her belly. So much pain that he dropped the hot soup causing the bowl to shatter.

"Sylphide!" He quickly aided her. He gave a worried look seeing her touching her stomach. Then, the sorcerer heard water splashing on the floor. It wasn't the soup or from the rain. It was from her.

"I-Is it the coming! Now!" He panicked for a brief moment until she spoke.

"…Get the daughter's inn keeper; s-she can help…" She muttered still in great pain.

"Of course! Stay here! Um…Um!" He had a mental block all of a sudden and said to breathe.

"JUST GO GET HER, NOW!" She demanded. Xehnon laid her on the floor away from the shards and went outside to call for help.

While the chaos happened, a certain goddess from Asgard was closely observing the matter in a crystal wall in one of the many room of Valhalla.

"Is everything all right, my goddess?" A female Einherjar asked her troubled overlord.

"It's none of your concern, Selena." Continued to glare at the image of Sylphide in labor, she cursed lightly.

"I have enough problems to deal with here. Now, I have to concern myself with this."

"Are you angered by the new lord of Asgard?" The subordinate asked innocently.

"You may say as such."

"Thus Lady Freya thinks of lord Rufus as an unworthy god?" Freya turned her glare at the silver haired child but sighed in defeat knowing it was a waste of time.

"You really are a child." She commented on the small archer and drifted out of the room.

"W-W-Wait for me, Lady Freya!"

Returning to the land of humans, Xehnon eagerly waited at the next door neighbor who happens to be a really good friend of his. He was also one of his subordinates when he was still in the Rosetta Dynasty. And faith has once again put them together but not as assassins or rampaging warriors but as good friends. Said friend resided at Solde and usually found in the holy chapel yet fate brought him here since his new wife's parents want them to settle down in Coriander. So, he did and found Xehnon the day after he moved in.

"Ehrde, why are you so calm!" The panicked sorcerer asked his archer friend.

Ehrde was always a calm man even at the time when he first encountered him. He had this cold stare and a dark frown or a creepy grin in rare instances. It's always his trait to be like this, very relaxed, and it's not just because he already had this experience when his new wife gave birth to his son, Conrad.

"My dear friend, it's not all to be panicked about." He grinned before taking a sip of his tea.

"You're not helping." This caused the archer to laugh and Xehnon's worry to increase.

"Look, don't torture yourself. My wife is over there right now helping Sylphide. Everything's fine." He was comforted for just a minute yet it shattered like glass when he heard a rather loud feminine cry of pain.

"See, everything's fine." Xehnon paled and stiffen in fright as he turned to Ehrde who was putting on a smile.

"P-pa!" As small utter filled the room, the archer instantly stormed into a room.

"Xehnon, take my word for it. It's worth it. And when it's all over, you'll be happiest man alive." Hearing his friend said that made him wonder, he didn't get it really but once he entered the room cradling a small 1 year old child he knew what he meant.

"The moment you see your baby smile at you for the first time. It has no comparison…"

The archer slowly swings the child back and forth to ease his cry. As he did so, he realized how lucky he was. Ehrde never had a son before. He has never given any thought of how precious life really was. All he did in the past was destroying it without hesitation. Even if Silmeria was willing to release him and offer him a second chance, he just shrugged it off and said 'That's the end of that.' Then he came to Solde and spends most of time in the chapel staring at the Valkyrie statues. He made it a regular schedule to waste his time at that chapel instead of looking for a job. He just felt he just had to be there. And one day, she saw her praying under a relic of a battle maiden and their eyes met. It was then he learned how valuable life really was. And came his son, he wanted to protect life as much as he liked destroying it before. He gazed down at the small child he created. He inherited the color of Ehrde's hair and eyes. He also had the shape of his face and nose. He was handsome and most of all, his baby boy.

"Is that so?" Xehnon smiled seeing such a gentle side of his friend.

After a few seconds of peace, Ehrde's wife stormed in the door with her hands stained of blood.

"Xehnon, please see her." She said and he ran out of the room.

The storm hasn't ceased yet the sorcerer had no trouble getting to his lover's small cottage. Upon his arrival, he witnessed some hide with blood marks on it. He rushed to Sylphide when he spotted her. He was about to speak until he was stunned of what he saw laying in the arms of her lover.

"It's a girl." She uttered weakly and he trembled just knowing that.

He wobbled towards them and went on his knees. Right in front of him, it was more than just a baby and woman. It was his own wife, daughter and family. He cursed himself of being speechless so he started to cry tears of joy.

"Do you want to hold her?" She asked and he nodded nervously.

The sorcerer gently scooped the infant from her arms and cradled it as it cried.

"She's beautiful." The only words he could mutter. She was indeed beautiful. She had blond silver-gray hair almost like her father's and smooth pale skin of her mother. And when she opened her eyes, it just made him even happier.

"S-She has my eyes!" Ocean deep blue eyes, they were shining like diamond. He cried even more.

"You'll name her, then." He froze once she suggested.

"Are you sure?" She nodded weakly.

Xehnon look straight into his daughter's eyes and thought of so many gorgeous. Then, he came up with a perfect name.

"Kara Nellie. Yes, that's her name. Kara Nellie."

"Kara means one who is pure and Nellie means one who is bright…I love it." Sylphide muttered and the sorcerer kissed her on the forehead and said.

"Sleep, my love."

Meanwhile, at the top of the great tree of Yggdrasil, Freya and her own personal einherjar were observing the crystal that gave Odin the strength to be an almighty god. It was the only thing besides her memories that reminded much of him. It also reminded her that this place is where Odin's body died and it was the very last time he saw him. It was a sad day for her. The goddess' expression saddened knowing his beloved one was no more and no one was fit to rule Asgard, Midgard or her heart. But she thought at the same time, He brought this upon himself. He was the one who thought of destroying Midgard and in his own selfishness, he paid the price. And with he gone, Freya paid a price as well. She had to live every single day of her immortal life regretting that she couldn't do anything for him.

"Lady Freya, May I ask, why are we here?" The white haired archer interrupted which she grown use to.

She collected herself and took a deep breath. The goddess sighed looking straight in her lifeless silver eyes.

"You know well of how Rufus came to be the ruler, right?"

"Why this all of a sudden, my goddess? Are you planning something sinister?" The subordinate sweetly asked.

"Not necessarily, I just have doubts is all." The einherjar tilted her head and made a puzzled face.

"Doubts, my lady?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Does this have something to do with Miss Alicia and Sir Valeth being reincarnated, is it?"

Selena wasn't the brightest einherjar. No far from it, she was just naïve and tender but when she steps on the battle field, she slaughters mercilessly with still that naïve and tender look. And Freya knew that she could read her emotions well no matter how she masks it. Yes, she wasn't bright, that fact still stands but Selena wasn't stupid.

"My lady, I know I have no right to recommend but… I think you should stop tormenting yourself with this matter. The fact that Sir Valeth and Miss Alicia were born in the same location, it doesn't mean that it brings chaos."


"Conrad and Kara won't even remember that they have ever interacted with Asgard, the dragon orb, Odin or anything else. They would just live normal lives." The archer continued.

"Maybe this time, Miss Alicia or Kara Nellie would have a healthy childhood without Silmeria looming over her and Sir Valeth, I mean, Conrad would find peace and love. It's a good thing, Lady Freya."

"You certainly are naïve, aren't you?" With a smile, the goddess commented. This brought a grin on Selena's face.

"Let's return to Valhalla. Rufus might conjure some trouble."

They were transported out of there with Freya's magic and returned to Valhalla.