I belong

By: bloodysword99


Tears ran down his cheeks, the boy atop of the roof had his mind set. Conrad's hands lay before him casting a the strongest spell he could create. Both parents were in awe when they gazed upon their son emitting an aura from his hands. This aura felt overwhelming and far beyond any they have sensed before. The brave warriors stopped at the task at hand once they picked up this powerful sensation. Kara, who was in the arms of her mother, drifted away slightly feeling it as well. She took a few steps forward and spotted her friend about to command a great power. This powerful feeling was strange not frightening but more it was strangely familiar. Her radiant blue eyes were wide and kept his gaze at Conrad. Reminding her of a dream she had, the young Kara tried to reach out to the sight and realized there was something missing from her finger that was in her dream.

"A ring…?" She muttered.

The dream was simple. She dreamt of a wizard summoning a powerful spell at an enemy. And somehow, Kara felt like a witness as a man was unconscious at her side. This sorcerer had magic incomparable to his enemy. Said wizard casted great black magic and he revealed an image of a blonde female in armor that looked of mail belonging to a divine warrior called…

"V-Valkyries…" Kara was moved to tears. And Sylphide saw her child, she wanted to comfort her and hold her but she knew that Kara would one day know everything. Though, she didn't expect it to be so soon. Sylphide was helpless.

"ANIMATE EARTH!" Conrad cried. The ground shook furiously and all who were near fell to their knees. The earth crumbled under the undead armies' feet. Being hit not only by rock but by molten hot earth, the creatures were either melted or flung away. The attack didn't hit Conrad's parents but Ehrde had to protect his beloved wife from the extreme heat.

"CONRAD!" Kara yelped. And the sound died for a moment, the warriors, some village folk who were left behind and Kara opened their eyes. Xehnon and Sophalla were the first of them to stand yet not fully erect. Sha-kon aided Astrasia to be on her feet. The town's people stayed down still trembling in fear to see Coriander in ruins. Houses and trees all burnt to crisp while the road wasn't recognizable because of the huge gapping cracks. The only structure that seemed stable was the house where Conrad stood.

All were speechless and at the same time relieved. Ehrde and Kolina drifted away in their embrace to see what happened of their offspring. They saw him safe, his hands still held out. Conrad's hands smoked and trembled of the intensity of the spell. He was barely strong enough to put himself together. With the last sight of his parent's safety, the boy closed his eyes to let out the last of his tears and fell forward leading him to his free fall.

"Conrad!" His mother called while Ehrde thought fast. Just seconds to spare, he caught the boy.

"Open your eyes, my son! Please!" The father pleaded as he shook him. To the parent's relief, he responded with a low whimper.

"Oh thank the gods, he's safe!" His mother ran to him and hugged them both.

"What do you think, Frie?" A blond male asked his sister who was spying from atop of a tall tree just a distance away from Coriander.

"It's going to be one interesting mission, brother. I'm exited already. How about you Frey?" The young goddess smiled at her brother who was smirking at his sister's enthusiasm. The teen god said.

"It's too early to say. Let's be on our way. Older sister Freya might sense our presence." Before heading out, Frey snapped his finger and changed from his divine navy blue outfit to blue peasant attire.

"Sister Freya means well and I know she loves us dearly but…" Frie jumped off the tree and landed gracefully on the ground.

"She's really a scary person." The young Frie clapped her hands and her divine cloths were exchanged with a brown peasant dress.

"And she always envied of our power, so she imprisoned us in the Seraphic gate." Frey glared at the skies.

Frey is the younger brother of the goddess Freya. Like his sister, Frey was judgmental and was as scary as Freya when she was enraged. The reason why he has this cold attitude isn't because of his blood but the years sealed in the Seraphic gate. Unlike Frie, He was put away a little older and had more understanding. So, his heart was cold and was hard as stone over thousands of years.

"Oh Frey, you know Older sister never meant for that. It was the gods' decision to seal us not hers. Freya cares for us even though it never shows." Frie spoke heading forward to the road.

Frie was the youngest among the siblings. She was carefree and always enthusiastic even if it wasn't the right time to be. The young goddess was sentenced to Seraphic gate when she was born. She was said to wield powers that could destroy the world. Though she was brought misfortune, she kept a smile and she was never alone. She always had Frey. The young goddess ignores his rants about their eldest sister but her heart never faltered in what she believed in the goodness of Freya.

"Yeah, fill your heads with lies." Frey stated fallowing her.

After that chaos, they all evacuated to Villnore. Once they arrived to the city, the townsfolk eventually found places to stay with friends and relatives and some stayed in the Inn. The people who had no relatives residing or money for a room, with Astrasia's people skills, she was able to talk to the inn keeper to let the people stay in the lounge until they can settle things.

The brave warriors stayed in one room of the Inn to discuss and to catch their breath. Kolina sat by the bed watching his son, Conrad, sleep while Ehrde stood by the fire with a worried expression on his face. Sophalla and Xehnon were busy thinking of routes of their journey and Circe was sharpening her blade in front of the fireplace. As for Sha-kon and Sylphide, they decided to busy themselves with tending the people downstairs in the lounge. All commotion was happening so fast that Kara Nellie just couldn't swallow it. Guarded by Astrasia, the little girl frolicked near the flower cart. Attempting to catch one of the fluttering butterflies, she caught the attention of the beautiful flower keeper. She was about her mid 20s and had a peaceful and warm appearance.

"Do you want a flower, dear?" She asked softly to Kara.

"I would but I have no money." The young child told honestly and this caused a smile on the flower keeper's face.

"No worries, child. This is my token for you." She handed the girl a radiant fresh Lilly. Kara thanked the maiden and held it gently in her petit hands. As the maiden observed her closely, Kara Nellie had played with the flower for a few minutes until she finally noticed the maiden's gaze on her.

"I'm sorry, am I crowding your cart?"

"No, child. I'm sorry for staring. Though, you resemble a lot like a girl I once encountered when I was a teen."

The shop keeper tried to recall years back. She was merely a teen when she started working on her mother's flower cart. As she was watering the pretty Lilies and roses when a girl about her age with gray blond hair, enchanting blue eyes and dressed in royal cloths accompanied by a bunch of warriors, she offered her flowers and smiles. The lady traveler nodded and bought her flowers.

"Hm?" Kara titled her head to the side innocently curious. The shop keeper shook her head.

"Never mind, child. Run along now." Taking her advice and the flower, she ran back to Astrasia to show her the flower.

"I wonder…" The maiden muttered before going back to her daily work.

Kara smiled and stopped for awhile to waft the scent of the fresh Lilly. She loved this fragrance. And this scent was present in her dream as well…

"A forest…That smelt of Lilies." She whispered remembering a dream where she had to venture with a tall green haired male.