Perfectly Normal

It was perfectly normal for Anya to see the training door shut in the back of the Magic shop, to hear the words 'harder' and 'faster' yelled and grunts coming intermittently.

It was perfectly normal for Xander to go into the training room once a week to fix whatever Buffy and Giles broke this time and find them in the most compromising position, and they don't even pay attention to him. To research for all hours and when leaving see as they head towards the back.

It was perfectly normal for Tara to see how they complimented each other, how Buffy handed him a book during research just his mouth opened to ask for it and when he handed her an ice cream with a smile as she came in crying. How as they walk, they defended each other unconsciously.

It was perfectly normal for Dawn to end up at the Magic shop after school everyday and see Giles over Buffy's shoulder. To watch him look out the window every night wishing that demons not going to take her this night. To know that of all of them, his life was dedicated to her and no one worried about her well-being than he did.

It was, however, not perfectly normal when Willow headed over to Giles' place instead of the beach with Tara, Xander, Anya, and Dawn and found Buffy and Giles having sex in his room. She let out an 'eep' and turned around without interrupting the secret couple's eighth time in the last two hours.

(A/N Here's a little one-shot that i cooked up while writing the epilogue for my story Karma, which should be finished typed up tonight.)