A/N: I'm sure was all saw Marshall check out Theresa's ass as she walked away from his desk in Death Becomes Her. Well, this is what happens when tv writers mess with my ship. This is my first In Plain Sight piece, and to be honest, drabbles are not normally my thing. Be that as it may, feel free to review. I even accept flames because they amuse me.

She wasn't the same. But, briefly, Theresa Simmons bore a strong resemblance to Mary Shannon. Her confidence when agreeing she was the best was just like his Mary.

No, Marshall knew the woman walking away in skirt suit and heels was not the same as Mary, but he couldn't help but wonder if for a night, a week, a month she might be close enough.

Theresa would ultimately pale in comparison to his fiery partner, but Mary wasn't ready. And Marshall would never push harder than she could handle. Marshall could wait forever, but he couldn't stay still to wait.