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Summary: Sequel to A Business Plan. Taking place the next day, the gang finds themselves out for summer vacation! With Joey's recovery, Jaden's birthday party, and the Yamis having their first summer vacation ever, what can go wrong? Why, everything of course!

Chapter 1 – Monday

Joey…was…pissed. And not the 'give me a few minutes to cool off' pissed. He was the 'get the fucking hell away from me before I kill you, cut you up into itty bitty pieces and feed you to the sharks' pissed.

And it had all started with yesterday. Seto had been so sweet and understanding. He'd been romantic, considerate, and thoughtful. Then he had to go and screw it all up!

When Seto said that he'd help him on his way to recovery, Joey had expected him to help him through his physical therapy and aid him in getting around when he needed help. NOT TREAT HIM LIKE SOME HELPLESS ANIMAL!

Ever since their conversation yesterday, Seto had been pampering him. And not in the good way, either. The brunet wouldn't let him move on his own, he wouldn't let him eat on his own, and he wouldn't even let him go to the bathroom on his own! Not only this, but Serenity and Mokuba kept asking him if he needed anything nearly every five minutes! And when Jaden caught on, he started doing it, too!

By that time, Joey had had enough. And he told everyone to back off and leave him alone. They'd done just that and here he was, sitting on the goddamn bed, fuming about Seto's behavior. The brunet was acting like he couldn't take care of himself! He knew Seto meant well, but enough was enough!

Joey stewed over his situation, debating on whether to grab his crutches. What Seto didn't know was that he'd gained more strength in his legs than he'd realized. He could easily move around with the assistance of the crutches. But Seto didn't know that. If he saw him moving around on the crutches, the brunet would probably freak and immediately confiscate the crutches and say that he wasn't ready to use them.

The blond huffed. It was his body. He would know what he could handle or not. But how would he convince Seto of that?

Reaching for the packet his doctor had given him on leg strengthening exercises, Joey scanned through them while trying to figure out a way to get Seto to relax. And then it hit him.

Most of the exercises in his packet he'd completed yesterday after he'd chased Seto away. There were only two left that he hadn't done because he thought they were a little…strange for physical therapy. But now that he took a closer look at the images, he deduced that this would be the perfect way to get Seto to know he was healthy…and fully functional.

Seto approached their bedroom door slowly. He's slept on the couch last night. And it had been very lonely. The only company he'd had was the irritating fly that kept buzzing around his head in the middle of the night. He'd spent three hours trying to kill the damn thing. After he thought he'd killed it, the fly had resurrected itself and started buzzing around his head again. In other words…he didn't get very much sleep.

He knocked lightly on the door. "Puppy? May I come in?" he asked softly. Seto tried to keep the pleading to a minimum. He hadn't meant to get so…overboard yesterday. All he'd wanted to do was help his Puppy, but it hadn't worked out as he'd planned.

"Come in," Joey replied from behind the door.

Opening it hesitantly, Seto stepped into the room and saw Joey sitting on the bed just…staring at him.

"I…came to apologize for my behavior yesterday," started the brunet slowly. "I didn't mean to get so…clingy and freaked out. I was just afraid that you'd hurt yourself if you did too much."

"Seto, I want ya to know that I will ask for your help when I need it. I'm not…stubborn enough to think I can do everythin' on my own right now. So…I accept your apology," replied Joey.

Not being able to hide the smile that came to his face, Seto approached the blond happily, hugged him, and kissed him with all his might.

Joey had to stifle his laughter. His Dragon was just too cute sometimes. Pushing him away, he said, "Can ya help me with the rest of my exercises today?"

"What do you mean the rest?" Seto asked, puzzled.

"After I told everyone to leave me alone yesterday, I started workin' on most of my leg strengthenin' exercises. I'm not as weak as I thought I was. When I started doin' some of them, the strength just sort of came back. I can move around with the crutches now," he explained.

Seto had paled with every word. "You…did what? But what if you'd hurt yourself or something? I wouldn't have been here to—"

"I knew you'd do this," Joey interrupted, throwing his hands up in the air in defeat. "Nothin' bad happened, Seto. I'm fine. I know that ya care about me, but yesterday ya got to the point of bein' smotherin'. I don't like bein' treated as if I'm incapable of takin' care of myself. I'm aware of what my body is capable of and I wouldn't do anythin' to jeopardize my recovery. Ya know that…don't ya?"

"I…I know that. I was just…scared, I guess."

Joey sighed, bringing a hand up to stroke Seto's cheek. "Yadon't have to be scared. If somethin's botherin' ya, talk to me. You'd want me to do the same with ya, right?"

Seto nodded. Clearing his throat in a means to push away the mushy way this conversation was going—if they talked about this anymore, he might cry, and he couldn't do that in front of his Puppy in this state—he moved onto something else. "So, you wanted me to help you with your exercises?"

The blond smirked inwardly. "Yeah. Can ya grab the packet on the nightstand? I only have two left and I guess I'll do them on the bed. All I need ya to do is describe what I have to do, and I'll do it."

Making for the packet, the brunet flipped through it absentmindedly until he found the page with the two remaining exercises. "For this one, you need to lie on your back, bend both knees, and keep your feet flat on the bed."

"And then what?" asked Joey when he did so.

"Then you're going to…" Seto's voice trailed off when he read the next part…and he gulped.

"I'm gonna what?"

"You're going to…lift your bottom up and down," replied the brunet, his mouth going dry.

"Like I'm thrustin' upward?" his Puppy inquired innocently.

"Yes," Seto…squeaked. He could feel his pants tightening already and Joey hadn't even done anything yet.

And then the blond started lifting his bottom up and down…up and down…up and down. Seto was mesmerized by the motion of his Puppy thrusting his pelvis up in the air, panting ever so slightly with the effort.

"I think…that's enough of that one for now," Joey said, resting his body back on the bed. He noticed Seto staring at him with a flustered expression on his face. "What's the next one?"

The blond's voice jolted him out of his reverie, nearly making him tear the packet in two. He hastily looked down at the next exercise, stifling a groan in the process. His Puppy was going to kill him. And not in the intentional way, either.

"You need to go on your hands and knees now," Seto stuttered, trying to avert his eyes, but Joey's cute ass was too hard to look away from.

"Then what?" asked the blond, tossing his head over his shoulder, making him look absolutely erotic.

"Then…you'll…gently rock forward and back," the brunet muttered, lowing the packet over his groin area. If he got any harder, the seams of his pants would burst.

And then Joey started rocking forward and back…forward and back…forward and back. He gasped whenever he moved forward and inhaled sharply when he moved back. Almost like when they had—

"How long…should I…do this for?" Joey panted.



"I cum…I mean you're done! You're done!" Seto exclaimed frantically, hoping Joey hadn't heard what he'd said.

The blond stopped and sat back on his heels, but he didn't turn around. "Can ya come over here for a minute, Seto?"

The brunet gulped and made his way over to the bed.

"Lie down," Joey demanded.

"Why?" Seto responded quickly.

"Just do it. Please?" He knew his Dragon couldn't resist the puppy-eyes, so when he used them, he knew he'd won. And when Seto lay down on the bed, he smirked. "Are ya ready for your exercises?" inquired the blond as he straddled Seto's hips.

His Dragon balked. "Puppy—"

"How much control do you have, Seto?" asked the blond, grinding his crotch into Seto's. He grinned when he already found him hard. "How long can ya last?"

Seto couldn't believe it. His Puppy was being…aggressive, controlling, and…oh, so sexy while doing it. "You said…ah, not to uhn…have sex."

"And we're not gonna."

The brunet bucked his hips into Joey, making them both moan. "Then why—"

"Ya want me, don't ya?" his Puppy teased. "Ya want to drive yourself into me, makin' me helpless, cryin' in want of ya, don't ya? Don't ya?"

"Yes!" Seto cried. He didn't think he could hold on much longer at the rate his Puppy was going.

"Ya like being in control, too," the blond whispered against his neck, sucking and nipping at him.

"I only want to please you," Seto gasped. "I love you, Puppy. I love you."

"I love ya, too, Dragon," replied Joey passionately as he kissed him just as fervently.

And then his Puppy…just rolled off of him and laid down next to him on the bed, leaving a very aroused and confused Seto Kaiba in his wake. That was it? That couldn't be it!

"Why'd you stop?" questioned Seto almost immediately. He turned to face Joey, but then noticed he looked…tired. "Are you all right?"

"That took more energy than I'm willin' to admit, so yes, I'm fine," he replied.

Seto grew worried. "Do you want me to get you anything?"

Joey shook his head.

"Do you want to…talk?"

He nodded and curled up next to him, sighing in…relief?

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Where were ya last night?" Joey asked meekly.

"I…I was sleeping on the couch. You were so mad yesterday that I thought I'd leave you alone until you were ready to come to me."

"I couldn't have come to ya even if I'd wanted to, Seto. I'm not ready to take on stairs yet," said Joey, half jokingly. "I couldn't sleep last night when ya weren't here."

"Then why didn't you ask someone to fetch me?"

"I was too mad at everyone and upset that ya guys kept treatin' me so…smotherin'ly."

"Smotheringly isn't a word, Puppy."

"It is now."

"Is that why you're so tired right now? Because you couldn't sleep last night?"

Joey nodded, burying his face in Seto's chest. "Don't leave again," he mumbled. "If we have arguments, so be it. Just don't leave me alone like that again."

"I won't leave again. I promise," he said, stroking the blond's hair. "If it makes you feel any better, I didn't sleep last night, either. And you having your way with me this morning didn't help. What was that all about, anyway?"

His Puppy blushed a little bit before answering. "I wanted to show ya that I was feelin' better and could take care of myself…and ya."

Seto chuckled. "Well, I guess I learned my lesson then. Would you like to take a nap? We can take one together."

Joey smiled. "Okay."

Yawning, he snuggled closer to his Dragon and dozed off, Seto a few seconds behind him.

End Chapter