Hiya ! This is just a few little one-shots I've put together from sheer boredom and to prevent myself from going mental over exams . If anyone has a specific pairing they'd like , please let me know .

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First pairing is Bif / Pinky , since i haven't seen anything about these two .

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Told You So

Why were almost all the men she knew idiots ? First it was Derby not giving an ounce of effort to their engagement when she gave her all . Then there was Chad allowing himself to be pulled in by Lola , the resident bike . Gord was just ... Gord . Now Bif Taylor felt the need to start trouble .

"What did I tell you not to do , Bif ? " the prep girl sighed , pressing the damp silk cloth to his bloodied eye .
"Piss off the greaseballs . " The red headed boy mumbled like a little boy being told off .
"And what did you do ? "
"Piss off the greaseballs . "
"God , this boy is so unbearably stupid . " she thought , cursing the world that Nurse McRae had retired , leaving her to deal with the greaseball's handiwork . Really , nursing ! She scoffed mentlly . "This isn't what princesses should be degraded to !"

It was interesting how Pinky suddenly became very anti-violence when she had to clean up the mess left behind .
"I hate to say "I told you so" , but you wouldn't listen ." she mourned , dipping the silk back into the warm water before dabbing his eye gently . His face crumpled into a wince .
"Don't be a baby . If you don't like the aftermath , you should control your temper ."

She was going to have to get used to it though - Pinky didn't trust Edna not to spit in their food , let alone be hygenic where cuts and bruises were concerned . And since Gord could barely tell his ears from his elbow , the "woman's work" fell onto the clique women , which was brilliant if you were a nerd and tragic if you were a greaser . Still , at least it gave her space for a little fun , albeit slightly cruel .
"You know , Bif , " she said , pulling a worried expression ." I think this might scar . " . The "scar" line had turned into a little game she played ; she knew Gord and Derby in particular were terrified of their perfect faces being ruined by the greasers . Normally the screams lasted up to 15 seconds . Sometimes Tad cried .
"So?" he shrugged . She nearly dropped the wet silk . Was she hearing right ? Honestly , it was bad enough she had to do work for nothing ! Now she couldn't even get a laugh out of it !
"It's just a scar ." he breezed .
"You'll end up looking like Gary Smith ." . That did it . His face dropped . "It'd serve you right for starting trouble ."
"But I was right , Pinky ! Romani is gay ! Haven't you seen him hanging about Vincent like a bad smell ?"
"Yes , Bif ... because fixing cars all day is way more metrosexual that eating croissants every morning whilst discussing in detail your new Aquaberry vest ."
"I thought you liked our little conversations ! "
"Of course I do , you silly man . Sorry , Bif - do you forgive me ? " she pleaded jokingly , clasping her hands tgether in mock prayer .
"Maybe ... maybe not . Maybe I'm well and truly offended that you could doubt the sexuality of a boxing champion . " he stated , crossing his arms .
"I don't , Bif ." she soothed , smiling at the realisation that when she thought about it , the concept of putting expensive gloves on and dancing about a ring with another man while wearing shorts and little else was a little bit effeminate . No wonder Mandy asked her if her friends were gay .

Personally , she didn't care much about the whole thing with the greasers . Lola was a tramp for ensnaring Chad , Gord and Tad along with a few others , which disgusted Pinky . Honestly , in the twelve years she had been promised to Derby (a fact she hated with a vengeance for the duration of the engagement) she had never once been near another man except Hopkins , although he couldn't hold that against her - she'd dumped him at that point via a letter to her father listing the reasons , including a few rumours involving barnyard animals and various household objects . According to Lindsey , her stepmother , her father had fainted . Her fiance seemed much less hurt , despite the colourful stories she'd wrote , stories Galloway would have given her an A for .

In fact , Derby seemed truly glad when he got the letter from his father about how his behavior was disgraceful and he would have to find another cousin . His delight evaporated when he remembered that his other cousin , Poinsettia , was heavier than Eunice with a mouth like a sewer . He was outside her dorm with chocolates and flowers the very next day .

Pinky had congratulated herself when he left with his presents . Honestly , flowers ? He spends all that time treating her like Lola (although in truth , Lola was called Johnny's "queen" for a reason) and the best he thought of was flowers ? What was the best he expected ? She was quite temptedto slam the window shut on his hand .

He was the only male cousin , which liberated the prep girl from tradition ; she was free to be with whoever she wanted now . It felt a bit like being in a cafe when she wasn't hungry - she didn't really want anything , but it was nice to have the choice there . Not much choice ; the greasers were an obvious "no" , she wouldn't be seen dead with a nerd (although they were very "real" . After all , no one would fake that .) and jocks bored her a bit . She didn't want anything Lola's dirty paws had touched in case she caught something . The final point wittled the choice down to about four men and one lesbian .

Bif was still sulking .
"I'm not gay , you know ."
"I know ."
"I'm not ! "
"Bif , I don't think you're gay ." . He stuck out his bottom lip in a pout which didn't really help his case . She dropped the cloth in the water .
"I've said sorry . I'll kiss you if it makes you feel better ." she teased . He perked up at this .
"Really ? " he asked , grinning hopefully . Pinky's eyebrows shot to her hairline .

He was good-looking enough , she supposed ; his eyes were a wonderful jade colour and boxing did wonders for his appearence . He always spoke respectfully to her , thankfully never with that awful english accent of Derby's that existed - in her mind - merely for the purpose of irritating her . He had a good family . He wasn't a greaser . He hadn't been with Lola . He wasn't Derby . Why not ?
"Um ... OK " she laughed nervously , before ever so gently pressing her lips againstly his . A wonderfully warm feeling spread through her body as she did so . After five seconds , she pulled away , leaving a dazed Bif as she grabbed the plaster .
"Your hair should cover the cut . " she smiled , smoothing the plaster onto his forehead .
"Thanks . Pinky ? " he ventured , looking slightly more worried than he did before a match began . "Yes ?"
"You don't fancy going to the cinema ... with me by any chance , do you ?" . He looked more nervous than she'd ever seen him . She'd known him when Eunice took to following him , so that was saying something .
"That sounds lovely . Don't forget that nice girls like nice flowers . Is seven tomorrow good for you ?"
"Yes ! Seven's brilliant . I guess I'll see you then . Do you mind if I ... ? " he gestured sweetly . She giggled quietly .
"That's fine ." she agreed , pecking him on the cheek swiftly before he left the room with a slightly intoxicated expression on his face .

As he practically waltzed into the reception area , Gord stood up.
"Did you ask her ? " he enquired , bringing his cup of coffee to his mouth . Dumbstruck , the red-haired boy nodded .
"And what did she say ?"
"She said yes ! Isn't that smashing ? "
"Told you so ."