Data's Happiness

Professor Data Soong held his newborn baby girl in his arms. He looked into her eyes and thought about his many families that he had all through his life all the way to today and remembered how grateful he was for all of them, even though many weren't "related" to him.

In the past he really didn't know his real family. Either they malfunctioned or died of old age, but he was grateful that he got a chance to meet most of them and finally know that he did have a family like any other person would.

When he served aboard the two USS Enterprise's, many of the crew members became close, becoming more than just best friends, but more so like a family.

Family can be anyone, from anyplace, it doesn't matter who or what they are as long as each other care. It took Data a long time to know that, but once he got his emotion chip, he understood the true meaning. Yes, before he got his emotion chip installed he did understand what friendship and love meant, but now he understands it more clearly, he can even feel it. And that made him happy.

Today, though, was the most happiest day of his life-well, besides the day when he finally got married to his most beautiful bride, which he married two years ago-this was their first child they had together, and Data finally got a chance to start a family like many of his old friends have.

Data smiled. He started a family! He still couldn't believe it. This tiny little flesh and blood was his!

He kissed his daughter on the forehead. "Welcome to the world my Little Pumpkin."

A family is the best thing anyone could ever have! There are tears, but the best thing in a family is joy and happiness, and Data found his.