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I could already tell I wasn't going to like this class. I hated History to begin with it's boring and to me unimportant, why do I need to care about some dead guy. But the teacher made this worse. He seemed to try and find the best place to fit everyone where they hated most. Seeing as he knew most of the students, he placed best friends across the room from each other, like Ray and Lee, and then put archenemies next to each other. He put people who wanted to sit in the back up front and vise versa. Since I was new and he didn't know me well I was placed in the middle of the entire classroom, which didn't make me feel that comfortable. But Tyson was a row and three seats behind me, and Ray's friend, Lee, who seemed nice enough, was diagonal from me a few seats up. I sighed knowing this class would feel like it would go on forever. The teacher was like a dictator and was very harsh if you got an answer wrong. I really had to pay attention. Worst class ever.

When finally the horrible class was over I left feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Tyson, Ray, and Lee came up to me, patting my shoulder, laughing in relieve that we all made it out a live.

"So what class do you have next?" Ray questioned.

"Art, in Room 103." I looked at my schedule.

"Cool, I have music next it's in the same area I'll walk you there." Ray offered as we parted with our group and headed down the stairs to the basement of the school.

"Creepy going to the basement huh?" Ray joked.

"Haha, yea." I agreed, "Why are art and music down here?"

"Well," Ray began, "Music is in the basement because it has sound proof walls and I guess they just decided to keep the artsy classes together."

I nodded in agreement; it made sense.

"Well, here you are." Ray pointed to a door with the letters 103 overhead.

"Thanks" I said as Ray walked further down the hallway with a wave.

I walked into the class knowing no one. I couldn't even recognize one person. Everyone chatted in groups, they laughed and played jokes as they waited for the teacher go get into the classroom. The windows in the classroom were large and since I had nothing else to do but stand in the corner I watched the birds flew past and race up towards the sun. In the short time I began to space out someone taped my shoulder.

"Hey" a voice called snapping me out of my daydream, "You're the new kid right? Taro's brother?"

"Mhmm." I nodded.

"Cool. I'm Miguel." The two-toned blonde hair boy said. "And this is my friend, Claude." He pointed with his thumb towards a gray haired boy with large eyebrows. At first, I was taking back by the others boys glare, but his face softened as he stuck out a hand.

"Hello, I'm Claude."

I placed my hand in his and said, "Hi, I'm Naoki."

"Yea everyone knows." Miguel jumped back in the conversation offering his hand as well. I shook his hand as well.

I looked at both of them, "So you guys know this teacher?" I question but assumed they knew, cause everyone knew everyone here.

"Yea" Miguel answered, "Claude and I have known him a long time. Be careful, he may seem like he cares but he'll do anything so make himself look good. He warned.

I nodded understanding I could trust this boy's words.

We talked a bit longer and before the teacher entered and placed us in assigned seats. I sat in the front; I guess I made the man curious.

"Hello Class," the man begun, "I want you to take a look around, this will be your class for the rest of the semester, I want everyone to get along and make prefect artwork. Also, if you haven't noticed we have a new student to the school." He paused to look at his sheet. "Naoki Sasaki?"

"Here" I answered. He looked at me with a smile but it wasn't really a smile it was more like a menacing grin.

"Why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" He offered. I glared at him.

"I'd rather not." I looked down at my empty table.

"Oh?" he questioned with a grin slightly taking back with my response, "Aren't you Taro's brother?" he questioned as if he didn't know.

"Yes." I answered bluntly.

"I hope you can live up to your brother's excellence, it must be hard having a wonderful brother and following in his footsteps." I couldn't tell if he was egging me on to be better than my brother or if he was trying to make me the bad guy here.

"My grades are just as high as his, go look at my transcript for all I care." I told him not wanting to bother with this teacher.

"Then I will." He grinned and turned to the board and began to write something. "Today we will be practicing shading. Not only is art about drawing and painting, but also in order to make things come to life, it needs to be shaded. There is always a light source." he raised his hands as if praying to the heavens, even though he was just pointing to the florescent lights. "Why don't we draw something simple?" he looked at me as if to mock me. He pulled out an empty coffee can and placed lying down on the table. "Draw it with the shades!" he ordered.

I sighed and grabbed a pencil and sketchpad and began to draw the silhouette of the can. I might not be the best artist but I knew the basics and I was decent at that. I drew a circle then the long length on the can. Once the drawing was done details came in, including shading. It was quiet in the class, and by the time the bell had just rung and I had finished. As the class exited, they placed their drawings on the front desk and walked out. I, however, was stopped by Barthez, who ripped my paper out of my hand, looked at it and frowned. I guess it was good enough to set him down a pedestal.

I breathed in a breath of fresh air and released it was I exited the classroom. I looked down at my schedule. It read, "Gym- M. Tao, Room- Gym" I sighed, "Where do I go now?"

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