*evil ash runs into forest* 1/15/10

*sees angie, kisses her passionately, and continues running*

*angie shocked, then drunk*

*real ash runs over*

Ash: Angie, did I just run by?

Angie: *faraway eyes* Uh huh. *leans forward and kisses ash*

Ash: O/- Uh…Thanks?

*Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, and Officer Jenny run over to witness the action*

Dawn: O/O Uh… Did we miss something?

*Angie finally realized what Ash had asked*

Angie: O/O Oh dang! Uh, yeah, that way. *points to the left toward the woods, then rushes off to her cabin*

Ash: *blinks* Uh… Come on guys, we gotta get him!

Dawn: -_-;;; He didn't even notice…

*Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Ash, and Officer Jenny run in the indicated direction*

Angie: *peeks out of door* …Maybe I should help… *steels nerves, grabs Shinx's pokeball, and follows the group*

Ash: *runs for a while, pondering the kiss*