Suitable for more mature childen, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury. May contain mild coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes

Freak The Mighty go to Ancient Egypt

Freak walked toward Max. Killer Kane was finally in jail and Freak The Mighty was going great.

"I have a quest for us today!" Freak said as he came up on his crutches.

"A quest?" Max asked.

"Yes, we will go back to ancient Egypt!" Freak was shaking with delight.

"How will we do that?" Max asked. They couldn't travel through time, right?

"Well I'm still working on the time machine. It is very hard. I need some mercury." Freak told him.

"Like the planet?" Max asked.

"No, I am referring to a liquid that is found on our planet and on others. It is a silver and extremely poisonous substance." Freak said as if even Blade would know that.

"If it's poisonous then why would you even want it?" Max asked.

"I need it to try and make a special gas to put into it, like we put gas in our cars." Freak said, staring off into space.

"I'll have to go back to work, would you like to come help me?" Freak asked. Max didn't want Freak to get hurt so he nodded and lifted Freak onto his shoulders.

Max walked into Freak's room. There was a whole bunch of metal stuff around the door frame. "It's like a metal door frame for a wooden door frame." Max thought.

"What's that?" Max asked pointing to the door.

"The time machine." Freak said drooping over some blue prints. Max looked at them.

"Kevin!" The Fair Guinevere's voice drifted toward them.

"Yes?" Freak asked.

"What are you doing?" She asked leaning against the door frame. She hadn't noticed the time machine yet.

"We are working on a time machine to take us back to ancient Egypt." Freak said.

"Well, don't forget to add a transporter to it so it can actually transport you to Egypt." Guinevere said before leaving. Freak walked over to his phone. He dialed some number and went to work on his computer as he waited for someone to answer.

"Yes can you refer me to someone with unstabilized mercury?" He asked. Pause.

"Well this is…." he squinted at the computer.

"The Society of Science Materials and Learning?" He asked. Pause.

"Then you should have some mercury!" He said. Pause.

"Well, I will have to have a word with the head of the society, now won't I?" and with that he hung up. Max stared at him. Freak walked up to his time machine and looked at a wire sticking out of it.

"Max, can you hand me the tweezers and pliers as well as some gloves? They're over in the red box beside the computer." Freak said. Max went over to the tool box and dug around for a while before handing it to Freak. He almost tripped on his way to hand it to him. Freak touched the tweezers to the wire and put it back in place, but as soon as it was in place a blue flash of light flew out and Max felt like he was about to puke. He blacked out and so did Freak.