I was reading The Titan's Curse for the third time and I was thinking. When Mrs. Chase says, "Nice meeting you, Percy. I've heard a lot about you." (Page 246) What has Annabeth been saying about Percy? So I here are some scenes about that. Each chapter is a new scene. Hope you like it.


This scene takes place after the Sea of Monsters.


Annabeth's POV

"Dad! I'm home from camp! I yelled as I closed the front door behind me. I walked into the kitchen where my step mom was cooking lunch.

"Your father's at work." I groaned as I turned around, heading to my room. Helen grabbed me by the arm, leaving her cooking unattended.

"Listen, Annabeth. I know you think I don't like you. But can't we at least try to get along? For your dad?" I sighed.

"I guess." She smiled. I pursed my lips at an attempt for a smile. "I'm going to out my bags in my room." I climbed up the wooden stairs, watching the railing. I opened the door to reveal my two stepbrothers. They were playing with the bow and arrows I use to keep my touch while I'm not at camp. My spare knife was being used by Bobby so he could play War with his action figures. "What do you guys think you're doing with my weapons?" I threw my bags and my cap on my bed as I ran to take my stuff from their hands. They stood up in protest. "I told you not to touch these!" They both stuck their tongues out at me and ran out the door.

I groaned and threw myself on my bed. I started playing with my Yankees cap when I felt something sharp underneath my head. I sat up and found a shard of glass with a few drops of blood dripping down. I reached up to touch the back of my head where I felt the sticky red blood that was probably staining my curly blond hair.

"Ugh!" I ran to the bathroom across the hall and washed the back of my head. It was still bleeding, but not enough that I'll pass out. I walked back to my bed, trying to find out why the glass was there. I spun around and saw many more tiny pieces of glass and a picture frame facing down on my desk. I picked up the picture and saw.

Matthew and Bobby had broken my picture of Percy and me. Percy asked Grover to take a picture of us when we came back from our first quest last year to find Zeus's lightning bolt. I had my arms wrapped around him, while he had his arm around my shoulder. I remember that was the quest when I started growing a crush on my best friend, Percy. I smiled at the memory. It was like we were hugging in the picture, but one of his hands were holding Riptide, which was glinting in the sun. And that was fine with me.

I walked downstairs with my Yankees cap on. I was going to throw away the shards of glass, bringing the picture and my knife with me so the twins couldn't sneak upstairs and take it.

Helen was still in the kitchen with the twins, eating. I placed the picture and my knife on the dining table without knowing and threw the plastic bag filled with glass in the can. I turned around and put my elbows on the table, knowing they couldn't see me.

I slipped my cap off and I saw them jump. Bobby flung his spaghetti across the room in surprise. I chuckled to myself.

"Annabeth! You're going to give me a heart attack if you keep doing that. Well, come sit down and eat." She went back to eating her spaghetti.

"Whoa, is that a knife?" Matthew asked in awe. He was reaching out to touch it, when Helen whacked his hand away.

"Can you please put that knife away?" I sighed and put it in its sheath, sitting down across from them.

"If we're going to try to get along, you have to get used to the fact that I'm a demigod. I carry a dagger around, I'm invisible some of the time, and I fight monsters!" I said, emphasizing the last two words.

"Cool! What kind of monsters?" Bobby asked. I only told him because I wanted him to be freaked out.

"How about sea monsters with slimy lips and teeth the size of rowboats? With nowhere to go." I smiled when he turned green.

"Oh my goodness! Annabeth? What happened to you head?" Crap, she saw.

"It's no big deal, Helen. I've had worse injuries before. Like on the quest a few days ago. I got my ribs broken and my forehead slashed by a seventy-foot tall Cyclops when he dropped me on the cave floor head first. A small cut from a piece of glass is nothing," I said, matter-of-factly.

"Oh my. What happened? Who helped you?" I smiled.

"Percy. He wrapped me in the Golden Fleece." They all had their mouths hanging open.

"You mean the Golden Fleece? The one with Cadmus and Europa? The one Jason tried to find?" Matthew asked. I nodded. My dad made them all read Greek mythology books so they could understand me better.

"Is this Percy?" Helen picked up the picture with us hugging. The twins were leaning in to see the picture.

"Yeah, that's him."

"Isn't he the boy who suggested that you write a letter to us last year?"

"Yeah." Matthew turned to me.

"Is he your boyfriend?" He snickered. I scoffed, but I could feel the corners of my lips turning up into a smile. I hope they didn't notice. Helen smiled knowingly at me. Ugh, it's like she can see right through me!

"This really is a cute picture of you two. He seems like a nice guy," Helen said, putting the picture down.

"Seems? It's totally obvious," I said defensively. Bobby started eating his spaghetti again.

"I know better people who are way more cooler to be with then him."

"Doubt it." I shook my head.

"Like Kevin from school. He's awesome at staring contests," Bobby said.

"Percy's awesome at sword-fighting. Even in life or death situations." Helen looked impressed.

"Yeah well, he helped me find the teacher's keys when she lost it at recess."

"Percy, Grover, and I found Zeus's lightning bolt when he thought Poseidon made Percy steal it from Mount Olympus."

"Kevin's mom is the vice-president of Blue City Record."

"Percy's dad is one of the Big Three. The god of earthquakes, storms, horses, and all of the oceans and seas." Bobby's eyebrows furrowed.

"You win." I smirked.


This was fun to write! The characters might've been a little OOC, but oh well. I'll be back with more. Review!