Forbidden Love

Chapter One - Didja miss me?

Summary: Three years ago, Ogichi 'Shiro' Kurosaki left Karakura for America for better education. Now he's back, and attending Karakura High with Ichigo and his friends. Are Ichigo and Shiro just brothers... Or are they more? Sorry, I suck at summaries.

Rated: M - Due to explicit language, may change since we ALL~ know Shiro can't keep his hands to himself. At least, not when it involves a certain Strawberry.

Disclaimer: I do not, in any sense, own Bleach. All of it belongs to Tite Kubo.

Shiro's POV

I squirmed in my uncomfortable airplane seat again, knees grazing across the back of the seat in front of me. God-fucking-forbid they actually make these seats enjoyable. What the Hell are these seats made out of anyway? Maybe I should ask the absurd airplane attendant that was flirting with me earlier just to piss her off. I smirked, chuckling under my breath. That would be a Hell of a funny moment. Just as I was about to call over the airplane attendant to harass her, I heard a voice come over the intercom, signaling our descent. My lower lip jut out in a pout, my arms crossing over my chest. I saw the stupid bitch walk by my chair, returning to her area. I gathered up my belongings as we made contact with the ground.

Casually walking off the plane, I smirked at the blond attendant as she blushed brilliantly at my appearance. Tch, sorry honey, I got someone at home waitin' for me. If only he knew he was waiting for me. Snatching up my bags, I dug my phone out my pocket as it blasted my favorite ring tone. Not even bothering to look at the screen, I answered and shoved the phone between my shoulder and my cheek. Multi-tasking, I wheeled my bag through the airport towards the front doors, weaving in and out of the crowds in the nearly empty building.


"Shiro! MY LONG LOST SON!" I pulled away my phone from my deafened ear and waited until my dad had stopped ranting on about me coming back home before placing it back against my practically bleeding ear.

"Shaddup, Pops. 'M back, now where's Ichi?" Even though I told everyone back home in the United States that I was returning to Karakura because I missed my hometown, the real reason I came back was because of my brother. Yes, my twin. The one I was hopelessly in love with and had been since we were babies almost. If I hadn't known any better, I would say that I was in love with him every since we were created inside my mother's womb, but I did know better... Well, Hell! Anything is possible. What would anyone about something inside of another's womb. I could have been in love with him since then. And knowing my luck, I probably had been. My Dad's voice pulled me out of my reverie long enough for me to hear him tell me where my previously mentioned brother was at the moment.

"He stayed over at Chad's house last night. They were studying for a test. Do you want me to pick you up from the airport?"

"Could ya? I'll be waitin' out front." I rolled my suitcase outside, throwing on a nearby bench before plopping down beside it. I ignored a glare from a passing man, instead throwing a smirk at his girlfriend. She giggled, her face turning bright red and she covered her face with her hands. He scowled at me and I waved at him with a leer. Asshole deserves it.

"I'm on the way." I saw the familiar car drive up, and I gathered up the few belongings I had with me. All the other ones I had sent ahead of time and were currently in local storage.

Throwing them into the backseat of the car, I took a deep breath, bracing myself, and opened the passenger door of the car. Sitting myself in the seat and buckling up, I scowled as my father began rambling. This was going to be a long car ride...

Throwing the front door open, I stepped aside as my father attacked the blown-up picture of my mother that was still placed on the living room wall.

"Masaki! My son has finally come home to us." I rolled my gold eyes, cocking a hip.

"Ya still got that stupid poster, Pops? Ya ever gonna get rid of it?"

"Shiro-nii? Is that you?" I turned to see Yuzu, dressed in pajamas, standing at the foot of the stairs. I smiled at her, nodding. "Karin! Shi-nii's here!" Laughing at the nickname they had all given me when they were young, I scooped Yuzu up into a hug. Karin peered from around the corner, lips curled in a frown.

"So Shiro's finally back?" Standing back, I frowned at her.

"Yes, now get over here 'n give me a hug." Karin sighed, but I recognized the slight smile. She slumped down the stairs before giving me a half-assed hug. Ignoring her pleas, I picked her up and spun her around. Yuzu giggled from the stairs, Karin yelling for me to put her down. Just as I was about to comply, Pops attacked us from the side, wrapping us all in a bear-hug.

"KUROSAKI GROUP HUG!" I shoved him off, and he lunged towards us again. Before he could tackle us, I punched him in the face, grinning when I heard a satisfying crunch. Pops fell to the floor and Karin sighed at him. Yuzu walked by him into the kitchen, most likely starting breakfast. "Nice hit son, I've taught you all you need to know." Pops gave me a thumbs up, slumping back onto the ground. I sighed and went to the kitchen where I could smell the delicious scent of chocolate chip waffles.

After eating breakfast, I asked Pops where Ichi's school was. After some yelling, cursing, insults, and punching, I was finally walking on my way to Karakura High. Luckily, Pops had already signed me up for the rest of the school-year, and Ichi and I were the same clothes size, so I pretty much fit in for now.

I scuffed my foot on the sidewalk again, eyes taking in the sight of the school. The large building was multiple stories high, and had a fenced-in roof. I could see a few trees growing on the roof and the blur of a few people walking around. Golden eyes lowering to the actual yard, I caught sight of a few early arrivers. Everyone was dressed in the same uniform, each modified the user's liking, and bags slung casually over or across their shoulders.

Feeling the weight of my own bag hanging across my shoulders caused me to sigh. This was my opportunity to gain back my brother's attention and apologize for leaving him. What I did was for a reason and I did it to protect him. The teachers and my doctors had noticed how protective I was of my brother and how it worsened after Mom died. The doctors said that with twins, there was usually one with a dominant personality so it wasn't uncommon for that one to be protective, but not to the point where he wouldn't allow the other to be alone, ever.

Pops had decided to make it easier on all of us and send one of us to one of Mom's close relatives over-sea. Because my grades were already so high, he had an excuse to make if he sent me. The rest of history...

Scanning the large yard, I caught the familar shock of orange in the corner of my eye. I smirked. The games have begun...

Regular POV

"ICHI!" Shiro yelled, jumping on Ichigo's back. Ichigo stumbled forward, the sudden extra weight throwing him off-balance. He instinctively grabbed the person's legs, which were wrapped around his waist, and gasped. Raising his head, he caught the shocked looks on his friends faces. They all stared with wide eyes at the newcomer attached to his back like an abnormal growth.

"Holy shit!" Ichigo felt the person falling and tightened his grip around the ankles of the strange person in fear that the person would fall. Shiro leaned into Ichigo's ear while his friends continued to gape at the exact replica of Ichigo, minus the white hair and skin, gold eyes, and black sclera.

"Heya Ichi! Didja miss me?" Shiro purred in his ear suggestively, ignoring the startled looks of the people in front of him. Ichigo's breath was taken away, partly from shock, and partly because someone had jumped on his back.

"S-shi-nii? Is it really you?" Ichigo, in his shock, called his brother by his nickname, the error completely slipping by his defenses. Ichigo knelt down and placed the albino on the ground, whom didn't hesitate before latching on the smaller, orange-haired teen. Shiro began speaking to Ichigo, so excited about seeing his beloved brother that he began speaking in English. Ichigo, used to abnormal speak, began to talk back while everyone stared at the brothers speaking in random languages.

Tatsuki looked up from trying to defend Orihime from the perverted Chizuru, and glanced at Shiro with a curious glance. She lashed out, punching Chizuru in the face and knocking her out, before standing in a questioning stance. The black-haired teen furrowed her brows and tapped her chin with a crooked pointer finger. Shiro, still talking excitedly to his brother, didn't notice.

"Ichigo? Is that...?" Ichigo looked up, looking at Tatsuki before smiling and nodding. Shiro looked from Ichigo to Tatsuki, and sneered at her.

"Ready fer me ta kick yer ass again, Tatsi?" Shiro grinned when Tatsuki scowled at the horrific nickname Ichigo had given her when they were little. Tatsuki gave Ichigo a look and he swallowed nervously before chuckling and rolling his eyes. Ichigo resisted the urge to run when Tatsuki rose an irritated brow, giving him a look that told him to either do something or risk his ass being handed to him sunny side up.

"You may be able to kick Tatsuki's ass, but I can kick yours" Shiro scoffed the carrot-top, arm reaching to be placed on the orangette's shoulder.

"Psh, yeah right! Ya could barely beat this wimp's ass. Ya cried every time she hit cha, 'member, Ichi?"

"Actually, he beat me a long~ time ago. He quit right afterward, too." Tatsuki interjected when she noticed an opening, relishing at the sight of Shiro's eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. The albino glanced at Ichigo, not moving when he saw the silent nod. Then his eyes swung back to Tatsuki.

"Wha'? When? I missed it?"

"Yeah... It was the day after you left. 11 seconds in, punch to the face and kick in the left thigh. I thought it was only fair after she beat me so many times. Now we're even." Ichigo tapped his clenched fist against Tatsuki's, the two shrugging at Ichigo's brother.

"Yeah, you did cry everytime I hit you..." Ichigo glared at Tatsuki, the black-haired girl shrugging casually.

"Yeah! Because you hit so hard! Who does that to a kid who wasn't in there as long as you?" Tatsuki glared back at Ichigo and stepped closer, making a fist with her hand.

"You asked for it!" Tatsuki yelled in Ichigo's face. Ichigo copied Tatsuki's stance and closed the distance even more.

"Did not!"

"Did too!" Shiro looked at them, exasperated.

"Oi, guys-" Ichigo and Tatsuki turned to him, angry and annoyed.

"Shut it, Shiro!" Tatsuki and Ichigo yelled at the white-haired teen.

"Jeez, ya don' hafta be so cruel." The albino mock-pouted at them and turned to Ichigo's other friends when he heard a subtle cough from the petite midget.

"So, you're Ichigo's brother?" Rukia questioned Shiro. She stood between Renji, who was on her right side, and Orihime, who was on her left. Beside Orihime was Chad and Uryu, and right behind them, not listening of course, was Keigo and Mizuiro. The former was yelling at the latter, something about him always being ignored, and the latter was texting on his blue, not to mention expensive, phone. Tatsuki and Ichigo continued to fight behind them.

"Yup! Twins ta be 'xact."

"Do you know about us?" Rukia sent a death glare towards Renji and he snapped his mouth shut and stepped back, away from the black-haired girl. The red-haired Shinigami held his hands up in front of his face defensively.

" 'Bout what? Oh! Th' shinigami thing? Yeah, Ichi told me." Rukia seemed a little shocked, but returned to her stoic look quickly. Her hands crossed over her chest while her violet orbs narrowed. Renji, Orihime, Uryu, and Chad seemed shocked also, but, unlike Rukia, they didn't hide it.

"Wait, wait, wait. You just believed him? Doesn't that seem a little out there, even if he is your brother?" Rukia questioned, elegant black brow crooked upwards. The others were still to shocked to ask what they all wanted to know. Shiro shrugged nonchalantly, gold eyes trained on the petite girl before him. Shiro's lips twitched upwards to form his usual grin.

"Yeah, why shouldn' I? We're family."

"Shiro's so gullible... He'd believe anything." Ichigo stood behind them, and all five visibly jumped. Shiro just grinned at him, and stepped forward to stand in front of him. The smaller male rose a brow when Shiro hugged him tightly around his waist.

"Ah, but ya love me anyway!" Ichigo gave Shiro an irritated look. The orangette sighed, turning his head to look away from the annoying albino.

"Yeah, I kinda have too." Shiro pouted, lower lip trembling.

"Ichi~! Yer so cruel ta me." Renji seemed shocked when Ichigo didn't get at him for calling him one of the nicknames he hated. Usually he was at their throats if they even thought about it, but Shiro had been calling him that nickname non-stop since he'd arrived and Ichigo still hadn't done anything. Renji smirked when Ichigo looked at his brother with an irritated scowl.

'I take that back. Haha, he's gonna get it!'

"I am not cruel to you, Shiro. You should really be one to talk when you left for three fuckin' years. Dumbass." Renji gaped at him. That's it? No smart retort? No argument about his name? Nothing? Rukia noticed, but didn't say anything. Shaking her head, she leaned against the tree that Keigo and Mizuiro were sitting at. Renji opened and closed his mouth multiple times like a fish of the water. Shiro couldn't help but notice the jealous male and turned to him with a grin.

"How long ya gonna do tha', pineapple-head?" The red-haired male growled under his breath and glared at the stupid albino. He stepped forward menacingly, cracking his knuckles.

"Why you little-!" Renji was cut off by Ichigo, who grabbed his fist before it could hit Shiro's face.

"Don't let him get to you, Renji, he's an idiot." Ichigo rolled his eyes when Shiro crossed his arms over his chest and stuck out his lower lip.

"Am not!"

"Mhm, keep wishing that and I'm sure it'll come true some day." Ichigo threw his bag over his shoulder and glanced at his watch. "Hey guys, school's starting in ten minutes, let's get to class. Chad nodded and Orihime flashed a smile before walking towards the school, Uryu, Mizuiro, and Keigo following close behind. Tatsuki punched Chizuru once more before jogging up to Orihime. The two began talking about how they should spend their time together after school. Rukia kicked Renji in the knee with a frown and followed the rest, joining the two girls' conversation. Renji growled at her before grabbing his bag and trailing after her like a lost puppy. Ichigo and Shiro brought up the rear, the twins exchanging how they'd been the past three years.

It wasn't long before they got to class and ran into their teacher. She nudged her glasses back up onto her nose and stared at the albino standing in front of her. Everyone except Ichigo, Shiro, and Tatsuki had already entered the classroom. Tatsuki leaned against the doorway, listening to Ochi-sensei and her two childhood friends.

"You must be Shiro Kurosaki, no? You're the new student, right?" Shiro nodded, sticking his hand out to her for introduction. She didn't even hesitate before shaking his hand, which reminded him that it wasn't what people did here for introduction. The white-haired male rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Yeah, tha's me. Sorry, 'm so used ta it back home tha' I just fergot." He bowed to her in apology. She shook her head with a chuckle before adjusting her glasses back up on her nose again that reminded Ichigo of something Ishida would do.

"It's okay, I'm used to it. We get exchange students all the time." Shiro shook his head, combing his fingers through his hair.

"'M not an exchange student. 'M actually movin' back here for good, I think." Ochi-sensei nodded, smiling lightly.

"Alright then, good to have a new student. Ichigo, Tatsuki, you go sit. Shiro, you wait out here." She entered the classroom behind her other two students, tapping his ruler lightly on the desk to catch her class's attention.

"Alright students, today we have a new student! Come on in!" Ochi-sensei jabbed her index finger towards the door and a white copy of Ichigo walked in. A lot of the classmates gasped and most of the girls and, surprisingly, some of the guys, blushed. A few threw glances at Ichigo, but he just continued to stare obliviously out the window. Shiro stood in front of the chalkboard, writing out his name in English and Japanese before spinning around on the heel of his right foot to face the class. He looked around, taking in everyone's appearance before flashing a grin at the class. Some of the girls fainted and the guys blushed before clearing their throats and turning away. "Please introduce yourself to the class."

"I'm Ogichi Kurosaki, ya can call me Shiro. I'm Ichi's older brother." Even though the case was obvious, as he was, in fact, very similar-looking to Ichigo, some very oblivious people still had their jaws hit the floor. A couple of girls in the back giggled, pointing to the albino and at his brother. Shiro sighed internally. Yaoi fangirls.

"In that case, why don't you go sit next to Ichigo." Ochi-sensei pointed to the seat beside Ichigo with the tip of her ruler before beginning the class. Shiro nodded and slid into the seat beside his younger, orange-haired brother. Nudging over the desk with the tip of his shoe so he could be closer to his brother, he plopped into the seat with a soft sigh. Now all he had to do was suffer the intensity of all the yaoi fangirl's glances piercing the back of his skull and the annoying urge to comply with their secret dreams and take his innocent virgin of a brother beside him.

With another sigh, he began tapping his pencil on his notebook in a soft beat, forcing back those thoughts into the depths of his perverted skull. If only Ichigo wasn't his brother, than maybe nobody would mind. Hell, just by looking at the teacher, he could tell she might even be a fan herself. And no self-respecting, dedicated fangirl would miss out on a chance of watching two very sexy twins fucking in the middle of class. Unless there were two sexier twins right next door going at it there too, but that was impossible. There was no way in Hell that there were two sexier twins than Ichigo and him. Shiro snorted under his breath. But he was sure nearly all the girls would be having a field day if Shiro started fucking Ichigo. Most of them wouldn't even care that they were in class. Especially if it was a class as boring as Math. Or whatever the Hell Ochi-sensei was talking about. Shiro was too zoned out to care.

"Alright class, it's lunch time, go get your-" Shiro was pulled out of his reverie when everyone jumped out of their seats and sprinted out of the room to the cafeteria. Ochi-sensei just sighed, grabbed her lunch, and walked across the hall to the teacher's lounge. Ichigo stood up and stretched, the bottom of his shirt scrunching up to show his toned stomach. As his back cracked and he sighed in satisfaction, the muscles on his stomach rippled, sending a sharp shudder through his older brother sitting beside him. Ichigo slowly came down from the tips of his toes and he adjusted his shirt before grabbing his lunch and sauntering out of the room, Shiro bouncing up and walking out after him.

"Ichi! Where we goin'?" Said 'Ichi' rolled his chocolate eyes and continued walking, ignoring his brother. Shiro glanced him with an irritated look before getting a really good idea. The albino leered and stepped forward to grab the carrot-top's shirt. Shiro leaned into Ichigo's face and grinned at the shocked look and cute blush staining the tanish skin. Shiro breathed in softly, taking in the familiar scent of sweet, sweet chocolate and ripe strawberries. God, did he miss that smell.

"I asked, 'Where we goin'?" Shiro leaned in with a sneer, face barely even a few centimeters from the blushing strawberry beneath him. And God, did he love how those words sounded. Beneath him. Shiro could get used to that. Ichigo stuttered and turned 5 more shades of red. Ichigo could practically TASTE Shiro, he was so close. He breathed in slightly, eyes shutting in pleasure as he smelled his brother's scent, a mix of vanilla and... cinnamon? God, did he miss that smell. He opened his eyes again before he jumped when he realized Shiro was still gripping his shirt and was getting closer to his red face. Ichigo mumbled helplessly and pointed suggestively towards the door down the hall.

"O-outside. Th-that's where we e-eat l-lunch." Ichigo swallowed when Shiro rose an elegant brow and the orangette felt a twinge in his lower regions. He had always felt really close to his brother, maybe a little too close, and the close proximity was really getting to him. Ichigo shook his head to clear his thoughts.

'Your not supposed to feel like that! He's your brother for God's sake!'

"See, now 'ow hard was tha'?" Shiro let go of his brother's shirt before he could reply and continued in the same direction they'd been walking in before Shiro's little 'idea'. Ichigo stared longingly after his brother, eyes lingering a little on the albino's swaying hips before snapping out of it and racing to catch up with him.

Both of them were so preoccupied with their dirty thoughts that neither of them noticed someone watching them from around the corner.

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