WHOOP Anime spies

By: Black Cat Angel & TTY7

Prologue: The Big WHOOP


On a beautiful spring afternoon, Kagome Higurashi was walking home from school one day. Sighing from all the homework and going back in time to help Inuyasha is such a pain in the butt for her. But what she didn't know was that there was a mysterious pet shop owner watching her every move at that exact moment.

"'The sparrow is in the nest. I repeat, 'The sparrow is in the nest'," said the pet owner talking to his... wallet?

"Excellent. Commence operation: Teenage Flash is a go", reply the computerized wallet. "Make sure she's in the photo booth."


The pet owner "accidentally" opened all of the dogs cages. The dogs ran outside toward Kagome in a violent rush of craziness. When she saw the herd of dogs she ran as fast as she could and without thinking jumped into the photo booth and began waiting for the coast to be clear. That is, until a big flash blinded Kagome for a second. As the smoke cleared off, Kagome Higurashi disappeared.

Code Geass

In his room, at Ashford Academy, Lelouch Lamperouge was putting away his bag, (which has the costume of Zero), deep inside his closet.

"I think I should take a shower before meeting with Nunnally for dinner", he suggested to himself as he went to his private bathroom and got out of his clothes. After tying a towel around his waist, Lelouch went to turn on his shower's faucet, but nothing happened.

"Don't tell me it's clogged up," he muttered irritably. "Better call repairman to-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence because a secret door opened up and sucked him in!

And what's worse, he's still wearing a towel!


A stranger looks through Lelouch's bedroom window. He brought up his wallet and started speaking to it. "The kid has left the shower running."

"Good. Two down, two more to go."

Black Cat

In Rubek City, late in the afternoon, a certain feline hero walks by himself on the street. Thinking he was on memory lane, Train Heartnet's throat began to feel dried and parched.

"God, I'm thirsty," he thought, sighing to himself as he walked. "Wish there was a vending machine that sells milk. But last time I was here there wasn't any."As if his wish was granted a milk vending machine was in plain sight.

"What do you know? They finally put one here."

What made it a bit awkward was that no one was even around when Train saw it. He approached the machine a bit cautious and started rummaging in his pockets for money.

Conveniently, he found enough money for one bottle. He put in the money in the machine and waited for the impact. Instead, he heard a milk drop in the bottom of the machine where he was supposed to push his hand through the mini slot door.

"Huh," he wondered aloud. "I guess I was only imagining things. Now come to Papa!" Train was about to get his milk when the machine grew two robotic arms and grabbed Train before he got away. The robotic machine opened up its glass window that showed a hole in it. It dropped Train in and went back to normal.

Inside the machine, Train slides down the metal slide yelling about not getting his milk and his day being the worst ever!

Back on the street, a hobo pulled up his coat collar and murmured to it.

"The milk gets the cat."

"Good work."

Beverly Hills Mall

A 16-year-old girl skated through the halls of Beverly Hills Mall, trying to get away from the security guards. She had long red/brown hair, dark brown eyes, and soft mild-pale skin. She wore a black guitar shirt, short black baggy pants with chains, black sneakers and a black choker with a silver crescent moon hanging from it. She rolls her skateboard past many people with ease and grace while still managing to keep away from the guards since she was in trouble yet again. Yes, this young adventurous girl had a reputation for causing mayhem in the mall.

"Get back here, Diamondblade!" one security guard yells.

"You won't get away with this!" another security guard yells.

"Hey, what's so bad about doing a 180 spin over the water fountain," she asked as she continued to race through the mall. "And it's Liana Diamondblade to you, Fat Boys!"

She spotted an elevator and jumped over a crowd of people. She quickly slides down the rolling rail while avoiding the stares from many people. The security guards try to push their way past the crowd but deep down they knew they were going to lose her.

Liana smiled, proud of herself for another success of not getting caught by the mall cops. But this time it was different. Up ahead more mall cops were in her path.

Thinking of an escape plan, Liana went into one of the many clothes stores. The guards were right behind her tail, so she quickly went into one of the dressing rooms and locked the door.

The guards tried their best to open the door once they reached it. They even started ramming the door down. Poor Liana was trapped with no other escape. Guess this is the day Liana finally admits defeat and hands herself over to the big man... or is it.

Suddenly, the mirror in the dressing room opens up and sucks Liana and her skateboard in. It closes before the guards break down the door.

"Hey, where did she go?" asked a rookie.

"How did that brat get away?" yelled the head guard. "Man, the boss is going to have my head for this."

In the background, the rookie pulls out his walkie-talkie and presses the 'talk' button.

"The skater has left the building."

"Good. Now head back to HQ."

"Yes sir."

In a dark room

A large tube appears from the ceiling and spitted out the four victims. They landed on a red comfy sofa. Liana was on top of Lelouch, he was on top of Kagome and Train ended up on the bottom. Liana was the one who spoke up first.

"Why do I feel like I'm on top of someone's chest?"

"That's because you're on top of me", answered Lelouch.


Kagome screamed as she covered her eyes. "THIS SAME PERVERT IS ON TOP OF ME!"


"Let's all remain calm", Lelouch said, while wondering how he'd found himself in this mess. "There's a perfectly logical explanation of why we are here. For starters, let's get off of each other because I'm really uncomfortable in this position right now."

"You're uncomfortable? You're not the one who's trying their best not to look at your 'pride and joy'." Kagome said still covering her eyes. Lelouch scowled, while trying to fight the blush that was coming across his face.

After getting out of that awkward moment, the gang looked around the room. It appeared to be an office of some sort with a lot of computerized machines.

"Where are we?" Kagome asked as she looked around.

"You know what I think?" Train asked. "I think we've been abducted by... aliens!" He said the word "aliens" while waving his hands around in the air.

"Question," Lelouch began. "Were you born an idiot?"

Train only glared at him in response. The girls only sweat-dropped at the tension in the room.

"This is getting us nowhere," Liana said. "We need to figure out where we are."

"I might be able to assist you in that," answered a mysterious stranger coming from the opened door. It was obvious from the tone this person was using it was a male English man.

There was only one question the group had on their minds, which they said in unison.

"Who are you?"

To Be Continued...

Author's note from TTY7: Hope you enjoyed the prologue everybody. This is the first time that Black Cat Angel and I have collaborated in a story together. We're hoping that it will turn out awesome, but we need your help too. Review and tell us what you thought.