Second Lovers- Jeff was dating Beth and Stephanie was dating Adam. What will happen when Jeff and Stephanie cross paths while on tour? Will they give in to each other or will they stay on track?

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Chapter 1:

Stephanie was at home packing her suitcase as she was getting ready to go back on the road with her boyfriend Adam. Stephanie just hoped that this trip would be a lot better than the previous two tours. As she continued to pack, Stephanie thought back to the first time she joined Adam on tour.

Two weeks ago…

Stephanie and Adam had just arrived into Toronto, Canada. Stephanie was excited to see Adam's hometown, but Adam had other plans. After getting to their hotel room, Stephanie showered, while Adam snuck out of the room. Stephanie was not thrilled that Adam had left the room without her, but figured that he got called to the arena.

Once Adam returned, he took a shower and then he and Stephanie left for dinner. During dinner, Adam and Stephanie were interrupted several times for autographs and photos. Normally Stephanie didn't mind, but that night was different. It was a special night as it was their six month anniversary.

"Adam, do you think that for one night, you can not stop to sign autographs and pose for pictures?" Stephanie asked.

"Why?" Adam responded.

"Because tonight is our six month anniversary and I would like to spend it with just you and not with your fans." Stephanie answered as tears burned her eyes.

"Well, honey. You'd better get used to the attention. I can't tell my fans no not now. They would hate me." Adam responded.

"You would rather please your fans more than your girlfriend?" Stephanie asked.

"That's not what I said." Adam answered.

"No you didn't have to say it. I can read in between the lines." Stephanie responded as she tossed her napkin on the table and started to stand up.

"Baby, don't leave. I'm sorry. I don't do it on purpose." Adam stated.

"Well, it sure feels like you do." Stephanie responded as she sat back down.

After dinner, Adam and Stephanie headed back to the hotel. Adam needed to get some sleep as the taping of RAW was the next day. While Adam slept, Stephanie got on her laptop and headed into a new chat room for WWE fans. Stephanie started chating with the few people that were online until she got a private message from RainbowEngima.

RainbowEngima: How's it going?

CopelandGirl: Alright I guess. How about you?

RainbowEngima: about the same. What's going on?

CopelandGirl: my bf would rather pay attention to other people while we're out than to me.

RainbowEngima: That's not good. Sounds like my gf. She uses my status in our hometown to gain popularity.

CopelandGirl: That's so not right. Have you asked her to stop doing that?

RainbowEngima: more than a few times, but she insists that she's not doing anything wrong. But I know better.

CopelandsGirl: I know what you mean. So you're up rather late or is it early for you?

RainbowEngima: It's late here. About midnight. What about you?

CopelandsGirl: same time here. Where are you?

RainbowEngima: Toronto. you?

CopelandsGirl: Same here. WOW small world huh?

RainbowEnigma: Yes it is. But my gf is wanting to go to bed. I wont be back on for another week. It's going to be a very busy week for me.

CopelandsGirl: Ok. Talk to you then.

Once Stephanie turned off the laptop, she crawled into bed. As she laid in bed listening to Adam sleeping, she couldn't help but think about what her life would be like if she had never met Adam. Stephanie finally fell asleep after clearing her head.

The next day, Adam drug Stephanie through the arena and ignored all the other stars except those who were his friends. Once Adam left Stephanie's sight, Stephanie wandered the halls of the arena. She hoped to find someone to talk to, but no such luck. Once Adam was ready to leave, he and Stephanie headed back to the hotel where they remained until it was time to fly back to Tampa.

Present Day:

Stephanie had set her suitcase by the garage door and fixed something to eat. Adam was due to be home any minute now, or so she hoped. Life with Adam had its ups and downs and Stephanie remained by his side hoping that eventually he would change and be the man she needed and wanted him to be.

Adam finally walked through the door and sat down at the kitchen table. Stephanie put a plate of food in front of him and he ate without a word. Stephanie had a feeling that this trip was either going to make them or break them. While Stephanie watched Adam eat, she thought about the previous week when they were in Detroit.

One week ago…

"Adam, can we do something tonight just the two of us?" Stephanie asked.

"Why?" Adam asked.

"I just want to spend time alone with you." Stephanie answered.

"I guess. What do you have in mind?" Adam asked.

"Dinner and a movie out?" Stephanie answered.

"Ok. I think we can manage that." Adam agreed.

"Thank you." Stephanie stated.

"Yeah." Adam responded.

Stephanie quickly got ready to go. Adam took her to a local favorite place to eat and then they headed to the theater to see Iron Man 2. Stephanie was too thrilled about the movie Adam picked, but she wasn't going to push the issue. After the movie was over, Adam and Stephanie headed back to the hotel and for the first time in a long time, they made love.

The rest of the trip was pleasant. Stephanie opted to stay at the hotel while RAW was being taped as Adam had a lot to do that day. Stephanie hopped on the laptop and signed into the chat room hopping that RainbowEngima was online.

RainbowEngima: Hey there. How are things going?

CopelandsGirl: Hey. A little better, but not really feeling it.

RainbowEngima: That's good I guess. Why aren't you feeling it?

CopelandsGirl: My bf has been treating me good, but I think he's just doing it to please me and not because he wants to.

RainbowEngima: I see.

CopelandsGirl: Yeah. How are things for you?

RainbowEngima: Just about the same if not worse.

CopelandsGirl: That's not good. What happened?

RainbowEngima: My gf spent over $2000 in a week and really has nothing to show for it.

CopelandsGirl: Ouch. why would she do that?

RainbowEngima: to get back at me for getting another tat.

CopelandsGirl: Ohh, that's a dumb reason. I love tats though.

RainbowEngima: Good to know. But I need to get ready to head to work. I'll be back later as long as I don't get hurt tonight.

CopelandsGirl: Ok. why would you get hurt?

RainbowEngima: Everytime I am in Michigan I get hurt.

CopelandsGirl: I'm in Michigan too. That's not good. I hope you don't get hurt.

RainbowEngima: Thanks.

CopelandsGirl: You're welcome.

Later that night, Stephanie waited patiently for RainbowEngima to come online. While she waited she deiced to check her messages and see who else was online. As it was nearly midnight and Adam was out with his friends while she stayed in the room, no one she knew personally was online.

Meanwhile at the arena, Jeff was getting his stuff ready to go. He couldn't stop thinking about CopelandsGirl. As he thought about her, he realized that maybe she really was Adam's girlfriend in real life. He knew Adam was a jerk, but would he really treat a woman like that? Jeff grabbed the last of his stuff and bolted back to the hotel and turned on his laptop.

RainbowEngima: Hey I'm glad to see that you are on. How are things going?

CopelandsGirl: It's ok. He is out with his friends and I am in the hotel room alone again.

RainbowEngima: I'm sorry. If it were me, I would rather spend time with you than my friends.

CopelandsGirl: Thanks. That's really sweet. So what city in Michigan are you in?

RainbowEngima: Detroit.

CopelandsGirl: We seem to be in the same cities at the same time.

RainbowEngima: That we do.

CopelandsGirl: Will you be in St. Louis next week?

RainbowEngima: Yes. Why?

CopelandsGirl: I will be there too and I will be at the taping of RAW.

RainbowEngima: Really? What row?

CopelandsGirl: Yeah. I will be ringside. You know who I am don't you?

RainbowEngima: Yeah. Do you know who I am?

CopelandsGirl: I think so. Jeff right?

RainbowEngima: Yup. Look for my hand signs and come to the barrier. We'll play it off as we are old friends.

CopelandsGirl: Ok. I can do that.

RainbowEngima: Then after the show I will meet you at your location and we can go get a soda or something.

CopelandsGirl: Wow.. Energetic and old fashioned yet charming too.

RainbowEngima: That's me. See you next week then?

CopelandsGirl: Yeah.

RainbowEngima: Sweet. Well I need to get some sleep. I look forwards to seeing you next week.

CopelandsGirl: Same here. Night.

Present Day….

Once Adam was done eating, they loaded up the car and headed to the airport. Stephanie couldn't wait to arrive into St. Louis. She knew that Adam had a packed schedule and would hardly have any free time and it was perfect for her and Jeff to meet up and hang out.