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Bring things to throw at the instructor when s/he's not looking. Blame it on the person nearest to you.

Professor McGonagall was mentally bracing herself before her Transfiguration class. She was giving her quiz on the vanishing spell that afternoon. She had Potter and Black in that class and although she was not one to be afraid of her students (they feared her dammit!), she had heard the rumors of what had happened to Sluggy. Although the way the man treated his favored students, he should have expected that one day one of them would flirt back.

McGonagall jumped as the clock chimed 2 o'clock. Time for class. She strode through the double doors in front of her classroom. After all, it would not do to look afraid of two students.

The Gryfindors were silently taking their exam. To McGonagall's extreme surprise, however, both Potter and Black seemed to be paying attention to the test instead of each other or bothering the class. At first, she thought it was all due to her control over her class. But alas, even she was not a miracle worker

At first, whenever she looked over, all she could see was Potter's head shooting up every few minutes. But McGonagall decided to ignore it. As long as Potter wasn't disturbing the class. But then she started hearing "ow"s. She decided to ignore those too. She hoped he was going to stop. But when she hurt "Shit! WTF!" she knew she had to intervene.

"Mr Potter!" She yelled at her student, of course, making all of her other students look up, ready for the battle sure to ensue. Exactly what she hoped to avoid. "What on earth is going on?"

"Sirius is throwing things at me!" James blamed. McGonagall looked at the boy in question, who was the only one in the class who hadn't looked up when she had started speaking. That got her suspicions up.

"Mr Black!" She yelled, "Stop throwing things at Mr. Potter this instant of you will have detention" Black looked like he was about to protest so she cut him off. "Not another word, Black!"

Sirius glared at both her and Potter before continuing his test. McGonagall looked around at the rest of her class. "Well?" she asked, "What are you all waiting for? Continue!"

A few minutes later, she felt something poke her. She looked up and saw it was a quill. She looked around in the class and could not seem to figure out where it had come from. So she looked down again at her work. A few minutes later, however, she felt it again. This time it was a crumpled up piece of paper. McGonagall uncrummpled it and it read Padfoot loves Minnie.

"BLACK!" McGonagall yelled. The class looked up in anticipation again. "What is the meaning of this?" she asked holding out the paper.

Sirius came to the front of the room and took the paper. "'Padfoot loves Minnie.' Why would I write this. No offense Minnie, but you're not exactly my type." He looked up and saw the furious look on her face. "Not that you're not hot!" Sirius said, hurriedly, "Give it a few year and I'd totally do you."

"ONE WEEK DETENTION BLACK!" Minnie yelled at her nervous student.

"But I didn't do it!" protested Black.

"Oh really? Then who did?" McGonagall asked.

"James!" Sirius yelled. James looked up with an innocent 'Who Me?' look on his face.

"TWO WEEK DETENTION BLACK!" Minnie yelled again.

"But..." Sirius started, but McGonagall interrupted. "THREE WEEKS!"

Sirius gave up and sat down, pouting. McGonagall huffed and went back to her desk. She didn't notice the smug look on James' face.

Haha! That'll teach him to throw stuff at me! Okay so vanishing spells. Easy Peasy. What is...oh look this test is green. Like Lily's eyes. I love Lily! I wonder if she...