Capt. Ida Scott of the Hawking; Episode One: Maiden Voyage

By DW Tyn

(Author's Note: The Doctor Who Universe and the characters in it belong to the BBC. I do not own the rights to the characters that were featured on Doctor Who and/or its spin-offs. I only own the character's that are OC's and the story-lines to this virtual spin-off series.)


We open in on a magnificent sight of planets, stars, and meteors. After a few moments, we hear the voice-over of a woman: "When I was a little girl, I used to watch ancient television vids that originally aired long before space travel, the First, and the Second and Current Great and Bountiful Human Empires. They showed ideas and theories that stoked my imagination; like meeting alien civilizations, exploring the Galaxies and the many planets that inhabit it, and encountering forms of life that almost sound too fantastic to exist. Those old vids inspire me to go out in space and explore for the Empire. The only thing about those vids that disappointed me was that the scenarios were too watered down. Of course, I couldn't blame them; they have no way of knowing. You see, although there is plenty of fun moments, traveling the Galaxy aren't all Techno-Babble and a bunch of gits in multi-colored shirts sodding off in hyperspace; it's a bit tough and sometimes dangerous, but it is worth it. It's also about going out into the borders of Known Space in order to discover new life new planets so the Empire can expand further than the three Galaxies ruled under the Empire.

At least, that's why the Torchwood Archives do; explore new regions of space and uncover and gather information that has been lost, hidden, or even undiscovered. The only problem is that the Empire does not give the Archives a whole lot of resources than the other Imperial Agencies; and, unlike the other agencies who get only the top of the line starships, we end up with the cheapest, bulkiest, and crappiest starships that are usually prone to break down every five-hundred Light-Years. However, we may not get the most resources or the best starships, but the one thing that the other agencies don't have is the thing that make the Torchwood Archives one of the best: its man-power. Every member of the Archives is the best in their fields; from the academic and scientific fields, to the militaristic and combat-related fields. Also, they all have a passion to explore what they can and get their names in the History Files. In short, the Archives are full of the bravest and most motivated people in the Empire; and they're led by a select few who might as well be a bunch of mad daredevils.

How do I know all of this? My Name is Ida Scott, and I just may be the maddest of them all."

(Fades out into opening credits; with Avantasia's 'Lost in Space' as theme song.)