An Earth-to-Symphonia insert like none you've ever seen….seeing as the person coming from Earth is the main character. How is that possible? Well….does it matter? I needed something to get my frustrations out on all these bad self-inserts!

I told myself I wouldn't post this, that I'd wait, eventually I ended up going 'If I see ONE more new self-insert I'm posting it!'

I saw the new SI

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NOTE PLEASE: I suppose I should've cleared this up right off the bat, but instead I didn't and got the expected reaction. I am not saying all self-inserts are bad, there are a couple I enjoy quite well myself, and I never said the SI I have that I started years ago is an exception to this SI surge. What I got fed up with is the sheer NUMBER of SI's and constantly dwindling new stories that have actual...plots, you know? I have no problem with SIs here and there the fact is there is hardly ANYTHING new posted that ISN'T an SI. It's quite upsetting :/ Now whether or not you wish to believe this or immediately think I'm saying I'm better than everyone else is not my problem. So to conclude:

Not all SIs are horrible

I do have an SI myself


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On the sidelines a row of girls cheered in unison, executing various gymnastic moves as they chanted on their team. The lights illuminated the field as the darkening surroundings turned pitch black aside from the strings of lights from cars on the highway and the buildings in the distance. It was the last game of the season for their highschool, and their rival team was their opponent. Energy vibrated throughout the bleachers and from all sides of the field, the scoreboard showing a fairly even match….

"74! Get over here!" shouted the coach of the home-team; the Angels.

The young man wearing the jersey dashed over to his coach on the side-lines, breathing heavy.

"Look, I'm gonna switch your position with 38, all right? He's sloppy today and you've been exceptional in practice lately-"

"What-? But he's a senior-" the teen began

"And he's sucking!" scoffed the balding man. "Get your ass out there and take the quarterback position, 74!"

He flinched and then nodded, running back onto the field a grin working his way onto his face. Finally! All his hard work was paying off, and they were letting him- the underclassman- finally get his moment! He'd never been too hot at academics, much to the disdain of his father, but when it came to sports, martial arts or even sword-arts at his father's 'dojo' of sorts, he was a force to be reckoned with. His dad had had that small business since he was a kid, and in a lot of cities something like that was quite popular. Not that anyone used it, no one had used stuff like that for centuries, but it was considered a physical art-form of sorts- like fencing. It pretty much was, he thought- fencing, that was, but his father strictly reprimanded him whenever he referred to it like that. Must be his pride in that…. Speaking of his father… He said he'd be here for the game, he had to be around here somewhere. His eyes darted around and he grinned a bit as he spotted who he was looking for.

An auburn haired man in a business suit sat in the crowd, his russet eyes ambivalently scanning the scene. He had a rather young appearance for being the father of a highschool junior, something that threw off many people, but nonetheless the resemblance was obvious- so that they were often mistaken for brothers. His hair was cut short and neat, for the most part, though he kept his bangs long for some reason no one could figure out, keeping the red-brown strands covering one eye. He never let his hair grow too long, nor would he let his son, because quite frankly, when the boy was younger his hair had an almost- unnatural, quality to it when it got longer, as it seemed to damn right defy gravity. He'd gotten picked on quite a bit in elementary school for his hair which people would describe as 'spiky' and later demanded to know how much hair gel he used. The teen himself was a brunette, his eyes a deeper brown, but his facial structure was nearly identical to his fathers, though obviously younger, and he kept his hair cut short to his scalp as well. Though like his father, there was one lock of hair that he kept long, as he rather liked it, a side-swept across his forehead that drooped in two strands…it was odd, yes, but he refused to cut it whenever he got the rest of his hair cut. Well, his father was there….as emotionless as ever, at least he wasn't on his cellphone on a business call- in addition to his 'dojo' of sorts, his father was a rather notorious business man. Perhaps it was his curt, cold mannerisms, but he was quite intimidating when it came to business deals, and also to his 'school' of sorts. It was rather stunning the man managed both jobs, but he insisted that he needed very little sleep…if any.

"AURION! Get your head in the game!" shouted his coach.

"Y- yes sir!" he nodded, taking position.

Maybe this would be it, maybe he could finally prove himself. He'd gotten picked on all his life, and he'd never had much luck making friends, seeing as people were afraid to get picked on for hanging around with him… It almost changed when he got to middle school, and people saw his talent for sports and the like…but then it backfired. He was a little…freakishly, good. A little too fast, a little too strong, a little too coordinated… The coach's saw him as talented, his peers saw him as frightening. He'd been on every varsity team since he was a freshman, and being that, unfortunately made him even more unpopular. His own grade level assumed he thought he was better than everyone else, being a 'jock', and the older kids saw him as upstaging them. He just couldn't win… He sighed a bit and though of his father watching, wishing he had his mother's memento with him… It was a weird stone on a mount of sorts, his father had it strung on a chain for him and usually he wore it around his neck, hidden under his clothes. During games he had to put it in his locker, which he always double-checked was locked. He'd never be able to stand it if he lost it… Feh, that was something he got picked on for too, wearing 'jewelry'. To add it all up, his name got some jabs too.

'Lloyd Aurion' was kind of weird, he had to admit.

Maybe if he played really good now…he'd manage to get someone to like him. Not everyone was mean to him nowadays..but he'd still yet to make any real friends… Maybe it'd change this time, he'd impress everyone- even his father…

"You haven't eaten, Lloyd," said the man.

The brunette glanced up at his father, his head propped up by one arm he set on the table's edge, picking at his dish haphazardly.

"Yeah…" he trailed, "Sorry…"

"I was under the impression you liked this restaurant," his father said.

Lloyd shrugged, picking at his food with his fork. His red windbreaker sat on the back of the chair, leaving his black t-shirt with his school emblem, 'The Angels' written in big white letters with a wing on each end of the word. They'd won, very well, his coach had been over the moon, had showered him with praise, told him he was the best thing that happened to the team. Hell, the cheerleaders even hugged him- and he liked that, that part was great- but then after that… The rest of the team declared a victory party, the cheerleaders were invited, various members of the 'in-crowd'…but they'd flat out ignored Lloyd when he asked where, or even voiced his excitement. They'd let him standing there looking after them, his father walking to him from where he had sat. ….And even then, his damn dad could only manage an emotionless 'good job'. That was it. No friends to celebrate with, no team to party with, and yes, he was glad his father took him out for a 'celebration' of sorts, but….but it was just….

"I- I do, Dad," he smiled weakly.

He was always working, either at the office or running the sword-arts school. What did he have, besides practices, games and homework? Nothing much at all. With a small sigh he glanced down at the plate of sesame chicken and beef and peppers, briefly wondering if he should pour some soy sauce on it. Hm…maybe they should have gone for tacos instead…oh well, he didn't mind Chinese. Italian he hated, mainly because of the fact most of it used tomatoes…

"Lloyd," Kratos sighed softly, "If there's something on your mind, you can speak with me about it if you need to-"

"I'm fine," he said again.


The rest of the meal went in silence, and the ride back home did as well. Lloyd stared out the window dully as they drove off, Kratos glancing at him every now and then. The teen sighed after a minute and turned on the radio, frowning a bit when he found nothing to his favor-

"Oh, here we go," he grinned.

Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed…

"…Lloyd, do you really want to listen to this-?" Kratos began, sighing slightly.

"Oh come on Dad, you're driving, don't pay attention to it anyway," Lloyd half-smirked half-sighed.

However, he himself barely paid attention to the music, staring at the window as he began to fiddle with the chain of his mother's memento, lost in thought. What else could he do, huh? He was a nice guy, right? He was good at sports- not the smartest, yeah, but he did good enough to only get put back one grade (another bullying point) and no one really picked on him anymore. They just…didn't want to be around him. …That was arguably worse, now that he thought of it. What did he have to do? He'd even saved a couple other people from getting their heads flushed in a toilet here and there, but other than a quick thank you, nothing ever changed. Maybe that was the reason he didn't fit in with the jocks either, he was always the one saving the nerds, not locking them in their lockers… It wasn't like he wasn't able to talk to girls, either, it was just they were all so…mean, like that one cheerleader that was all over him until Lloyd pointed out she had a boyfriend, and was doing something she'd regret. After she threw a fit (and a book) at him, she had stormed off, told her friends, and that put an end to any girl talking to him. He sighed again, why couldn't he get anything right?

"Home sweet home," he muttered as he trudged into the two bedroom house, placing his jacket on the coat rack before making a beeline for the living room.

The brunette plopped on the couch and kicked off his red sneakers, flipping on the tv before grabbing the wireless play station controller on the side-table. Within a few minutes the seventeen year old was half-heartedly dissolved into a videogame he was about half-way through. What was his dad doing? Who knew, he was always doing something…

"God dammit, Luke! Enough with the emo crap!" Lloyd shouted at the screen. "Stupid- like dying will solve anything- CRAP!"

He was cut off by a bout of rapid button clicking, hastily managing to defeat the group of monsters that had attacked his party, only to become somewhat irritated as Jade delivered the finishing blow. Those characters always ticked him off a bit, the 'badass' ones that always make you look bad without even trying, sure, Jade WAS badass….but it irritated him. Kinda like him with his father, now that he thought about it, Kratos always kicked his butt when it came to sword-fighting at the dojo. That was such a weird word for it, it's not like they were in Japan. Then again, good old USA had pretty much everything…good and bad alike. His father was….scary, with a sword, an old weapon like that hardly seemed threatening nowadays, but he could swear that if you had a guy with a gun against his father with a sword, his dad would be standing over the other guy's corpse within the minute. Though…he found swords fascinating too…for some reason or another…. It was probably just that he participated with the dojo and stuff- he was an assistant teacher there, after all. He hadn't been beaten yet- ….well, aside from Kratos.

"Hey, Dad, did you want me to take out the trash?" he called over his shoulder, not moving his eyes from his current 'task' of saving Auldrant.

There was no answer.

"Dad?" he called, pausing the game.

That was weird, usually his father could hear him from anywhere no matter how quiet he tried to be…some freaky father-thing, he figured. However, now that he thought about it, the whole place was pretty damn quiet… Slowly he stood up, walking out of the living room as the sound of the background music for his current session of Tales of the Abyss played behind him. Something wasn't quite right….where was-?

Then he heard the voices.

"Enough, I told you that under no circumstances will I return," his father's voice said.

"You're being an idiot, Kratos," hissed a voice he didn't recognize, "You wouldn't even have this safe haven of yours if it wasn't for me, you owe me- you owe the worlds. You think you have the right to just walk away and leave them as they are because you don't need to live there any longer?"

"I will not risk Lloyd's safety by returning."

Lloyd fell silent, his eyes narrowed as he slowly approached the 'office' room, where his father worked- his study, if you would. There was someone here? What did they mean 'worlds'…or returning, for that matter? …His safety? What? Something was fishy here…

"Lloyd's safety-?" the new voice scoffed. "He doesn't have to be involved! Leave him here for a little while- you can come back, you know that- Yggdrasill doesn't even think he's alive anymore, it'll be fine-"

"And leave Lloyd here for who knows how long? This world may not be influenced by Yggdrasill, but that doesn't mean it is devoid of danger, this planet has just as many evils….besides, if I do aid you, it may end up that I do not return-"

"Now you're worried for your own life?" scoffed the new voice. "You're unbelievable-"

"Not for myself, Yuan, for him…he already grew up without a mother, and if I…I can't leave him alone now," his father said.

Lloyd swallowed nervously, inching up to the closed door, doing his best to keep from being heard. Whatever was going on, he didn't like the sound of it. Anything that involved his dad leaving- no, no he couldn't even think of that. His father was the only person he really had…and these names- 'Yuan', 'Yggdrasill'…what the hell? Even still, Kratos had said something about 'this planet'….pfft, now he had to be imagining things. What, like his father was an alien or something? What a riot, something else had to be going on here.

"Kratos, you know very well that the Chosen will begin her journey soon, this is a prime chance-"

"I said no, Yuan."

"Argh! You're- so obstinate! You're abandoning our home and everyone on it, you do realize that? You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for my help, it's time you helped someone else other than yourself for a change!"

Lloyd leaned his ear against the door, his face furrowed in a frown. Okay….something was very, very wrong with all this-

The door opened and he damn near fell in.

"W- Woah-!"

He stumbled in and managed to reclaim his balance, backing up a step as his father and…a stranger, stared at him.

"…Lloyd…" Kratos growled, having opened the door, "What are you doing?"

"Uh- uhm-"

"So this is Lloyd, then…."

Lloyd stared like an idiot at the man- it had to be a man, despite the long hair- whom stood with his arms crossed in front of him. It was like something out of a Lord of the Rings book- or maybe Tales of the Abyss. A guy in armor- as in actual armor- with a cape and all, and he had blue hair- like as in BLUE, he didn't think that shade could be possibly dying it…. Not to mention his ears seemed to be…pointed. What the hell? Who was this freak?

"Lloyd, go to your room," Kratos snapped, blocking Lloyd's view of the newcomer.

"W- What- what's going on? Who is that? What are you all talking about-?" the brunette stammered, attempting to get another look at the stranger.

"Go, now," Kratos snapped, glaring at his son.

"You know what, it's fine," Yuan smirked, shrugging, "I'll leave you be for now, Kratos….I'll be around."

Lloyd gasped as the man dissolved in a flash of light, Kratos hissing under his breath a bit in irritation. The man snapped at his son, redirecting his attention.

"Lloyd, what the hell were you doing?" he snapped.

"I-? Wh- What the hell? You're yelling at ME? What's going on-? How did he-? Who was-? What was-?"

"It's none of your concern, Lloyd," Kratos glared at his son, "Go to your room, now-"

"None of my-! Are you insane? You expect me not to want an explanation after that? What the hell was he talking about? Return where? Who's Yggdrasill-?"

"Get to your room, now!" Kratos snapped, glaring at the boy, who flinched, staring in slight fear at his father.

Lloyd attempted to say something more but instead ended up turning and running out of the room down the hall, slamming the door to his room behind him. He stood there for a minute, his mind blank, staring numbly into nothingness as he tried to organize his thoughts. This lasted for about a minute when his blank face slowly contorted to an angry snarl, his fists clenching tightly at his sides. You know what….? Fine. Fine! He'd had enough! He barely had a life here as it was and- and now his father was keeping something like this from him! What was it? He had no freaking idea, which made it even worse that Kratos hadn't said a damn word about it to him- Dammit! What was he hiding? What was going on? His own father, the one person he thought actually did trust him-

He'd had enough.

Before he realized what he had done, he was packing his backpack, stuffing in whatever he could fit, whatever he could take. Money, clothes, valuables…and yes, truthfully he took an electronic or two, but what teenager wouldn't, if they had them? Where was he going? Hell if he knew, but all he knew as that…that he didn't have anything here. Part of him knew it was illogical, yes, but he was too angry to think straight. He was fed up, fed up with his life, with the people in it, fed up with his father and his damn secrets…

"Going somewhere?"


Lloyd whirled around, coming face to face with the blue-haired man from earlier, whom was smirking at him.

"H- Hey- you're-" he began, eyes widening.

"I don't believe we were properly introduced, I'm Yuan," he said, holding out his hand.

Lloyd's eyes darted to his hand, then back up at the half-elf's face, warily taking in his appearance. Yuan waited a moment before sighing and drawing back his hand, placing a hand on his hips.

"Very well then, look….I imagine you're curious as to what was going on, hm? Then I suppose, my appearance alone is very….interesting, yes?" he smirked.

"…Yeah," Lloyd nodded, his eyes not leaving the man, "It is."

"Well then, I can clear all this up for you…if you really want to know what's going on, I can explain…" he smirked, turning a bit, "If you'll come with me, you'll find out everything you want to know."

"…Uh, yeah right," Lloyd scoffed.

"Pardon? You don't want to know?" Yuan raised an eyebrow.

"I do, but I'm not stupid enough to go off with some freaky cosplaying man that looks like a woman who knows where," the teen said flatly, "Get out of my room! How the hell did you get in here anyway?"

"Look, I'll let the insult slide this time," Yuan hissed, glaring at him, "But if you'll just shut up and come with me-"

"No thanks," Lloyd scoffed, grabbing his pack and heading for the door-

Yuan stood in front of the door, lightning forming around his hand. Lloyd gasped in shock, staggering back a bit, staring at the electricity in the man's palm. Holy-! What the hell-? How was he doing that? This wasn't- possible-

"I'm afraid you're going to come with me, either way, Lloyd," he said, his eyes narrowed dangerously, "Now you can go nicely, or I can drag you back unconscious, your choice."

"W- What the hell-!"

Yuan grabbed Lloyd's arm with his other hand, the teen yelping and attempting to break away, finding the man's grip was- well, inhuman.

"H- Hey! Let go of me you freak-! Dammit, what are you, superman or something-!"

There was a flash of light…and then, quite luckily for Lloyd, something went wrong. Yuan had intended to bring the boy back with him to Sylvarant, to the Renegade base… Yuan ended up there, yes, however, during the 'transport' of sorts, Lloyd managed to somehow loose his grip for just a split second. That second was enough, however, to land Lloyd….somewhere else.

So it was that a red-jacketed, sneakered, jeans wearing and back-pack carrying teenage boy from the United States of America found himself falling through the air and crashing on top of two Renegades whom had been about to attack a blonde girl and silver-haired boy.

"Ow….what the hell?" he groaned, sitting up, rubbing the back of his head.

"…Did he just fall from the sky?" said the silver-haired boy, who stared at the elder male in dull shock.

"It's raining people?" gasped the blonde.

Lloyd opened his eyes and spotted them, staring. He stared at the duo, and they stared straight back at him, both sides stunned by their weird clothing, and the items they had with them. However, they didn't get a long time to stare, seeing as the ground began to shake. Lloyd turned and went pale, spotting the large, bulky male that was marching toward them, armed to the teeth.

"Get them, Vidarr!"

Lloyd's jaw dropped.


Somehow the teen managed to jump to his feet, backing up from the behemoth and almost into the girl and younger boy.

"Yeah, uhm, if you can't fight, run," the silver-head muttered, though he looked like he wanted to run himself.

Lloyd's eyes jerked to the boy, the girl, the huge man and the unconscious soldiers on the ground, both of their swords lying discarded on the ground-

"I have no idea what the hell is going on here, but-"

He snatched up both swords, a little put off by their weight, but managed to take a stance well enough. He'd never thought he'd actually be thankful for all that sword-training…he thought it was just more or less to kill boredom- not to stop him from actually getting killed.

"What the heck have I gotten myself into?" Lloyd muttered as he stared up at the approaching foe.

That was….fun.

As in, insanely fun :D (manic giggle) This is gonna be great!